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Professor Arnold Ehret's 

Mucusless Diet 
Healing System 

Scientific Method of Eating 
Your Way to Health 

With "Contemporary Insights to Ehret 

READING TWICE! And what is most important of all 
— the Masterpieces of literature are worth reading a 
thousand times." 


"Mucusless Diet Healing System" — can be truly consid- 
ered a "master-piece" in its own right! It is a complete, 
scientific Health lesson Course, rich in essential health 
knowledge, and certainly is not to be read as a story- 
book! Students have paid as much as $100.00 for these 
same lessons — when taught in person by Prof. Arnold 
Ehret, the originator of the Mucusless Diet Healing sys- 
tem. Ehret taught that it is incumbent upon us to increase 
our belief in natural living — beauty, goodness, truth and 
faith in our fellow man — so that we may be aware of our 
divine origin. Through a denial of this relationship we 
tend to induce the growth of illness and disease. 

Anything worth-while — such as vibrant vitality with abun- 
dant good health, to be acquired requires FAITH and 
work is the medicine of the soul, indulge in the pleasure 
of doing the necessary for the maintenance of HEALTH! 

Broaden your health knowledge! It is your very life with- 
out which you would amount to little. Follow in all sin- 
cerity the health teachings of Prof. Arnold Ehret, this 
long to be remembered Disciple of Health, which Will be 
found in this book! 

Fred S. Hirsch, Publisher 



E H R E T ' S 

Healing System 


prof. Arnold Ehret 

A Complete Course for Those Who Desire 
to Learn How to Control Their Health 



ARDSLEY, N.Y. 10502-2613 

Ehret Literature Publishing Co., Inc. 
Ardsley, N.Y. 10502-2613 
Twenty-First Edition 
Printed in U.S.A. 

Copyright © 1953, 1981, 1983, 1994 
by the Ehret Literature Publishing Co., Inc. 
Ardsley, N.Y. 10502-2613 

All rights reserved, including the rights 
to reproduce this book or portions 
thereof in any form. 

This book is an AUTHENTIC Copy 

of the ORIGINAL version of 

Prof. Arnold Ehret's 
Mucusless Diet Healing System 


By David Fastiggi 

The End of Disease 

What is the fundamental cause of disease? Why in this time of 
heightened scientific medical advancement is degenerative disease so 
prevalent? Have we accepted a state of existence as normal, when in 
fact so much more is with in reach. Are we living a compromised 
life? These are serious questions we need to ask, in order to embark 
upon the road which truly leads to understanding of the central 
cause of disease and it's prevention. 

At the present time cardiovascular disease claims more lives than 
all other causes of death combined. Over Twenty five million are 
affected with Arthritis. Diabetes claims over five million and ranks 
third as a cause of blindness in this country. Cancer has become so 
very wide spread despite the so called war on cancer. The field of 
scientific medical thought is struggling to resolve these problems. 

In the past ten years medical community has understood the 
basics of diet in relationship to disease and prevention. Effort is be- 
ing made but, the laxed focus and the weak educational effort is an 
issue of contention. Why? Because Professor Arnold Ehret as well as 
others have been at least suggesting the role of diet and disease for 
seventy years. Why does it take so long for a response when millions 
are suffering. Have you been watching the advertisements for milk 
and beef lately. Industry is panicking in the face of the growing 
awareness of the value of a vegetarian diet. So why the contention? 
Why are so many thousands leaving the country to seek alternative 
medical treatment for cancer? 

In the course of forty years you consume about 42,000 meals. Is 
it not responsible that they may have some effect on the human 
organism? Diet is the basis of blood formation and the quality of 
blood is the river of life for your cells. The body is not inert to a 
response. The failing health of a person has a link to somewhere. 

Professor Arnold Ehret seventy years ago taught through his com- 
mon sense reasoning the importance of diet in the cause of disease, 
it's prevention and treatment. Additionally he offered a glimpse 
into the possible true state of health, a standard far higher than 
believed today in traditional health medical science. 

What is it that is guiding man? Progress in technology, to more 
comfortable life? But without the guidelines of natural law what are 
the trade offs? Air pollution, water pollution, dumping of toxic 

waste, and what do we do with radioactive waste? Where does con- 
science enter into this process. Professor Ehret is a man of concern 
for the morality and sacredness of life. His effort on Earth was to 
educate people in the relationship between natural law, health and a 
respect of all life. 

Professors Ehrets proclamation of the internal uncleanliness of the 
human organism is caused in part by devitalized, demineralized, 
refined, chemically filled fake foods of modern civilization. 
Autopsies clearly show through arterial plaque and intestinal re- 
tained waste, that the body is in a state of uncleanliness. The foul 
odor of the bowels and bad breath are indicators of this impurity. 

The field of science is essential. Biochemistry, physiology, nutri- 
tion, etc. enables us to understand details of molecular function, 
and the chemistry behind the function of systems and organs. 
Pathways eg; Krebs Cycle, bring us to the inner world of cellular 
chemistry. This is only half the story however. 

Natural law is essential to understand if we are to build a world 
without disease. The understanding of natural law is the spiritual, 
moral, and purposeful force & meaning behind something. Without 
this, science is like sailing without a compass. We have come to 
realize that in some way or another all things are connected togeth- 
er. As we cut down rainforests and pollute the air, we understand 
that it's our own survival at stake. The Earth is our source of bio- 
logical life. Arnold Ehret realized this and clearly taught the direct 
relationship between the foods of the earth (the right kinds) and 
health. His personal validation of his teachings as well as countless 
others is an outstanding feature of this man. So many teachers do 
not practice their own words. It is true that word & deed create a 
man of substance. Truthfulwords and truthful deeds created a bright 
memorable person, Arnold Ehret. 

While science is advancing we learn evermore clearly the wfsdom 
of nature. Today, science being far more developed than seventy 
years ago, is no reason to stumble over some of the less clear expla- 
nations, concepts or science of Prof. Ehret's era. The essence is this; 
we must eat right, we must purify our lives and know the 
Principles that govern nature, of which mankind is included. 

The writings of Arnold Ehret will move your soul. They will 
cause you to think and wonder about life in a new way. The laws 
of nature are unchanging, and thus the insights of this great man 
are timeless, and so very much needed for a troubled world. 

Correspondence to David Fastiggi should be addressed to the Publisher. 


Fronf/sp/ece-PROF. ARNOLD EHRET 

Contents 5 

Alphabetical Index 6 

Publishers' Note 7 

Introduction by F.S. Hirsch 9 

Biographical Sketch of Prof. Arnold Ehret 13 

Lesson I. General Introductory Principles 23 

Lesson II. Latent, Acute and Chronic Diseases — 

No longer a mystery 28 

Lesson III. Why the Diagnosis 31 

Lesson IV. Diagnosis — Parfll 36 

Lesson IVa. The Magic Mirror 42 

Lesson V. The Formula of Life 53 

Lesson VI. The New Physiology 61 

Lesson VII. The New Physiology — Part II 66 

Lesson VIII. The New Physiology — Part III 71 

Lesson IX. The New Physiology — Part IV 76 

Lesson X. Critique of All Other Healing Systems, and 

Unbiased, Unprejudiced Reviews 81 

Lesson XI. Confusion in Dietetics 86 

Lesson XII. Confusion in Dietetics — Part II 91 

Lesson XIII. Confusion in Dietetics — Part III 98 

Lesson XIV. Ragnar Berg's Tables 102 

Lesson XV. Transition Diet 111 

Lesson XVI. Transition Diet — Part II 118 

Lesson XVIa. Transition Diet (Vegetarian Recipes) 127 

Lesson XVII. Fasting 142 

Lesson XVIII. Fasting — Part II 147 

Lesson XIX. Fasting — Part III 152 

Lesson XX. Fasting — Part IV 157 

Lesson XXI. Destructive Diet of Civilization and the 

Mucusless Diet, the Natural Food of Man ... 162 

Lesson XXII. Sex 170 

Lesson XXIII. Sex — Part II 176 

Lesson XXIV. The Enforcement of Elimination by Physical 

Adjustments 183 

Lesson XXV. A Message to Ehretists 1 91 

Alphabetical Index 


Albumen 4A.9 

Baby Feeding 23 

Baths, Air & Sun 24 

Baths, Internal. Water 24 

Berg, Ragnar, Tables of 

Food Chemistry 14 

Blood Building. 9 

Blood Circulation 6 

Blood Composition 8 

Boils 4 

Catani, Or 12" 

Cereals 21 

Chancre 22 

Childbirth 23 

Chiropraclics 10 

Christian Science 10 

Colds 4 

Constipation 1 

Consumption 4 

Critique of Other Systems 10 

Densmore, Or. 12 

Diabetes 3.4A 

Diagnosis 3,4A 

Dietetical Treatment 10 

Dietetics, Confusion in 11,12.13 

Diseases. Bright's 3.4A 

Diseases, Ear & Eye 4 

Diseases, Latent, Acute & 

Chronic 2 

Diseases, Liver & Kidney 4,5 

Diseases, Mental 4 

Diseases, Sex 4,22 

Diseases, Venereal 22 

Divine Healing , 10 

Drinking 15 

Drugless Healing 10 

Eggs 21 

Elimination 12,13,15,24 

Enemas...: 19,20,24 


Eugenics 23 

Exercise 10,24 


Fasting Drinks 
Fast, Superior 


Fletcher, Horace 
Food Chemistry 
Food Values. . 
Foods, Right . . . 

3.4A.17 18,19,20 


Geniuses 23 

Goiter 4 

Gonorrhea 22 

Gout & Rheumatism 4 

Graham, Dr. 12 

Haigh. Dr. 3,12 

Impotence 22 

Indigestion 4A 

Influenza 2 

Lahmann, Dr 3,12 

Laxatives 15,19,20 

Legumes 21 

Leukorrhea 22 

Lungs 5 

Magic Mirror 4A 

Massage 24 

Meats 21 

Medicine 10 

Medici Family 23 

Menstruation. 3 

Mental Treatments 10 

Menus 15,16 

Metabolism . . 6,9 

Milk 21 

Milk Diet 12 

Mineral Salts.... 12 

Motherhood 23 



Mucus-lean Diet 15 

Mucus-less Diet 1,15 

New Physiology 6,7,8.9 

Nuts i 21 

Obstruction "0" 5,13 

Physical Treatment 10 

Pneumonia 4 

Potatoes 21 

Protein Foods 7 

Power "P" 5,17 

Recipes 16 

Rheumatism & Gout 4 


Rice 21 

Schroth Cure 12 

Sex 22,23 

Stammering 4 

Sterility 22 

Stomach Trouble 4 

Stricture 22 

Syphilis 22 

Toothache 4 

Transition Diet 15,16 

"V" equal "P" minus "0" 5,13,19 

Vitality "V" 5 

Womb, Falling of . 22 


In 1922 Professor Arnold Ehret completed his now world famous 
Mucusless Diet Healing System lesson Course, ft was his publishers* 
intention, at that time, to avoid the exercising of their editorial 
function as far as possible and then only, when the demands of clarity 
made it absolutely necessary. Since Professor Khret's accidental 
death, various medical discoveries have received considerable 
publicity and prominence about which Khret certainly would have 
commented. Examples of these discoveries are: the so-called "wonder 
drugs/' concentrated or synthetic vitamins, concentrated minerals, 
sulfa drugs, antibiotics and the antihistamines. 

Another example is the much - heralded, "advances" made in 
horticulture through the introduction of chemical fertilizers and 


poisonous chemical sprays which have enabled the farmer to double, 
and even treble, his farm crop. Gradual recognition of the serious 
effects and the injurious results to the human body produced by these 
foods is becoming more commonplace. While it is true man continues 
to exist and will not be entirely destroyed, we must recognize the 
limits of the human ability of endurance. Our goal should be optimum 
health and long life free of disease. 

In the interest of bringing Professor Ehret's great work up to date, 
we are, therefore, presenting it in a new and revised edition. 

In mentioning these discoveries, the publishers feel they are 
making a logical contribution to the book. However, it should be 
emphatically stated that Professor Ehret would not have been "sold" 
on any discovery that ignored the basic essential of his philosophy — 
that Nature alone is the primary healer! The fact that most so-called 
"cures" have retained only temporary popularity and have already 
been the target of contradictory claims, and even condemnation by 
recognized medical authorities, would tend to substantiate Professor 
Ehret's viewpoint. 

Professor Ehret studied extensively in Europe in world renowned, 
recognized universities and attained a brilliant record in various 
fields of science while a student. Although he acquired considerable 
proficiency in a number of languages including German, French and 
Italian, his English was self-taught after his arrival in the United 
States. Despite the language's difficulty he was soon able to express 
himself exceptionally well, as evidenced by his many treatises 
written in English. Because of a natural desire to preserve the 
sincerity and vigor of his presentation his publishers feel reluctant to 
edit his work if it could possibly be avoided. In consideration of these 
facts the reader and student will, undoubtedly, be greatly impressed 
by the simplicity and clarity of the exposition of his subject. 

Fred S. Hirsch 



By Fred S. Hirsch, D N S. 
Professor Arnold Ehret, Originator and Teacher of the Mucusless- 
Diet Healing System, was born July 25, 1866. On October 9, 1922, 
while still in the very prime of life, enjoying a superior state of health 
known to but few men of present day civilization, he met with an 
unfortunate accident, suffering a basal fracture of the skull which 
caused almost instant death. It was an unusually wet, foggy night, 
with visibility practically "nil!" The "oil-soaked," streets and side- 
walks become extremely slippery, when wet! The fatal accident 
occurred on a "side-walk-drive-in" to a public garage! He evidently 
slipped on the "oil-soaked" driveway, and in falling backwards, he 
landed on the back of his head with sufficient force to cause a "basal 
fracture of the skull!" He was immediately taken to a "branch office" 
of the Los Angeles Receiving Hospital and the medical doctor in 
charge pronounced him dead upon arrival. An autopsy was requested 
and performed by the lx>s Angeles County Coroner's office, and cause 
of death was verified by them as having resulted from a "basal 
fracture of the skull". If further details are desired write the Los 
Angeles County Recorder's Office, Hall of Records, Los Angeles, 

He was destined from early manhood to fulfill the humanitarian 
mission of physician. Suffering from a sickness pronounced 
incurable by eminent physicians of that day, and with a sentence of 
death staring him in the face, it only served to awaken the 
indomitable spirit that was later proven to be the outstanding 
characteristic of this remarkable man, and his resolution to cure 
himself resulted so successfully that he was practically forced by 
unfortunate fellow sufferers to aid them to regain their health. 

One might state that even by inheritance Professor Ehret should 
rightfully become a physician, for his father was a veterinarian and 
so successful was he in this field of healing that neighbors often 
sought his aid for their personal ailments. His grandfather was also a 
physician, and fate decreed that Arnold Ehret was to follow in their 
footsteps. r - 

The vast knowledge of health subjects shown in the following 
lessons was gained by him through actual contact with thousands of 
sufferers who became healed at his Switzerland sanitarium, most of 
them from so-called incurable ailments. His clearness of expression, 
the forceful, logical array of acts in his easily recognizable, 
convincing manner, is sufficient proof that his mind was not 
obstructed by any mechanical disturbances. His work was always his 
ideal. No thoughts of any monetary consideration were uppermost in 
his mind for his wants were exceptionally few. Here was a Master 
actually practicing what he preached, so that his extremely frugal 
method of living caused him no financial worry. Fearless in speech 
and writing and recognizing in Nature his final Judge, Arnold Ehret 
moved among men, distinctly separate from the majority, yet bearing 
only good will and love for his fellow man. To know him was to honor 
and respect him — to become intimately acquainted was to love him. 

The essence of his healing knowledge is contained in his 
"Mucusless Diet Healing System," and while condensed to a 
considerable degree the work is thorough in every respect. The 
hitherto "veil of mystery" is lifted in the characteristically clear and 
concise manner of Professor Ehret! Simplicity is the keynote of all of 
his teachings, for he continually reminded his students that 
"whatever is not simple, easy to understand, cannot be the truth!" All 
disease is known to originate from one source, making the name of 
specific ailments unnecessary. Recognizing a diseased condition and 
knowing the proper method of eliminating the condition is by far 
more essential than a knowledge of its scientific, technical name. 

In these lessons a revolutionary, entirely new scientific physiology 
is given to the world. For example, "our lungs and not the heart, as 
erroneously taught, is the pump," is proven by undeniable facts. The 
physical, mental and even spiritual phases of a natural life are 
plainly and understandingly explained to the student. Our mind and 
mental condition influence the body, just as the body influences the 
mind and a clean, pure blood stream is therefore absolutely essential 
for clean, pure thoughts. 


When sick, it is difficult for one to pray the prayer of faith. Self 
sympathy leads the sick one to mentally question the fairness of a 
divine omnipotence for being singled out among thousands of other 
sinners, some of whom are personally known to be much greater 
"violators of man-made laws" recognized by the church as sins and 
yet permitted to go unpunished by an avenging God. The sins against 
Nature are inexcusable and the inevitable law of compensation must 
be met by everyone. No pleading of "ignorance" is acceptable to 
Nature, a discontinuance of the wrong habits is the only method of 
expiation! It is extremely difficult to concentrate when suffering pain, 
hence the necessity for re-educating your mind and brain while 
enjoying good health, rather than waiting until you become ill. You 
must learn how to operate the law of good health constructively so 
that you may be prepared to face the unexpected foe, prepared for any 

We need health and must have it in order to make the most of life 
here and now. The Bible tells us "according to your faith be it unto 
you," but unfortunately when it comes to controlling his own health, 
man has made very little progress for the past 5000 years." He 
studiously learns how to feed the lower animals, but does not know 
how to feed himself! 

Ehret's philosophy proves most satisfactory to the thinking mind, 
for the day of mere theory in science is on the wane. Old worn-out 
dogmas and^ beliefs are rapidly giving way to demonstrable facts. 
Bias, prejudice and erratic conclusions have always stood in the way 
of progress and what the world most needs today is a sound, safe, 
sane and simple working knowledge of the laws of life. The results of 
the last few years in world affairs clearly established in fact that mere 
faith, dogmatic assertions and scientific hypotheses miserably failed 
to solve life's problems. 

The power to heal is invested in the patient and as long as there is a 
single spark of life there is always hope. To hold a fear or doubt that 
you cannot be well, healthy, happy and successful is un-natural and 
therefore a hindrance to attaining your goal and a suppression of 

your desire. It will be noted that Professor Ehret has used every effort 
to induce the students to do their own thinking for he well recognizes 
the fact that in the final analysis we must do our own curing. Only the 
knowledge of how to accomplish this much desired condition of superb 
health, can be taught. The main trouble with the average individuals 
of present-day civilization is that they refuse to think. They prefer 
"mob thinking. 1 ' Because everybody else does it, it must be right! 
The real facts prove the opposite to be the case. 

The genuine principles of healing are simple and few; in fact, so 
simple that the so-called scientific mind is prone to overlook the vital 
points of the application of the law. Youth, strength and happiness 
need not belong to the young in years alone, for the young in desire 
and creative energy, may also have these much-to-be-desired possessions. 
Never permit yourself to lose sight of the fact that while there is a 
spark of life in your bodies it can be formed into an intense flame. 
For strength is born of desire. 

Professor Ehret recognizes a number of causes that produce dis-ease 
besides "mucus" although this word is used in the title. Non-mucus- 
forming foods are dearly defined, and the student can be guided 
accordingly. There are instances in which mucus-forming foods may 
be permitted in the transition diet; in fact, where they are actually 
desired for reasons that are enumerated in the lessons. The same food 
that constructs and generates, will, if incorrectly used, destroy and 
degenerate, and likewise the very food that will normally sustain life, 
might in the sick and degenerate body, if used wrongly or even 
untimely, destroy life. 

When your life is pulsating with joyous health, then you are 
living the super-life, the birthright of every human being; the joy of 
living that Professor Arnold Ehret so ardently desired might once 
more become the possession of all mankind. 





Author of "Rational Fasting" and Originator of the 
" Mucusless-Dict Healing System*' 
Teacher of Dietetics, Faster and Lecturer 

By Prof. B. W. Child 

I knew Professor Ehret first as an author, later as a sanitarium 
proprietor and lecturer, and now esteem him highly as a friend and 
the pioneer of the most complete, natural and scientific system or 
cult for the Cure and Prevention of Disease known. I have no 
hesitancy in stating that he has evolved and developed what now 
seems to be the "last word" in regard to health and longevity. 

He was born July 25, 1866, near Freiburg, in Baden, Germany, 
and lived to be 56 years of age, and was endowed by his father with 
a natural bent or extraordinary desire for delving into the causes and 
reasons for occurrences and results. 

Ehret's education was obtained at a college where the long walk 
added to the other work on the farm, on an ordinary diet, brought 
on a severe attack of bronchial catarrh. In spite of this handicap he 
graduated with honors. His greatest interest being for physics, chem- 
istry, drawing and painting, he took a special academic course and 
graduated as professor of drawing for high schools and colleges, at 
21 years of age. He taught at a college until drafted for military 
service, but was released after nine months* service because of "neuras- 
thenic heart trouble," resuming his vocation as a teacher. At 31 years 
of age he was quite fleshy and "looked well," as others said, but was 
suffering from kidney trouble, Bright's disease, with consumptive 

In his own words: "Five times I took vacations to recuperate, but 
finally was pronounced "incurable" and resigned. Then for five years 
I "suffered much from many physicians" (24 in all) and part of 
this suffering was to pay the bills of about #6,000, but with the result 
pronounced "incurable." Physically and nearly mentally bankrupt, I 


thought of suicide, but accidentally heard of naturopathy and was 
treated at a Kneipp sanitarium three different times, getting some 
relief and a desire to live, but not cured. Was treated at five or six 
other Nature Cure sanitariums and tried all other methods known 
in Europe, expending more thousands, with the result that while not 
down sick, neither was I healthy. I learned something from the experi- 
ences, though; the main symptoms were mucus or pus and albumin in 
the urine and pain in the kidneys. The doctors, on the presumption 
that a clear urine indicated health, tried to stop these eliminations with 
drugs and to replace the albumin by a meat, egg, and milk diet, but it 
only increased the disastrous results. I reasoned out from these methods 
what seemed like a great light on the subject; that the right diet should 
be free from mucus and albumin. My naturopathic treatment drew 
out some of the mucus by baths, exercise, etc., but fed it back by 
wrong diet. 

I resolved to face what seemed a tragedy for me (and does now 
to most chronically sick persons after. getting no relief from doctors), 
and try for myself that which I had learned from past experience: that 
wrong eating was the cause and right eating 1 might be the cure. There 
was vegetarianism, fruit and nut diet, numerous food "cures" and 
a few hints that fasting would help. I went to Berlin to study vege- 
tarianism, as there were over twenty vegetarian restaurants there at 
that time. My first observation was that vegetarians were not much 
more healthy than meat eaters, for many looked sickly and pale. With 
the starchy food and milk I grew slowly worse, but started a course 
of study at the University of medicine, physiology, and chemistry. 
I visited a school of naturopathy, learned something of mental healing, 
Christian Science, magnetic healing, etc., etc., all to try to find out 
the real and fundamental truths of perfect health. Was more or less 
disappointed and went to Nice, in southern France, and tried a radical 
fruit diet with the exception of a pint a milk a day, thinking then 
that I needed the albumin. I made no special application of the fruit 
diet to my condition, as most others did not, and received but little 
benefit. Some days I felt well and on others felt very bad, so I soon 
went back home, returning to the so-called "good eating," as lived and 
suggested by well-meaning friends, relatives and physicians. I had 
learned something about fasting, but it was opposed by all friends 
and relatives; even my former naturopathic doctor told my sister that 
to a person with Bright's disease a few days' fast would prove fatal. 


The next winter I went to Algiers, in northern Africa. The mild 
climate and the wonderful fruits improved my condition and gave me 
more faith in Nature's methods and an understanding of them, and 
I gained courage to try short fasts to assist the cleansing properties 
of fruit and climate, with such results that one morning of a well 
feeling day I chanced to notice in my mirror that my face had taken 
on an entirely new look; that of a younger and healthy looking 
person. But on the next bad feeling day the old and sickly looking 
face returned, yet it did not last long and these alternating changes 
in my face impressed me as a "revelation" from Nature that I had 
found out her methods in part and was on the right track, and I 
resolved to study them more and live them closer in my future life. 

An indescribable feeling never known before of better health, more 
vital energy, better efficiency, and more endurance and strength came 
to me and gave me great joy and happiness just to be alive. This was 
not only of the physical, but there was a great change in my mental 
ability to perceive, to remember, greater courage and hope, and above 
all an insight into the spiritual which became like a sunrise, throwing 
light upon all higher and spiritual problems. All my faculties were 
improved, far surpassing their best during my healthiest and best 
youth. My physicial efficiency and endurance became wonderfully 
increased. I took a bicycle trip of about 800 miles, from Algiers to 
Tunis, accompanied by a trained bicyclist who lived on ordinary diet. 
I was never behind him but often ahead towards night when endurance 
became the test. Keep in mind that I was formerly a candidate for 
death, so declared by the doctors, but now jubilant that I could 
surpass the most efficient, and a constant joy of exhilaration having 
escaped the "slaughter house" of mankind, called "Scientific Medical 

Arriving home again, I demonstrated my ability and endurance 
to perform the hardest farm labor and in tests of strength superior 
to those in good training on the ordinary diet, but being surrounded 
by friends and relatives who were living in the ordinary way and 
coming in contact with professional men who were excited by fear 
that my discoveries were of true principles and would eventually 
succeed and surpass those they were practicing, I gradually took up 
the ordinary diet. Fasting was then very unpopular and living in the 
family of my sister who threatened to prevent it should I attempt 


one, I could not take up again what I firmly believed and had 
proven by actual experience, that fasting (simply eating less) was 
Nature's Omnipotent method of cleansing the body from the effects 
of wrong and too much eating. I had also found it the "Master Key" 
to mental and spiritual unfoldment and evolution. I had not neglected 
the study of the scientific reasons why fruit and mucusless foods 
were so efficient, and had found that they developed during the process 
of digestion what was known as Grape Sugar, and from what was 
termed carbohydrates by analysis. My experience, tests, and experi- 
ments as well as cures, all showed that grape sugar of fruits was 
the essential material of human food, giving the highest efficiency 
and endurance, and at the same time was the best eliminator of debris 
and the most efficient healing agent known for the human body. 

This was in direct contradiction of the nitrogenous-albumin theory 
of the doctors and scientists and also of the more modern theory of 
"mineral salts/' In 1909 I wrote an article denouncing the Metabolic 
theory and in 1912 learned that Dr. Thomas Powell of Los Angeles 
had made the same discovery and was making remarkable cures by 
using foods containing what he called "organic carbon," which is the 
same food ingredients that develop into grape sugar during digestion. 
With the embryo of these discoveries in mind and my experiences I 
left my friends and relatives, who would have shortened my life by 
their well-meaning kindness, and, accompanied by a young man who 
was won by my experience to try with me experimental diet and 
fasting for his ailments, the principal one being stuttering, went to 
southern France. Here, during several months of experiments, I 
renewed my experiences in Africa and won a firmer belief than ever 
that fruit diet and fasting were Nature's infallible factors for regain- 
ing and maintaining a superior health than is enjoyed by most of 
civilized mankind. 

The results obtained were often called miraculous, but were only 
marvelous because of their rareness. The knowledge I had gained of 
the wonderful methods by which Nature carried on the cleansing 
from the impurities from wrong food, and then the regenerating, 
repairing and strengthening, by the right food, was the marvel, but 
not a miracle. 

Especially important were the results on this comparatively young 
man — ten years younger than I. We made tests with all the general 


foods of civilization after cleansing fasts. Our now more sensitive 
organs revolted at once against their undesirable elements and especially 
against combinations, giving the most convincing evidence that modern 
cooking, with its mixtures, with but little knowledge of their qualities, 
was the fundamental cause of all diseases. It is impossible to know 
what food really is and its effects until the body has been cleansed 
by Nature's own method, a fast. I have never known of such experi- 
ments ever being made by anyone, and the facts gained have now 
been so abundantly proven during many years of the most searching 
and difficult practice that they have raised my knowledge above all 
doubts or arguments about the dietetic opinions of others. 

To test our efficiency at exhaustive labor, we took a trip through 
northern Italy, walking for 56 hours continuously without sleep or 
rest or food, only drink. This after a seven-day fast and then only 
one meal of two pounds of cherries. This was called by the professional 
minds that knew of it a most marvelous test, from their viewpoint. 
From what came the energy for this efficiency? From nitrogen, al- 
bumin, organic salts, fats, vitamins, or from what? After a 16-hour 
walk I made a test of knee bendings and arm extendings, 360 times in 
a few minutes, and later numerous strength tests with athletic competi- 
tors, showing superior results. These after being pronounced incurable 
and my father and brother having died of consumption. During our 
trip through Italy we were often subjects of interesting comments by 
ladies on our ruddy and healthy complexion and inquiries of how we 
brought it about, etc. As a completely transformed man, I desired 
higher experiences, as they were not only physical, but mental and 
spiritual. The same with my young companion. He was wonderfully 
improved in many ways, but his stuttering showed no change. I had 
the idea that even that was caused by a physical encumbrance of 
debris. We proceeded to a secluded place on the island of Capri and 
there took longer fasts and daily sunbaths with heat around 120° of 
four to six hours. We were so well cleansed that we did not sweat. 
On the eighteenth day my young friend became quite hoarse, and 
fearing he would lose his voice — not then knowing what caused it — 
ended his fast with about three pounds of figs, at my suggestion, 
with the result that for nearly an hour he raised a very large quantity 
of mucus from his throat and his body cleansed itself in other direc- 
tions. His voice soon being restored and his stuttering disappeared and 


has never returned. We had accomplished what his rich father had 
in vain tried to do by employing almost every known treatment for 
him, without the slightest permanent improvement. 

Fasting, Nature's Supreme Remedy, has been so crudely practiced, 
and is so generally misunderstood, that it is very important that it 
be rightly explained. From my long experience in curing myself by 
fasting and mucusless diet, and in conducting fasts for many hundreds 
in my sanitarium in Switzerland, during a period of over ten years, 
I can state with certainty of its wonderful potency and benefits when 
rightly conducted. My first experience brought such beneficial results 
that I desired to perfect and verify the methods employed, so I 
continued my observations and investigations of and into all phases 
of life. I made many and very extensive experiments, and then my 
fully restored young friend and myself started on a long trip. First, 
through southern Italy, walking and living on an almost exclusive 
grape diet; then by boat to Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Rumania and 
Austria, home. On this trip we learned much of the diet, habits, 
mentality and health of the different peoples, and especially in the 
Orient, and . with the result that my belief in the superiority of Euro- 
pean civilization received a severe shock, and my belief strengthened 
that I was on the right track for a knowledge of a much superior 
health with a better mental development, and a more active and 
longer life. 

In Egypt, we saw a race of people of extraordinary strength and 
endurance, living on a scanty vegetarian diet mostly, but with two 
supposedly bad habits — cigarette smoking and drinking strong coffee; 
yet we saw not a single nervous or toxemic person. To see how few 
kinds and how little food they ate, to learn that they are about the 
same kinds of foods that their ancestors ate, gives one a reason for 
the superior qualities of old Egyptian civilization. 

In Palestine we stayed several months, studying local customs, 
records and history of past conditions, with the result that my con- 
ception of the real meaning of the New Testament gospels was changed 
very much. I learned that Christ's life and teachings were in strict 
accord with now well known natural laws, which brought him superior 
intelligence and superior health, but that when written up from current 
hearsay some 150 years after, was colored by oriental forms of expres- 


sion and metaphors, and their incomplete knowledge of natural phe- 
nomena. What was marvelous was thought miraculous. His "forerun- 
ners," his fastings, his diet, and manner of living, and that of his asso- 
ciates, all reveal the, natural living which brought him superior health 
with no need of any special divine assistance. He verified this by stat- 
ing that future generations would "do greater works than he did," as 
they would get a better knowledge of natural — God's — "unchangeable" 
laws and methods. My "coming book" will state, with convincing proof, 
that Christ's parentage, so-called miracles of healing, and apparent 
changes of natural law, his resurrection and ascension, into "Heaven," 
were in accord with natural law, but not then, and not wholly now, 
understood. The present ignorance of the laws underlying normal 
health is now, in this century, the greatest of all the past centuries, 
and is evidenced by the deterioration of the so-called civilized people, 
health-wise, although advanced far, in many ways. What I have 
learned by my researches and experiences, and the possibilities of 
restoring humanity to a superior health, with the advance of modern 
times, is like opening a "Book of Seven Seals." To show Christ's 
life ni the sunlight of really natural and scientific laws, therefore 
eternal and really divine, identical with those of our own nature, is 
an inspiration and an aspiration which many are now enjoying and 
no one should miss. 

The other countries visited revealed phases and facts of natural 
health principles, and I took up with more confidence and enthusiasm 
than ever before the perfection of my own health by fasting experiments 
and an improved diet. I instinctively felt and soon proved that certain 
natural foods prepared in the right way, had a superior energy pro- 
ducing power, and also a superior cleansing power, when rightly used, 
and in connection with an intelligent abstinence from any food, for 
the prevention as well as curing diseases of all kinds. That when 
used in accordance with the individual's encumbrance with disease 
debris— not germs — and his age, occupation, climate, season of the 
year, etc, that even the then so-called incurable diseases were helped 
in a uniform and orderly manner, and a cure certain, if not too much 
encumbered by habits and age. The right kinds and less food as a 
preparation for short or longer fasts as the condition indicated, gives 
the digestive organs a rest or "vacation" from over-work, and then 
the resuming of eating by a selection of the right kinds, (this being 



very important) brings wonderfully surprising and beneficial results. 
I fasted for twenty-four days with such marvelously pleasing results, 
not only to my physical condition, but to my mental and my aspira- 
tions spiritually, that my enthusiasm increased to tell my friends and 
others of my discoveries, experiences and conclusive results. I could 
not describe my feelings, but told them they must experience them for 
themselves, which some took up at once. I commenced my educational 
work by public fasts and lectures, fasting twice in large German cities, 
and twice in Switzerland. I was sealed in a room by Notaries of State, 
and strictly watched and controlled by physicians, and with no outside 
interference or communications. One fast of 21 days, one of 24, one 
of 32, one of 49 days in Cologne, all within a period of 14 months. 
Between these fasts, and after, my work was lecturing, giving tests of 
physical and mental efficiency, proving the value of what I had learned 
and experienced, and these forced me to teaching and advising others, 
writing articles, and starting a sanitarium in Switzerland, and advising 
by correspondence. 

My first written article was after my forty-nine day fast in Cologne, 
and published in a Vegetarian magazine, stating quite a new experience 
from fasting, diet and healing of disease; in fact, of life itself and its 
enjoyment and prolongation. It had a sensational and revolutionizing 
effect. It brought me letters of inquiry from all parts of the world, and 
in Europe particularly, health seekers, reformers and medical men 
were soon divided into opposers and enthusiastic followers. These 
writings brought on a scientific controversy or fight over the new 
principles I had brought to light, that in Europe the two opposing 
combinations were known as "Ehretists" and "Non-Ehretists." 

The truth of the Ehretbts was well described by a promient editor 
and reformer as follows: "He (Ehret) did not invent or originate 
fasting, or the use of fruit or improved diet, for those are well known 
and were used long ago as good factors of Naturopathy, but what he 
did do was to originate an entirely new system of combining them as a 
systematic Healing method^ on a basis of perfect Nutrition and 

"My mucus theory — afterwards a proven fact — as the fundamental 
cause of all diseases, was more and more recognized, and consequently 
my system of healing, too. It has stood the test and brought what one 


writer has expressed as "enormous success," and today has a platform 
that: Natural Treatment and Diet is the Most Perfect and Successful 
system of healing known. It has automatically named itself "Nutro- 
Therapy" and its resulting "cult" "Naturopathy." For over ten years 
I wrote articles for health journals, lectured in the large cities of 
Europe, discussing the merits of the system and medical men and 
professionals, and treating thousands of patients at my "Fruit and 
Fasting Sanitarium" and by correspondence, and without changing 
the fundamental principles, but strengthening them by a better knowl- 
edge of their details and how to apply them for best results. From all 
these was evolved what is now becoming well known in this country — 
the name, rf Mucusless Diet. 1 ' I came to the United States just before 
World War I to visit the Panama Exposition, and to examine the 
fruits raised here, and particularly of California, and my enforced re- 
maining here by the war has seemed providential in finding those here 
who had similar advances, discoveries and experiences, and we are now 
advocating and bringing to public knowledge the same principles that 
were so successful in Europe, in relieving suffering humanity and pre- 
venting disease, and developing an improved race of people that will 
not know what diseased conditions are, and bring about a better civil- 
ized humanity." 

In editing Professor Ehret's life-work items, 1 am pleased to add 
that the discoveries made here by Dr. Thomas Powell, which I assisted 
in developing and adding to, were intuitively surmised by Professor 
Ehret (afterwards found to be proved by his results, and later corrobo- 
rated by reference to Chemist HensePs scientific analysis of foods) 
are that fruits and vegetables have elements which are superior to those 
in any other foods, for producing vital energy, both in amount and 
quality. These elements or ingredients are known as "organized 
carbon" and "grape sugar." Their presence in sufficient quantities 
refutes the now current idea that the organic, mineral or tissue salts 
are the energy producing elements. They exist only in infinitesimal 
amounts in all foods, and part of them are drugs. Neither are the 
number of calories ("heat units" by calorimeter tests), reasonable 
basis for selecting a proper diet. My over forty years of observation, 
experiences and research have proven conclusively to me that fruits 
and vegetables have all the tissue salts needed, and that the presence 


of actually well known ingredients in sufficient quantity arc the energy 
and life supporting ingredients which make them the superior of all 
other foods, when the debris (mucus) from the "mucus-rich" foods 
is eliminated. Then the full beneficial effect of the "Mucusless Diet" 
can be enjoyed. 

Prof. Arnold Ehret was undoubtedly one of the greatest healers of 
modern times — Philosopher, Teacher and Health lecturer — he came 
to this country searching for further knowledge plus a desire to share 
his remarkable healing discoveries with those willing to accept. 

This overwhelming desire to help his fellow-man — to learn the truth 
— together with a willingness to admit he did not know it all, was his 
motivating force. He recognized the necessity for united effort and 
hoped to avoid unpleasant consequences that result through petty 
jealousies. The valuable thoughts, deeds and words of wisdom, was 
his heritage he left to us when he passed into the great beyond. The 
magnitude and versatility of the healing art that Prof. Ehret chose as 
his field of endeavor, welcomed the friendly cooperation of all Natural 
Healers and Drugless Practitioners. 

More than any other thing, he wanted to give to the world the 
benefits of his now-proven health discoveries — this BETTER 
HEALTH which he himself had achieved and had already taught 
to thousands at his Swiss Sanitarium, public demonstrations, and 
through health magazine articles. 

It was a constant source of personal gratification, to know that his 
health teachings were increasingly gaining acceptance among both 
the laity and professional practioners as well — who unhesitatingly 
accepted fresh fruits and green leaf vegetables as the proper food for 
mankind. Even the personally coined descriptive words such as — 
"Mucus"- 'Mucusless"— "Mucuslean"— and "Mucus-plus" have 
gradually become well known. 

Arnold Ehret leaves an heritage of vast worth to humanity — pos- 
sibly the most important message that mankind has received since 
thousands of years! Ehret's teaching — vouchsafes to all his followers 
— HEALTH — which is more valuable than worldly wealth — joyous 
happiness in living — and a complete spiritual awakening! This humble 
message of mine, will hopefully bring added fame to a long-to-be- 
remembered "Apostle of Health" — Prof. Arnold Ehret. 


General Introductory Principles 

Lesson I. 

Every disease, no matter what name it is known by 
Medical Science, is 


A clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human 
body. Any special symptom is therefore merely an extraor- 
. dinary local constipation by more accumulated mucus at 
this particular place. Special accumulation points are the 
tongue, the stomach and particularly the entire digestive 
tract. This last is the real and deeper cause of bowel consti- 
pation. The average person has as much as ten pounds of 
uneliminated feces in the bowels continually, poisoning 
the blood stream and the entire system. Think of it! 

Every sick person has a more or less mucus-clogged 
system, such mucus being derived from undigested and 
uneliminated, unnatural food substances, accumulated 
from childhood on. Details regarding this fact may be 
learned by reading my "Rational Fasting and Regenera^ 
tion Diet. "* 

My "Mucus Theory** and "Mucusless Diet Healing 
System** stand unshaken; it has proven the most successful 

* "Rational Fasting/' by Arnold Ehret. Published by Ehret Literature"* 
Publishing Co., Inc. Ardsley, N.Y. 10502-2613 


"Compensation- Action" so-called cure against every kind 
of disease. By its systematic application thousands of 
declared-incurable patients could be saved. 

The Mucusless Diet consists of all kinds of raw and 
cooked fruits, starchless vegetables, and cooked or raw, 
mostly green-leaf vegetables. The Mucusless Diet Healing 
System is a combination of individually advised long or 
short fasts, with progressively changing menus of non- 
Mucus-Forming Foods. This diet alone can heal every 
case of "disease" without fasting, although such a cure 
requires longer time. The System itself will be expounded 
in later lessons. 

However, to learn how to apply the system, to under- 
stand how and why it works, it is necessary to free 
your mind from Medical errors, partly taken over by 
Naturopathy. In other words, I must teach you a new 
Physiology, free from Medical errors; a new method of 
Diagnosis; a correction of the Fundamental errors of 
Metabolism, high Protein foods, Blood circulation, Blood 
composition, and last, but not least, you must be taught 

What Vitality Really Is 

To Medical Science the human body is still a mystery, 
especially in diseased condition. Every new disease "dis- 
covered" by the doctors is a new mystery for them. There 
are no words to properly express how far from the truth 
they actually are! Naturopathy uses the word Vitality 


continually, yet neither "Medical Scientists" nor Naturo- 
paths can tell what Vitality is. 

Not only is it necessary to eradicate all of these errors 
from your brain, but the truth must be shown you in such 
a new and simple light that you can grasp it at once. This 
great advantage of simplicity and clarity is one of the 
fundamental reasons for my success. Withal, my teach- 
ings cover the truth. Incidentally, whatever simple reason 
cannot grasp is humbug, however scientific it may sound. 

You will learn how wrong and ignorant it is to believe 
that any special disease can be healed by eating the right 
food, living upon "special menus" or undergoing long 
fasts, if such is done without experience and without 
system and special advice for each individual case. 

"Fasting" has been known for hundreds of years as a 
"compensation" against every disease, as Nature's only 
and infallible law, and the same applies to the M ucusless 
diet; as stated in Genesis (fruits and herbs, i. e., green 
leaves). But why has it never come into general use and 
resultant universal success? Because it was never used 
systematically in accordance with the condition of the 
patient. The average man has not the slightest idea what 
the necessary eliminative process is; what time it requires; 
how and how often his diet must be changed; what it 
means to cleanse the body of the terrible quantities of 
waste he has accumulated in his body during his life. 


Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, 
mucus and toxemias, and this system assists Nature in 
the most perfect and natural way. Not the disease but 
the body is to be healed; it must be cleansed, freed from 
waste and foreign matter, from mucus and toxemias accu- 
mulated since childhood. You cannot buy health in a 
bottle, you cannot heal your body, that is, cleanse your 
system in a few days, you must make "compensation" for 
the wrong you have done your body all during your life. 

My system is not a cure or a remedy, it is a regenera- 
tion, a thorough house-cleaning, the acquisition of such 
clean and perfect health as you never knew before. 

Remember: Your constitutional encumbrances through- 
out the entire system are the source of every disease; the 
greatest and most harmful source of lowered vitality, 
imperfect health, lack of strength and endurance and any 
and all imperfect conditions. All have their source in the 
colon, never perfectly emptied since your birth. Nobody 
on earth today has an ideally clean body and therefore 
perfectly clean blood. What Medical Science calls normal 
health is in fact a pathological condition. 

In Summa: The human mechanism is an elastic pipe 
system. The diet of civilization is never entirely digested 
and the resultant waste eliminated. This entire pipe system 
is slowly constipated, especially at the place of the symp- 
tom and the digestive tract. This is the foundation of 



every disease. To loosen this waste, eliminate it intelli- 
gently and thoroughly, and to control this elimination can 
only be done perfectly by the 



Latent, Acute and Chronic Diseases 
No Longer a Mystery 

Lesson II. 

The first lesson has now given you an insight as to 
what disease actually is. In addition to mucus and its 
toxemias in the system, there are other foreign matters 
such as uric acid, toxins, etc., and especially drugs if ever 
used. I learned thru the years of practical experience that 
drugs are NEVER eliminated as is the waste from foods— 
but are stored up in the body for decades. Hundreds of 
cases have come under my observation where drugs taken 
10, 20, 30 and even 40 years were expelled together with 
mucus thru this perfect healing system. This is a fact of 
basic importance— especially for the Practitioner. When 
these chemical poisons after being dissolved are taken back 
into the circulation for elimination thru the kidneys— the 
nerves and heart are affected— causing extretne nervous- 
ness, dizziness and excessive heart-beats, as well as other 
strange sensations. The uninformed stands before a mys- 
tery and probably calls the family doctor, who now diag- 
noses the condition as "heart-disease" and blames the 
"lack of food" instead of the drugs he prescribed 10 years 


The average "normal" man, considered healthy, has a 
chronic, stored-up accumulation of waste food— poisons 
and drugs. 

This Is His Latent Disease 

When these latent disease matters are occasionally 
stirred up, for instance by a cold, he expels great quanti- 
ties of mucus, and feels unhappy instead of enjoying 
Nature's cleansing process. If the quantity of loosened 
mucus is great enough to shock the entire system, more 
or less, but still not dangerous, it may be diagnosed as 
Influenza. If the eliminating work of Nature digs deeper 
into the system, especially into that important organ, the 
lungs, so much mucus and poisons are loosened at once 
that the circulation has to work under great friction, simi- 
lar to a dirty machine—or, for example an automobile 
running with its brakes set. The friction produces abnor- 
mal heat, which is called fever, and the doctors call it 
Pneumonia, which is really a "feverish" effort on Nature's 
part to free the most vital organ from its waste. If the 
kidneys are called upon to eliminate this loosened mucus, 
thereby shocking this organ, it is called Nephritis, etcetera, 

In other words, whenever Nature endeavors to save a 

human life thru her efforts to eliminate "feverishly," mucus 
and its toxic products, it is called acute disease. 


Acute Disease 

The Medical profession has over 4000 names for differ- 
ent ailments. The derivation of the particular or special 
name of the disease is made up according to the respective 
local place of elimination; or pertains to the congested 
point where the blood stream finds it difficult of passage 
and causes pain— such as pains in the joints, as in cases of 
rheumatism, for example. 

For ages, this well-meaning effort and intended self- 
healing work of Nature has been misunderstood and sup- 
pressed thru the agency of drugs, and the continuance of 
eating, despite the warning danger signals of pain and loss 
of appetite. Notwithstanding the "help" of the doctors— 
a help, in fact, often injurious and dangerous to the pa- 
tient's life — his vitality and especially his eliminating 
abilities are lowered, and Nature proceeds slowly. Under 
this handicap Nature cannot work as efficiently, requir- 
ing more time, and the case is then called "chronic." The 
word chronic is derived from the Greek word "chronos," 
meaning time. You will be taught in Lesson VII more 
about this "mystery." 


The Diagnosis 

Lesson III. 

Why the Diagnosis? 

Laymen and even some dietetic experts with the excep- 
tion of myself, believe there is no need for. diagnosis. You 
may ask, since there is only one disease why the diagnosis? 
If all sickness is due to uncleanliness from uneliminated, 
undigested food, mucus, uric acid, toxemias, drugs, etc, 
why diagnose? We shall now learn why fruit-diet and 
fasting have produced such doubtful results, thru their 
incorrect use and- misunderstanding, caused thru the belief 
that general rules of this cure are suitable for everybody 
and for every case. Nothing is further from the truth! 
No other cure requires so much individual specialization 
and continual changing to meet die reaction of the patient 
This is why people who attempt these methods of cure 
without expert knowledge or advice frequently bring 
about serious results. 

Promiscuous Fasting 

McFadden, and many others, advise, for instance, fast- 
ing as applicable to all cases. I learned thru thousands of 
cases during my experience that nothing requires more 
individual, different application than fasting and the 
mucus-less diet* Of two patients, one may effect a complete 


recovery after a fast of two or three weeks, while the other 
may die from the same treatment! That is why an indi- 
vidual diagnosis of general conditions and constitutional 
encumbrances is so necessary. 

Method of Constitutional Diagnosis 

My diagnosis determines the following points: 

1. The relative amount of encumbrance in the system. 

2. The predominant part, that is, whether more 
mucus or more poisons. 

3. If pus is present in the system, amount and kind 
of drugs used. 

4. If internal tissue or an organ is in a process of 

5. How far vitality is lowered. 

You will also learn thru experience and observations 
along these lines that the general appearance, especially 
the face of the patient will indicate more or less the inter- 
nal conditions.* 

Medical Diagnosis 

Medical diagnosis throws no real light on the subject, 
although doctors think it more important than the actual 
cure. It is made up of a series of reports and symptoms and 
a scheme of experiences from which thousands of dis- 
eases are named. Characteristic of the meaningless medical 

* For further information refer to page 42, "The Magic Mirror." 


diagnosis is the frequent statement of many patients that 
"the doctors could not find out what Ihave." The name 
of the dis-ease does not concern us at all. A man with 
gout, one with indigestion, or one with Bright's disease 
may start with the same advice. Whether to fast, for 
instance, and how long, does not depend upon the name 
of the disease, but upon the patient's condition and how 
far vitality is lowered. 

Naturopathic Concepts 

Naturopathy is an advance over medicine in teaching 
that all disease is constitutional. Naturopathy does not 
explain sufficiently the source, nature and composition of 
"foreign matters" as the fundamental one-ness of all 

Dr. Lahmann said: "Every disease is caused by car- 
bonic acid and gas." But he did not learn its source in 
decayed, uneliminated food substances— the mucus in a 
state of continuous fermentation. 

Dr. Jaeger said: "Disease is a stench." Nature gives a 
diagnosis thru bad odor, which indicates how far the 
inside decomposition has progressed. 

Dr. Haigh of England, the founder of the "Anti-uric- 
acid diet," bases his conception of general diagnose on 
the assumption that the majority of diseases are caused 
thru uric acid, certainly an important part of diseased 
matter besides mucus. 


Naturopathy lays considerable stress and importance 
on symptomatical tliagnosis in spite of the acknowledg- 
ment that there is only one disease. 

Uric Diagnosis 

Medical doctors and many others consider this special 
kind of diagnosis as the most important one, but it is 
fundamentally misunderstood. Beside the digestive tract, 
the uric canal is the main avenue of elimination. As soon 
as any one decreases bis eating, fasts a little, or changes 
over to the natural diet, he has waste, mucus, poisons, uric 
acid, phosphates, etc., in this urine, and an analysis of his 
urine is alarming. This likewise happens in the major- 
ity of cases whenever anyone becomes sick. Everyone 
becomes alarmed at this effort of the body to eliminate 
waste— which is in truth the healing, cleansing process. 

Should sugar or albumen be found in the urine the 
case is called "very serious," and diagnosed "Diabetes," or 
"Bright's disease," respectively. Under medical treatment 
the patient in the first named case, dies thru sugar-starva- 
tion, caused thru a lack of sugar and sugar-formers in the 
dietary. In the latter diagnosis the patient dies from forced 
"albumen replacement" resulting from over-feeding of 
foods rich in albumen. 

Whatever the body expels is waste, decayed, dead— 
and simply indicates that the patient is in an advanced 
state of inside uncleanliness, already causing a decomposi- 


tion of inside organs— producing rapid decay of all food 
taken into the body. These cases, like tuberculosis, must 
be treated very carefully and VERY SLOWLY. 

How It Looks in the Human Colon 

It is of utmost importance that thru our diagnosis we 
must learn as much as possible the general appearance of 
the inside of the human body* Our diagnosis therefore 
consists of finding out the degree of quantities of indi- 
vidual waste matter of the patient. 

Experts in autopsy state they have found that from 60 
to 70 per cent of the colons examined have foreign matters 
such as worms and decades-old feces-stones. The inside 
walls of the over-intestines are encrusted by old, hardened 
feces and resemble in appearance the inside of a filthy 

I had fat patients that eliminated from their body as 
much as 50 to 60 pounds waste, and 10 to 15 pounds 
alone from the colon, mainly consisting of foreign matters, 
especially old, hardened feces. The average so-called 
"healthy" man of today carries continually with him, since 
childhood, several pounds of never eliminated feces. One 
"good stool" a day means nothing. A fat and sick man 
is in fact a living "cesspool" A distinct surprise to me was 
that a number of my patients in such condition had 
already undertaken so-called "Nature cures*" 


Diagnosis (Continued) 

Lesson IV. 

Fat and Lean Types 

The bodily mechanism of the fat type is, on the average, 
mechanically more obstructed, because he is in general an 
over-eater of starchy foods. In the lean type there is more 
physiological chemical interference with the organism, 
such a one being in general a one-sided meat eater, which 
condition produces especially, much acidity, uric acid, 
other poisons and pus. 

Disease Story 

As a general rule I ask my prospective patients the 
following questions as the knowledge to be gained is of 
great importance: 

1. How long have you been sick? 

2. What did the doctor call your disease? 

3. What was the nature of the treatment? 

4. How much and what kinds of treatment taken? 

5. Have you ever been operated upon? 

6. What other kinds of treatment have you taken 

(Age, sex, whether a disease is inherited, etc, are 
important points.) 


The most important thing, however, is the patient's 
diet at present, his special craving for certain foods and 
his wrong habits; if constipated, and how long. What 
kind of diets, if any, were used before. It is necessary to 
base the change in diet on the patient's present diet, and 
only a SLIGHT CHANGE toward an improved diet 
is advisable. 

The Experimental Diagnosis 

The most exact, unerring diagnosis we have is 
a short fast. The more rapidly the patient feels "worse" 
thru a short fast, the greater and the more poisonous is 
his encumbrance* Should be become dizzy, suffer severe 
headaches, etc., he is greatly clogged up with mucus and 
toxemias. If palpitation of the heart occurs it is a sign 
that pus is somewhere in the system, or that drugs, even 
though taken many years ago, are in the circulation for 

Any inside special "constipated" place is located by a 
light pain there. The experimental practitioner can ascer- 
tain better than with X-rays through Nature's revelation 
after a short fast the true condition of the inside of the 
human body, and knows the real diagnosis more correctly 
than doctors can ascertain with all their expensive scien- 
tific equipment and instruments. 

If this "short-fast" diagnosis is tried on the average 
man called normal and healthy, but in reality clogged up 


with mucus-latent disease-Nature reveals the same to 
you in a moderate degree, and if a "weak point" has begun 
to develop, unsuspected by them, Nature will unerringly 
indicate where and how he will later become sick if the 
wrong method of living is continued, although it may be 
after some years. This then is the Prognosis of Disease. 

Some Special Diagnosis 

To show that all differently named diseases, even the 
most severe ones, have their bases and are caused by the 
same general and constitutional encumbrance of the body, 
I shall sh ow you, in the light of truth, a few characteristic 
kinds of cases. Thru these illustrator e examples I shall 
prove that there is not a single disease, not a disturbance 
or sensation, not an unhealthy appearance or symptom, 
which cannot be explained and seen at once in its real 
nature as local constipation, constitutional constipation 
by mucus and its toxemias; most of the quantities contin- 
ally supplied from the "chronic reserve stock of waste" in 
the stomach, intestines, and especially in the colon. The 
"basement" (colon) of the human "temple" is the reser- 
voir from which every symptom of disease and weakness 
is supplied in all its manifestations. 


is a beneficial effort to eliminate waste from the cavities 
of the head, the throat and the bronchial tubes. 




The cold goes deeper and will eliminate and clean the 
mucus from the most spongy and vital organ, the lung. 
A hemorrhage occurs to clean mote radically* The entire 
system is aroused, causing higher temperature by friction 
of the waste in circulation* That proves alarming, and 
the doctor suppresses by drugs and food, actually block- 
ing Nature's process of healing— cleansing* If the patient 
does not die, the elimination becomes chronic, and is called 


The consumptive patient eliminates continually his 
mucus caused from erroneously increased, mucus-forming 
foods, thru the lungs instead of thru the natural ways. 
This organ itself decays more and more, producing germs, 
and it is then called tuberculosis. 

The vital organ (lung)— the pump— works insufficient- 
ly on the circulation, the entire cell system decays more 
and more, and decomposes before the patient dies* 


Its pain is a warning signal of Nature: "Stop eating; 
I must repair; there is waste and pus; you have eaten too 
much lime-poor food, meat." 


Mucus and uric acid particularly accumulated in the 
joints, since here is the less dependable part of the tissues 


for the passage of the circulation, heavily loaded with 
waste and uric acid in the one-sided meat eater's body. 


The stomach is the central organ of disease matter 
supply. There is a limit to the ability of this organ to 
digest and to empty itself after the meal. Every food 
(even the best kinds) are mixed with this acid mucus, 
continually remaining in the average person's stomach. 
The wonder is how long the human being can stand such 


is a sane deposit by Nature of tremendous waste to keep 
it from entering the circulation. 


is in principle the same, only the elimination is outside. 


Special accumulation of mucus in the throat, interfer- 
ing with the functioning of the vocal chords. I cured 
several cases. 


These organs are of a very spongy construction, and 
their function is that of a kind of physiological sieve. They 
are, therefore, easily constipated by sticky mucus. 


These have for their origin nothing more than mucus 
elimination thru these organs, and are easily healed. The 


use of drugs alone produces the characteristic symptoms 
of syphilis. The more drugs that have been used, espe- 
cially mercury, the more carefully the treatment must be 


Even short or long sight is congestion in the eyes and 
trouble with hearing congestion of those organs* I healed a 
few kinds of blindness and deafness by the same principles. 

Mental Diseases 

Besides a congested system, I found that anyone men- 
tally diseased has congestion, especially of the brain. One 
man on the verge of insanity was cured by a four week's 
fast. There is nothing easier to heal than insanity by fast- 
ing—such men having lost their reason, their natural 
instinct tells them not to eat. I learned that if you heal by 
the Mucusless-diet Healing System all kinds of diseases, 
most of the patients are relieved of greater or less mental 
conditions. After a fast comes a clearer mind. Unity of 
ideas comes to take the place of differences. Differences 
of ideas today are caused largely by diet. If something 
is wrong with anyone, look first to the stomach. Hie 
mentally diseased man suffers physiologically from gas 
pressure on the brain. 


The Magic Mirror 

Supplement to Diagnosis — Lessons III and IV 

Since man degenerated thru civilization, he no longer 
knows what to do when he becomes sick. Disease remains 
the same mystery to modern medical science as it was to 
the "Medicine Man" of thousands of years ago— the 
main difference being that the "germ" theory has replaced 
the "Demon" and that mysterious outside power still 
remains— to harm you and destroy life. 

Disease is a mystery to you as well as to every doctor 
who has not as yet looked into the "magic mirror," which 
I am about to explain. Naturopathy deserves full credit 
for having proven that disease is within you— a foreign 
matter which has weight, and which must be eliminated. 

If you want to become your own physician, or, if you 
are a Drugless Healer and want more success, you must 
learn the truth and know what disease is. You cannot heal 
yourself, or other people, without an exact diagnosis 
. which will give you a clear idea of true conditions. This 
infallible truth can be learned only from the book of 
Nature, that is, thru a test on your own body—or the 
"magic mirror," as I have designated it 

The sufferer from any kind of disease— or any person, 


whether sick or not— who will go thru this healing process 
of fasting and mucusless diet, will eliminate mucus— 
thereby demonstrating that the basic cause of all latent 
diseases of man is a clogged up tissue system of unelimi- 
nated, un-used and un-digested food substances. 

Thru the "magic mirror" a true and unfailing diagnosis 
of your disease is furnished, as never before. 

"The Magic Mirror*' 

1. Proof that your personal, individual symptom, sore, 
or sensation, according to what your disease is named, is 
nothing more than an extraordinary local accumulation 
of waste. 

2. The coated tongue is evidence of a constitutional 
encumbrance thruout the entire system, which obstructs 
and congests the circulation by dissolved mucus, and this 
mucus even appears in the urine. 

3. The presence of unevacuated feces, retained thru 
sticky mucus in the pockets of the intestines, constantly 
poisoning, and thereby interfering with proper digestion 
and blood building. 

To look inside your body— far better and clearer than 
can be done by doctors with expensive X-ray apparatus— 
and learn the cause of your disease, or even discover some 
hitherto unknown physical imperfection or mental con- 
dition, try this: 


Fast one or two days, or eat fruits only (such as oranges, 
apples, or any juicy fruit in season) for two or three days, 
and you will notice that your tongue will become heavily 
coated. When this happens to the acutely sick, the doctor's 
conclusion is always— "indigestion." The tongue is the 
mirror not only of the stomach, but of the entire membrane 
system, as well. The fact that this heavy coating returns, 
even if removed by a tongue scraper once or twice a day, 
is an accurate indication of the amount of filth, mucus 
and other poisons accumulated in the tissues of your entire 
system, now being eliminated on the inside surface of the 
stomach, intestines and from every cavity of your body. 

You will become further convinced of this fact— of this 
diagnosis of your disease— by another surprise in store for 
you; if you will empty your intestines both before and after 

the test. 

During the Fast you are truly on Nature's operating 
table without the use of a knife! The cleansing elimi- s 
nating process begins immediately and the knowledge 
contained in these lessons provide the needed informa- 
tion necessary to secure the desired results. 

After you have fasted, it is advisable to decrease the 
quantity of your customary amount of food and eat only 
natural, cleansing, muscusless foods (fruits and starchless 
vegetables), thereby affording the body an opportunity to 
loosen and eliminate mucus, which is, in fact, The Heal- 
ing Process. 


This "mirror" on the tongue's surface reveals to the 
observer the amount of encumbrance that has been clog- 
ging up the system since childhood, thru wrong mucus- 
forming foods. After observing the urine during this test, 
by allowing it to stand for a few hours, you will note the 
elimination of quantities of mucus in same. 

The actual amount of filth and waste, which is the 
"mysterious" cause of your "trouble," is almost unbeliev- 

Disease— every disease— is, first, a special, local consti- 
pation of the circulation, tissues, pipe system. The mani- 
festation of symptoms, or of the different symptoms. If 
painful and inflamed, it is from over-pressure— heat or 
inflammation caused from friction and congestion. 

Second, disease— every disease— is constitutional consti- 
pation. The entire human pipe system, especially the 
microscopically small capillaries are "chronically" consti- 
pated, through the wrong food of civilization. 

White blood corpuscles are waste— and there is no man 
in Western civilization who has mucus-free blood and 
mucus-free blood vessels. It is like the soot in a stove- 
pipe which has never been cleaned; in fact, worse, because 
the waste from protein and starchy foods is Sticky. 

The characteristics of tissue construction, especially of 
the important internal organs, such as the lungs, kidneys, 


all glands, etc., are very much similar to those of a sponge. 
Imagine a sponge soaked in paste or glue! 

Naturopathy must more and more, cleanse its science 
from medical superstitions, wrongly called "scientific diag- 
nosis." Nature alone is the teacher of a standard science 
of truth. She heals thru one thing-FASTING-every 
disease that it is possible to heal. This alone is proof that 
Nature recognizes but one disease, and that in every body 
the largest factors are always waste, foreign matter and 
mucus (besides uric acid and other toxemias, and, very 
often, pus— if tissues are decomposed). 

In order to realize how terribly clogged up the human 
body is, one must have seen thousands of fasters— as I 
have. The almost inconceivable fact is, how can such 
quantities of waste be stored up in the body? Have you 
ever stopped to realize the masses of phlegm you expel 
during a cold? And just as it is taking place in your head, 
your bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder, 
etc., have the same appearance. All are in the same condi- 
tion. And the spongy organ known as the tongue accu- 
rately mirrors on its surface the appearance of every other 
part of your body. 

Medicine has devised a "special science" of laboratory 
tests, urinal diagnosis and blood tests. 

More than fifty years ago, the most prominent pioneers 
of Naturopathy said: "Every disease is foreign matter— 


waste/' I said twenty years ago, and repeat it again and 
again, that most of these foreign matters are paste pro- 
duced from wrong foods, decomposed— to be seen when 
it leaves the body as mucus. Meat decomposes into pus. 

The light of truth dawned upon me after I had fasted, 
against the will of the Naturopath from whom I was 
taking treatments for Bright's disease. When the test-tube 
filled up with albumen, I read his thoughts in his facial 
expression. But to me it proved that whatever Nature 
expels— eliminates— is waste; whether it be albumen, 
sugar, mineral salt or uric acid* This occurred more than 
twenty-four years ago, but this Nature-doctor (a former 
MD,) still believes in the replacement of albumen by 
high protein foods. 

The medical diagnosis of Bright's disease, when the 
chemical test of urine shows a high percentage of albumen, 
is as misleading as others. The elimination of albumen 
proves that the body does not need it, that it is over- fed, 
over-loaded with high protein stuff. Instead of decreasing 
these poison producing foods, they are Wrongly increased, 
endeavoring to replace the "loss," until the patient dies. 
How tragic to replace waste, while Nature is endeavoring 
to save you, by removing it! 

The next important laboratory test is that of sugar in 
the urine, Diabetes. The medical dictionary still calls it 
"mysterious," Instead of eating natural sweets, which go 


into the blood, and which can be used, the diabetic patient 
is fed eggs, meat, bacon, etc., and, in fact, actually starves 
to death thru lack of natural, sugar-containing and sugar- 
producing foods, which have been withheld. 

It has long since been proven that all of these blood 
tests, especially the Wassermann test, are a fallacy. 

We, as Naturopaths, cannot ignore Nature's teaching, 
in any way, even tho we may find it difficult to discard 
old errors hammered into us since childhood. 

One of the most misleading errors is the individual 
naming of all diseases. The name of any disease is not 
important, and not of any value whatsoever when starting 
a natural cure, especially thru fastings and diet. If every 
disease is caused thru foreign matters (and it most assur- 
edly is) then it is only important and necessary to know 
how great and how much the amount of the patient's 
encumbrance actually is— how far and how much his sys- 
tem is clogged up by foreign matters, and how much his 
vitality has become lowered (see Lesson 5), and, in case 
of tuberculosis or cancer, if the tissues themselves are 
decomposed. (Pus and germs.) 

I have had hundreds of cases tell me that every doctor 
they called upon gave a different diagnosis, and a corre- 
spondingly different name for their ailment. I always 
surprise them by saying, "I know exactly what ails you, 



thru facial diagnosis, and you will see it yourself in the 
'magic mirror* within a few days." 

The Experimental Diagnosis 

Just as I have already stated in the beginning of this 
lesson, you must fast for two or three days. In the case 
of a fatty type, liquids should be used during the fast. 
The surface of the tongue will clearly indicate the appear- 
ance on the inside of the body, and the patient's breath 
will prove the amount and grade of decomposition. It is 
even possible to tell the kind of food they preferred most! 

Should pain be felt at any one place during the begin- 
ning of the fast, you may be sure that this is a weak point 
and the symptom is not sufficiently developed for medical 
doctors to reveal it thru their examination. 

Waste will show up in the urine with clouds of mucus, 
and mucus will be expelled from the nose, throat and 
lungs as well as in the feces. The weaker and more miser- 
able the patient may feel during the fast, the greater is 
his encumbrance, and the weaker his vitality. 

This experimental diagnosis tells you exactly what the 
trouble is, and how to correct it by starting with a moder- 
ate transition diet— or a more radical one— and whether 
to continue or discontinue the fast. 

This experiment is the foundation, the basis of the 
development of the science of Nature cure, physics, chem- 


istry, etc. It is the question put to Nature, and she replies 
with the same infallible answer, always and everywhere. 

If the patient becomes nervous, or symptoms of heart 
trouble occur, you may be sure that he has drugs stored 
up in his body. A consumptive patient starts with such 
terrible elimination, after a short fast, that it must be plain 
to all how ignorant and how impossible it is to try and 
* cure him with "good nourishing foods," such as eggs and 

The above explanation is the experimental diagnosis, 
and the only scientific one. You cannot secure a better 
view inside than by this simple method. No expensive 
apparatus can show more accurately the exact conditions 
as they exist inside the body. All other examinations, 
including iris-diagnosis, diagnosis of the spine, etc., are 
never exact and, therefore, not dependable. 

Nature's mirrors, her revelations, her demonstrations— 
of and by phenomena— are "magic" only so long as you 
lack the correct interpretation of them. Nature shows and 
plainly reveals to you everything, far more exact, perfect 
and better than all "science of diagnosis" put together. 

The Prognosis of Disease 

And now we come to the prognosis of disease. We hear 
of "latent" disease. Everyone, no matter to what extent 
he may enjoy "good health," has a latent sickness, and 


Nature only awaits an opportunity to eliminate the waste 
stored up since childhood— and on. 

Everyone knows, but fails to understand, that a severe 
"shock," such as a cold— or "influenza" over the entire 
body, starts an elimination; but, unfortunately, Nature 
is handicapped in her attempted housecleaning, thru the 
doctor s advice to continue eating, thru the use of drugs, 
etc* obstructing elimination and producing acute and 
chronic diseases. 

Anyone, even tho not sick— especially in the critical age 
between thirty and forty-may fast a few days, and thru 
the "magic mirror," leam the extent of his latent disease; 
where his weak point is located, as well as the name of his 
latent disease, and where it will appear. That is the prog* 
nosis of disease, and if life insurance companies would 
only believe in it, would furnish a true and safe method 
of determining "risks." 

Fasting until the tongue is clean is dangerous* Who can 
explain why the tongue becomes clean after breaking a 
short fast with a "square* 9 meal, and why the "magic 
mirror" shows up more waste, if you live on fruits or 
mucusless diet, after the fast? This is the hitherto unex- 
plained mystery of the "magic mirror." And the simple 
explanation is that the elimination is stopped for a while, 
thru the eating of wrong foods, and as a result you feel 
better for a time with wrong foods than with fruits. And 


during this period even the "magic mirror" apparently 
misleads you into thinking the body is clean. A return 
to natural foods soon proves otherwise. 

For the ordinary person it will require from one to three 
years of systematically continued fastings and natural, 
cleansing diet, before the body is actually cleansed of 
"foreign matters." You may then see how the body is 
constantly eliminating waste, thru the entire outside sur- 
face of the body, from every pore of the skin, the urinal 
canal and the colon, from the eyes and ears, and from 
the nose and throat. You can see how wet as well as dried 
mucus (dandruff, for instance) is being expelled. All 
diseases, therefore, are immense quantities of waste, 
"chronically" stored up and, thru this artificial elimination 
of "chronic disease" you will agree with me and realize 
that I do not exaggerate when I state: 

The diagnosis of your disease— of all diseases of man- 
kind both mental and physical, since the beginning of 
civilization, proves that they all have the same founda- 
tional cause— whatever the symptoms may be. It is, with- 
out exception, one and the same general and universal 
condition— a one-ness of all disease, that is; waste, foreign 
matter, mucus and its poisons. 

"Internal impurity" is too mild an expression for chronic 
constipation, waste — filth — mucus — stench (offensive 
odor) or "Invisible Waste," is the true description. 


The Formula of Life 

The Secret of Vitality 

Lesson V. 

V = - 'O' (<V equals k P' minus l O') is the 
formula of Life— and yet at the same time you may call 
it the formula of death. 

*V» stands for VITALITY. 

* 4 P,"or call it "X,** the unknown quantity in this ques- 
tion, is the POWER that drives the human machinery, 
which keeps you alive, which gives you strength and 
efficiency, endurance for as yet an unknown length of 
time without food! 

"O" means OBSTRUCTION, encumbrance, foreign 
matters, toxemias, mucus; in short, all internal impurities 
which obstruct the circulation, the function of internal 
organs especially, and the human engine in its entire 
functioning system. 

You can therefore see thru this equation that as soon 
as "O" becomes greater than "P" the human machine 
must come to a standstill. 

The engineer can figure exactly "E — P - F," mean- 
iiig that the amount of energy or efficiency "E" he secures 
from an engine is not equal to the power "P" without 
first deducting "F," the friction. 

The ingenious idea of construction of the ideal engine 

is to make it work with the smallest amount of friction. 
Should we transfer this fundamental and principal idea 
on the human engine, we see that it involves the terrible 
ignorance of medical physiology and that Naturopathy 
found a true way of healing by removing— eliminating 
obstructions— that is, foreign matters of encumbrance, 
mucus and its toxemias. 

But just what vitality really is and how tremendous it 
can become, what a higher, superior, absolute health is, 
has not up to the present date been shown or proven. I 
will teach in the following lessons a principally different 
New Physiology, based on the correction of medical 
errors of blood-circulation, blood-composition, blood- 
building and metabolism. For this purpose it is necessary 
that you first learn what vitality— what animal life really is. 

It is generally admitted, that the secret of vitality, the 
secret of animal life is unknown to science. It will surprise 
you when shown the truth thru a simple, natural enlight- 
enment, and you must admit at once that it is THE 
TRUTH. Always remember this fact: " Whatever can- 
not be seen, conceived at once, thru simple reasoning is 
humbug, and not science!" 

The human engine must first be seen before all other 
physiological considerations as an air-gas engine, built 
and constructed in its entirety, with the exception of the 
bones, from a rubber-like, very elastic, spongy material, 
called flesh and tissues. 


The next fact is that its function is that of a pump 
system by air-pressure, and with an inside circulation of 
liquids, such as the blood and other saps, and that THE 

Lungs Are the Pump and the Heart Is the Valve 

—and not the opposite—as erroneously taught by medical 
physiology for the past 400 years! 

A further fact— one that has teen almost entirely over- 
looked^ the automatic, atmospheric outside counter- 
pressure, which is over 14 pounds to the square inch. 
Immediately upon, and after each outbreath a vacuum is 
created in the lung cavity. In other words, the human body 
animal organism in its entirety, functions automatically 
by inhaling air-pressure and expelling chemically changed 
air and outside atmospheric counter-pressure on the vacu- 
ums of the body. That is vitality, animal life in the first 
instance and importance* That is "P** (power) which 
keeps you alive— without air you cannot live five minutes! 

But the unseen fact, let us say the secret, is that it works 
-simply and automatically thru atmospheric counter-pres- 
sure, which is only possible because the "engine" consists 
of elastic, spongy material with a vital strain power— with 
an ability of vibration, expansion and contraction. Those 
two facts were the unknown secrets concerning the auto- 
matic function of "P" as the phenomena of vitality, and 
the Chemist Hensel has proven thru chemical physiologi- 
cal formulas that this special vital elasticity of the tissues 
is due to a lime sugar combination* 


The Latin word "spira" means first, air and then spirit: 
"The breath of God" is in fact first, good fresh air! It has 
been said that breathing is life, and it is true that you 
develop vitality, health, thru physical and breathing exer- 
cises. It is also true that you can remove "O" (obstruc- 
tion) by higher air-pressure and counter-pressure in this 
way. It is true that you remove and eliminate obstructions 
of foreign matter by local and constitutional vibrations, 
consisting of all kinds of physical treatments. It is true 
that you eliminate disease matters and obstructions, and 
therefore relieve every kind of disease thru an artificial 
speeding of the circulation, giving more "air-gas" and 
vibrating the tissues. You increase "P" (power) artificially 
for 3 certain time, but you decrease the vital ability of the 
function of counter-pressure, weakening the rubberlike 
elasticity of the tissues. In other words, you increase "P" 
but not "V"— to the contrary— this is done, and can be 
done only at the expense of "V". You know from experi- 
ence what happens to a rubber band continually kept 
stretched or over-expanded. It loses its elasticity. 

You relieve diseases, but you slowly lower vitality, par- 
ticularly of the especially elastic and spongy important 
organs of lung, liver, kidney, etc. You relieve but do not 
heal diseases perfectly; you lower vitality, just so long as 
you loosen, remove and eliminate obstructions, exclusively 
thru political means (agents) and just so long as you do 
not stop the supply, the taking in of waste, of obstruction, 


—by wrong mucus-forming, that is— disease-building un- 
natural foods, you lower vitality. 

Would anyone attempt to clean an engine thru a con- 
tinually higher speed and shaking. No! You would first 
flush with a dissolving liquid and then change your fuel 
supply, should it be a steam engine, and obstructions thru 
waste being caused through the coal burning only partly. 

This involves the problem of dietetics, which culminates 
in the solution of these questions over its history : Which 
ARE THE BEST FOODS? Meaning, which foods give most 
energy, endurance, health and increased vitality, or which 
foods are the basic cause of diseased conditions and grow- 
ing old? What is the essence of life, of vitality, breathing 
exercise, activity— a perfect mind or right food? 

My formula, the equation shown in the heading, gives 
the enlightening answer and solves the problem in its 
entire mystery. Decrease "O" first by decreasing quantities 
of food of all kinds, or even eliminate food entirely (fast- 
ing), if conditions tell you; second, stop, or at least de- 
crease by all means, obstruction-causing mucus-forming 
foods, and increase dissolving, eliminating, obstruction- 
removing foods and you then increase "P," meaning a 
more unobstructed function of "P" of air-pressure, of the 
infinite, inexhaustible power source. In other words, the 
problem of vitality and animal life functioning at all, con- 
sists in unobstructed, perfect circulation by air-pressure, 
and in a vital elasticity of the tissues thru proper food as 


the necessary counter-pressure for the function of life. 

"P" is infinite, unlimited, and practically the same every- 
where and on everybody continually the same, but its 
activity slows down in the tempo (speed) as you accumu- 
late obstructions, as you overeat and eat wrongly, lowering 
the automatic counter-pressure of the tissues. 

You may now see that vitality does not depend imme- 
diately, directly and primarily from food or from a right 
diet. If you eat too much of the best foods, especially in a 
body full of wastes and poisons, it is impossible for them 
to enter into your blood stream in a clean state and become 
"efficiency-giving" vital substances. They are mixed with 
and poisoned by mucus and auto-toxemias and actually 
lower vitality— they increase "O" instead of "P." You 
now see and you may realize very deeply that it is worth- 
less to figure food values with the intention of increasing 
"P" or "V" * long as the body is full of "O." 

This problem is solved by my system, consisting of 
periodical minor fastings, alternating with cleansing, not 
nourishing, mucus-less and mucus-poor menus. Not as 
wrongly done with the idea that "V" is directly increased 
in a sick person thru feeding clean food. Remove "O" 
thru intelligent, personally prescribed menus. "P" increases 
automatically after a fast thru its unobstructed function. 
You can now realize how wrong and insufficient it is for 
people to think that all there is to the "Mucus-less Diet" 
is knowing the right foods! 


Here, then, is the cause why so many "fasting," "fruit- 
diet," etc., "cures" fail. The inexperienced layman 


he removes "O" too rapidly, too much at once and feels 
"fine" for awhile, the dissolving process goes deeper— "O" 
increases— he feels terribly weak, falls back on wrong diet, 
and thru this wrong diet stops the elimination of more 
obstructions, feels well again, blames the good food for 
his weakness and sees the wrong food as the food of 
vital efficiency. He loses his faith and tells you in all 
sincerity, "I have tried it, but it is wrong." He blames the 
system, entirely ignorant regarding it, when he alone is 
to blame. Here is the stumbling block even of other diet 
experts and Naturopaths experimenting in dietetics. 
Lesson 7 will divulge this secret. 

Some have had more experiences, but very few think 
as I do that Vitality, Energy and Strength is not derived 
from food at all! They believe it is acquired thru sleep, 
etc. What I have learned and what I know thru years of 
experimenting, fasting and diet, and what I have actually 
demonstrated can be found in my book, "Rational Fast- 
ing," but briefly stated, it is this: 

First— Vitality does not depend primarily and directly 
upon food, but rather from the facts of how far and how 
much the function of the human engine is obstructed— 
"clogged up" by the obstructions of mucus and toxemias. 


Second— Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" 
thru artificial stimulants, shaking and vibrating tissues 
thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of 
"V," Vitality. 

Third— Vital energy, physical and mental efficiency, 
endurance, superior health by "P," air and water alone, is 
tremendous, beyond imagination, as soon as "P" works 
and can work without "O"— without obstruction and 
friction in a perfectly clean body. 

Fourth— The limit of going without food and before 
solid food becomes necessary under such ideal conditions, 
is yet unknown. 

Fifth— The composition of "P," besides air, oxygen and 
a certain quantity of water-steam, increases— but only in a 
clean body—thru the following other agents from the 

Electricity; Ozone; Light (especially sunlight); 

Odor (good smells of fruit and flowers). 

Further, it is not impossible that under such clean, 
natural conditions, nitrogen of the air may be assimilated. 

In the following lesson I teach you a new but true physi- 
ology of the body, which is necessary to know in order 
to understand why and how the Mucusless Diet Heal- 
ing System functions in its complete perfection, and for 
this purpose it was first necessary to lift the veil from the 


[ 60] 

The New Physiology 

Lesson VI. 

As you now know what Vitality is and how simply 
animal life functions automatically by air pressure and 
air counter-pressure (on fish, etc, it acts exactly the same, 
only by water instead of air), you may realize that medical 
physiology, the science of animal functions is fundamen- 
tally wrong, based on the following errors, which must 
be corrected by a New Physiology: 

1. The Theory of Blood Circulation. 

2. Metabolism or change of matter. 

3. High Protein Foods. 

4. Blood Composition. 

5. Blood Building, 

The Error of Blood Circulation 
Medical physiology, pathological physiology, continues 
to find diseases, the cause of disease, with the microscope. 
The germ theory is now "fashionable". Scientists will 
never find the truth and never understand what disease is 
as long as they have a fundamentally wrong conception 
of blood circulation. 

As I have already explained, the fact has been over- 
looked that the lungs are motoric organs of circulation, 
and the circulating blood drives the heart—the same as the 


regulating valve in an engine. That the blood stream 
drives* the heart and not the opposite, can be seen thru the 
two following facts: 

1. As soon as you increase air-pressure by increased 
breathing you speed the circulation and therefore the 
number of heart beats. 

2. As soon as you take into the circulation a stimulating 
poison (alcohol for example) you increase the speed of 
the heart. As soon as you take a nerve and "muscle-band" 
paralyzing poison (for example, digitalis) you decrease 
the speed of the heart. The medical profession has this 
exact knowledge, but in spite of their knowledge the 
wrong conclusion that a mysterious power acts on the 
heart muscle driving the blood circulation is arrived at. 

Prominent engineers among my patients agreed with 
my concept after learning this new physiology, saying that 
the heart would make a model valve for any kind of an 

How can it be logically proven that the heart controls 
the circulation if thru the circulating bipod you can control 
the heart? 

Increased air-pressure thru exercise, climbing a hill or 
running, increases heart action; for the speed of the valve, 
as in an engine, depends upon the pressure. 

Thirty years ago a Swiss expert of physiology, although 
a layman, demonstrated, evidently with animal experi- 
ments, that a circulation as taught by physiology and as 


originated by Prof. Wm. Harvey in London 400 years 
ago, does not exist at all. Of course no attention was 
given by medicine to his demonstrations. How can a 
"science" be erroneous? 


Metabolism, or the "science of change of matter/' is 
the most absurd and the most dangerous doctrine-teaching 
ever imposed on mankind. It is the father of the wrong 
cell theory and of that most erroneous albumen theory, 
which latter theory will kill and stamp out the entire: 
civilized Western world if its following is not stopped. It 
will kill you, too, some day, if you fail to accept the truth 
that a continual albumen replacement is unnecessary, and 
that you cannot gain vitality, efficiency and health by pro- 
tein as long as your human "engine" must work against 
obstructions, which are; in fact, the cause of death of all 
mankind of the Western civilization. 

The erroneous idea that the Cells of the body are con- 
tinually used up by the process of life in their essential 
substance of protein and must be continually replaced by 
high protein foods, can be and are evidently refuted by 
my investigations, experiments and observations on some 
hundreds of fasters. The facts are as follows, and you will 
again see that it is just as I teach and as I hav,e experienced. 
What Medicine calls and sees as Metabolism is the elimi- 
nation of waste by the body as soon as the stomach is 
empty. Medicine actually believes that you live from your 


own flesh substance as soon as you are fasting. Even Dr. 
Kellogg believes that the vegetarian becomes a meat-eater 
when he fasts, and Naturopathy has taken over more or 
less in principle these medical errors. One believes that 
the human engine cannot run a minute without solid food, 
protein and fat, and makes the erroneous conclusion that 
man dies and must die from, starvation as soon as all his 
fat and protein is used up during a fast. I found and have 
this to state : 

Lean people can fast easier and longer than fat ones. 
The Hindu fakir, consisting of skin and bones, the leanest 
type in existence, can fast the longest time, and without 
suffering. Where is there any "using up of the body" in 
this instance? I further found that the cleaner the body 
from waste (mucus), the easier and longer one can fast. 
Therefore, a fast has to be prepared by an eliminating and 
laxative diet. My world record of watched fasting of 49 
days could be done under the conditions imposed only 
after using a strict mucusless diet during a long period of 
time. In other words, I could stand this long fast, and 
you can stand a fast much easier and much longer the 
more the body is free from fat— which is partly decom- 
posed, watery flesh— the more the body is free from mucus 
and poisons, which are eliminated as soon as eating is 
stopped, entirely or partly. The human body does not 
expel, burn up or use up a single cell that is in vital con- 
dition! The cleaner, the more free from obstructions, from 


waste, the body is, the easier and the longer you can fast 
with water and air alone! The limit where real starvation 
sets in is yet unknown! The Catholic church claims tests 
of holy people who fasted during decades. But the medical 
error even grows by teaching Metabolism, claiming that 
you must replace cells (which are not used up as you can 
plainly see), with high protein food from a cadaver, 
partly decomposed meat, and which has gone thru a most 
destructive heat process of cooking! That fact is that you 
accumulate more or less of the wastes in your system in 
the shape of mucus and its poisons as the slowly growing 
foundation of your disease and the ultimate cause of your 
death. Human imagination is evidently hot sufficient to 
conceive the tremendous foolishness of this doctrine and 
its consequences, unmindful that its teachings are actually 
said to kill the individual and to finally kill all mankind! 

Medicine— and the average man, of course— also be- 
lieves that you are growing flesh and increasing health if 
you daily increase your weight by "good eating." If the 
colon of a so-called "healthy" fat man is cleaned of his 
accumulated feces, even though he has "regular" stools, 
he at once loses from 5 to 10 pounds of the weight called 

Weight of feces, figured by doctors as health! Can you 
imagine anything more erroneous, more wrong, more fool- 
ish, and at the same time, more dangerous to your health 
and life? That is Medical "Science" of Metabolism. 


The New Physiology (Continued) 

Lesson VII. 

High Protein Foods 

When the movement for Naturopathy and a meatless 
diet began in the last century, the men of Medical Science 
were endeavoring to prove by mathematical figures that 
physical and mental efficiency have to be kept up thru 
daily replacement of protein with a certain quantity for 
the average man. In other words, it became the vogue— it 
became a mania, to suggest and to do exactly the opposite 
of Nature's laws whenever a person felt weak, tired rap- 
idly, became exhausted or sick in any way. 

You now know thru Lesson 5 the source of Vitality 
and Efficiency, and you now know that without food at 
all, especially protein, the strength of a sick body can be 

High protein foods act as stimulation for a certain time, 
because they decompose at once in the human body into 
poison. It is a commonly known fact that any kind of 
animal substances becomes very poisonous as soon as they 
enter an oxidation with air, especially at a higher tempera- 
ture as exists in the human body. 

The learned have gone so far as to prove that man 
belongs biologically in the class of meat-eating animals, 
while the descendant theory proves that he belongs to the 


ape family, who are exclusively fruit-eaters. You can see 
how ridiculous— contradictory— so-called "science" is* 

The fundamental fact and truth of why the grown-up 
man does not need so much protein as the old physiology 
claims, is shown in the combination of mother's milk, 
which does not contain over 2£ to 3% protein, and 
Nature builds up with that the foundation of a new body* 

But the error goes further than that in their endeavor 
to replace something that is not destroyed, not used up, 
not "consumed" at all— as you learned in the previous 
lesson about the medical error of Metabolism. The old 
physiology has a principally wrong conception of change 
of matter, because these "experts," the founders of such a 
type of science lacked knowledge of chemistry at all, and 
organic chemistry especially. Life is based on change of 
matter in die meaning of physiological chemical transfor- 
mation, but never on the absurd idea that you must eat 
protein to build protein, to grow protein of muscles and 
tissue. Most certainly not; for instance, is it necessary 
that a cow must drink milk to produce milk! A prominent 
expert of physiological chemistry, Dr. von Bunge, Pro- 
fessor of Physiological Chemistry at the University of 
Basel, Switzerland, whose books are not endorsing the 
average standard of medical teachings, says that life, vital* 
ity, is based on transformation of substances (foods) thru 
which power, heat, electricity becomes free and acts as 
efficiency in the animal body. 


You will learn in the lesson about blood-building that 
a certain change of matter takes place in the .human body, 
and how protein is produced through transformation from 
other food substances. This change of matter takes place 
not by a replacement of old cells by new ones, but the 
mineral substances are the building stones of animal and 
vegetable life, and the replacement is of much smaller 
quantities than as now taught. 

The reason a "one-sided" meat-eater can live a relatively 
longer, certain time than the vegetarian "starch-eater" is 
easy to understand after having learned Lesson 5. The 
first one produces less solid obstructions by smaller quan- 
tities of meat-foods than the starch "over-eater" but his 
later diseases are more dangerous because he accumulates 
more poisons, pus and uric acid. 

If you know the truth about human nourishment— and 
you are going to learn it later— you will be amused to note 
how the physiologists grope in darkness— how they made 
up a standard quantity of necessary albumen for the aver- 
age man, which standard, by the way, is slowly getting 
smaller. They, and even advanced "diet experts," estimate 
without knowing the great unknown, i. e., the waste in the 
human body. For thousands of previous years man has 
lived healthier without food value formulas and I doubt 
very much if a single one of these physiologists ever gave 
his "chef" a suggestion of food values. 


The entire proposition is a farce, masquerading as a 
so-called science. A few, like Professor Chittenden, found 
thru experimenting that energy and endurance increased 
with l ess food— especially less protein. Professor Hindede 
proved that albumen need hardly be considered, and 
Fletcher outdid them all. He lived on one sandwich a day 
curing his so-called "incurable" disease and developed a 
tremendous endurance. 

After I had overcome all fear as to the fatal conse- 
quences that would befall me if I failed to adhere strictly 
to "scientific protein" necessities, I found, experienced and 
demonstrated the hitherto unknown and unbelievable fact 
that in the clean, mucus-free and poison-free body these 
foods, poorest in protein— fruits— develop the highest 
energy and an unbelievable endurance. 

If nitrogen, the essential part of protein, is an important 
factor to keep the human machine running, if vitality 
depends at all from nitrogen, then it seems to me that 
under these ideal conditions nitrogen is assimiliated from 
the air. 

Food from the Infinite! "P" (power) as a source of 
nourishment! What tremendous possibilities! I suggest 
that you read Lesson 5 over again, and you will realize 
these two facts: 

1. The truth about human nourishment is still a "book 
with seven seals" to all mankind, all so-called diet experts 
and scientific experts included. 


2. The error of high protein foods as a necessity of 
health, taught and suggested by medical doctrines to man- 
kind is in its consequences and in its effect just the opposite 
of what it should be, it is one of the main and general 
causes of all disease; it is the most tragical phenomena of 
western degeneration. It produced at the same time the 
most dangerous, most destructive habit of gluttony; it 
produced the greatest madness ever imposed on mankind, 
that is, to endeavor to heal a disease by eating more, and 
especially more high protein foods. It is beyond possibility 
to express in words what the error of high protein foods 
means. Let me remind you that Medicine claims as the 
father of Medicine that great dietitian Hippocrates, who 
said: "The more you feed a sick person the more you 
harm him"; also: "Your food shall be your remedies and 
your remedies your food." 

When we allow the body to become clogged with 
mucus, and other foreign obstructions such as calcium, 
phosphates and similar waste materials, we may expect 
to have high blood pressure overburdening the heart in 
its efforts to keep the. blood stream circulating properly. 


The New Physiology (Continued) 

Lesson VIII. 

Blood Composition 

The logical consequence of the first three errors of the 
Old Physiology is the problem of composition of human 
blood, not only as it should be but as a fact of "scientific 
examination," the error is so great that it borders on 

The problem is this: Are the white corpuscles living 
cells of vital importance to protect and maintain life, to 
destroy germs of disease, and to immunize the body 
against fever, infection, etc., as the standard doctrines of 
physiology and pathology teach? 


Or are they just the opposite— waste, decayed, undi- 
gested, unusable food substances, mucus or pathogen, as 
Dr. Thos. Powell calls them? Indigestible by the human 
body, unnatural and therefore not assimilated at all? Are 
they, in fact, the waste from high protein and starchy 
foods which the average mixed eater of western civilization 
stuffs in his stomach three times a day? mat I call 
"mucus" as the foundational cause of all disease? 

Pathology proves that itself, stating that the white cor- 
puscles are increased during disease, and physiology 


says they increase during digestion in the healthy body, 
and that they are derived from high protein foods. 

This teaching is absolutely correct, and the logical con- 
sequence of the error of high protein foods. 

Medical "science" sees and must see it as normal condi- 
tions of health, and that the non-sick must have these 
white blood corpuscles in his circulation because every- 
body has them. There is no man in existence in the western 
civilization whose body has not been continually stuffed 
since childhood with cow milk, meat and eggs, potatoes 
and cereal products. No man today without mucus! 

In my first published article I promulgated the gigantic 
idea that the white race is an unnatural, a sick, a patho- 
logical one. First, the colored skin pigment is lacking, 
due to a lack of coloring mineral salts; second, the blood 
is continually over-filled by white blood corpuscles, mucus, 
waste with white color; therefore the white appearance of 
the entire body. 

The skin pores of the white man are constipated by 
white, dry mucus; his entire tissue system is filled up and 
filled out with it. No wonder that he looks white and pale 
and anaemic. Everybody knows that an extreme case of 
paleness is a "bad sign." When I appeared with my friend 
in a public air-bath, after having lived for several months 
on a mucusless diet with sun baths, we looked like Indians, 
and people believed that we belonged to another race. 
This condition was doubtless due to the great amount of 


red blood corpuscles and the great lack of white bloody 
corpuscles. I can notice a trace of pale in my complexion 
the morning after eating one piece of bread* 

This is not the place to bring up all the arguments 
against this terrible error about the nature and "function" 
of the white blood corpuscles believed erroneously by 
medical "science*" Anyone desiring a real scientific proof 
regarding this may read Dr. Thos. Powell "Fundamen- 
tals and Requirements of Health and Disease/* published 
1909, a few years after my "mucus theory" was published 
in Europe, and later translated into English in 1913 as 
"Rational Fasting and Regeneration Diet," neither of us 
knowing anything regarding each other's publication. Dr. 
Powell teaches in principle the same as I so far as the 
causes of all diseases, die white corpuscles and all these 
medical errors are concerned. The only difference being 
that he calls "Pathogen" what I call "Mucus." 

In the method of elimination and diet, however, I differ 
principally and entirely from him; but even in the compo- 
sition of the red blood corpuscles, the blood plasma at all, 
the blood serum and the so-called hemoglobin, medical 
"science" lacks perfection. 

The two most important facts for us to know are these : 

First— The much greater importance and vital necessity 
of iron in the human blood. 

Second— The presence of sugar-stuff in the blood. That 
great expert of physiological chemistry and mineral salts 

theory founder, Hensel, says in his book "Life" : "Iron is 
chemically veiled in our blood." Doctors could not find 
it through their lack of knowledge in chemistry. On page 
36 of the same book he says: "In our blood albumen is a 
combination of sugar-stuff and iron oxide, but not to be 
found or recognized (discovered) in such a way that 
neither the sugar nor the iron can be found by ordinary 
chemical tests. The blood albumen must be burned first 
to make the test perfect." 

I presume that the truth and importance is this: The 
red color of blood is the most characteristic quality of 
this "quite special sap" and is due to iron-oxide, rust! 
Therefore, it is self-evident how important iron is in 
the blood. Further, the sugar-stuff is of high importance 
besides its nourishing quality, as it is an essential part in 
the perfect blood hemoglobin, which if in a perfect state 
has to become thick, like gelatine, as soon as it comes in 
contact with the atmospheric air for the purpose of closing 
a wound. Read in my book "Rational Fasting" my test 
of a non-bleeding, immediate healing wound without 
secretion of piis and mucus, without pain and inflam- 

One truth regarding the conditions of the human blood 
found out by doctors is that acidity is a sign of disease. 
It is no small wonder that this readily happens with the 
mixed eater, when he fills the stomach daily with meat, 
starch, sweets, fruits, etc., all at the same time. 


Make a personal test if you are not fully convinced. 
Eat a regular dinner, and one hour after eating get it out 
of your stomach, and you will have a sour fermenting 
mixture of a terrible odor, reminding you of the garbage 
pail, and which when fed to hogs causes even these 
animals to slowly become sick. 

Or if you do not care to be so heroic try the following 
experiment: Next time you sit down to your Sunday 
dinner have the menu served for an imaginary guest. 
Empty his portion in a cooking vessel, using the same 
quantities as you are eating and drinking yourself. Stir 
thoroughly. Then cook on an oven at blood heat for not 
less than 30 minutes. Place cover on vessel and leave over- 
night. When you remove cover in the morning a distinct 
surprise will await you. 

[75] . 

The New Physiology (Continued) 

Lesson IX. 

Blood Building 

The problem of blood building in the human body 
involves all problems of health and disease. In other words 
your health and disease depend almost entirely on your 
diet; whether you eat right or wrong foods, which foods 
harm you, thereby building, producing disease, and which 
foods heal and keep your body in ideal condition, which 
ones build natural, good blood— and which ones build 
wrong, bad, acid, diseased blood. These questions and 
their correct answers are the fundamentals of dietetics and 
of my "Mucusless Diet Healing System." In this lesson 
I teach only the principal truth in general. All particulars 
and details are covered in the entire course. 

In fact, my diet of healing in its main and essential 
part, consists of building a new perfect blood with con- 
tinual "supply" from natural foods with vital elements 
thru which the blood stream is enabled to dissolve and 
eliminate all waste, all mucus, all poisons and all drugs 
ever taken during a lifetime, wherever and for as long a 
time as they may have been "stored up" as latent disease 
in the body. 

What the "official" physiology of nourishment teaches 
for best blood building is doubly wrong. First, principally 


as a problem of physiological chemistry. Second, from the 
truth of Nature. 

Here again I must quote that great authority of physio- 
logical chemistry, Prof, von Bunge, who personally told 
me that he does not endorse official, medical teaching. 
Says von Bunge: "Life is based on transformation of sub- 
stances, thru which process power, efficiency, becomes free, 
just as it takes place in every chemical process of transfor- 
mation from one chemical entity of atoms and molecules 
into another one." 

The authors that started physiological science lacked, 
principally, knowledge in chemistry due to a more human- 
istic education rather than in science of Nature. On the 
other hand, inorganic chemistry was not sufficiently devel- 
oped at this time. 

The misleading idea was again protein. They reasoned 
as follows: Muscles, tissues, the entire body's essential 
substance is protein; therefore this substance must be intro- 
duced into the blood in order to build, to grow. In other 
words, you must eat muscles to build muscles, you must 
eat protein to build protein, you must eat fat to build fat, 
and in the case of a nursing mother, she must drink milk 
to make milk! 

As they believed and still believe in Metabolism, and 
the necessity of replacing every day the used-up cells, these 
principles are followed in the diet of the average mixed 


To take inorganic iron, lime, etc., in an endeavor to 
replace the same substance in the human body is a similar 

The cow builds flesh, tissues, bones, hair, milk, efficiency, 
heat, all from grass exclusively. Feeding milk to a cow to 
increase milk production would be classed as the height 
of folly, and yet man does this very thing with himself! 

Today, every substance of the human body is chemi- 
cally analyzed and doctors dream of perfecting chemically 
concentrated food substances in the future, making it 
possible for you to carry your meals in your vest pocket 
in sufficient quantities to last a couple of days. That will 
never happen, for the human body does not assimilate a 
single atom of any food substance that is not derived 
from the vegetable or fruit kingdom. 

All manufactured food mixtures, when too concen- 
trated—either of the animal or vegetable kingdom— do 
not build blood but stimulate only. 

Animal foods cannot build good blood; in fact, do not 
build human blood at all, because of the biological fact 
that man is by nature a fruit eater. Look at the juice of a 
ripe blackberry, black cherry or black grape. Doesn't it 
almost resemble your blood? Can any reasonable man 
prove that half decayed "muscle tissues" build better 

Just as soon as the animal is killed the flesh is more or 
less in decomposition. Then they are put thru the destruc- 


tive process of cooking. No meat-eating animal can remain 
healthy on cooked meat; they must eat it fresh and raw- 
blood, hones and all. 

More cQmplete details about the right and natural foods 
will be taught later, and you will learn the truth. I will 
only mention at this time one important fact which is 
essential in my dietetical teaching, and by which I differ 
from all others, even from other dietetical experts who still 
believe in concentrated albumen, concentrated mineral 
salts, etc., being required for good blood building. 

Albumen is not the most important substance for our 
blood, nor is it mineral salts alone which build perfect 
blood. The cardinal standard substance for man's blood 
is the highest developed form of carbon hydrate, chemi* 
cally called sugar- stuff, grape or fruit sugar as contained 
more or less in all ripe fruits, and in the next lower state 
in vegetables. The newer advanced science teaches that 
even the small amount of protein that is necessary is devel- 
oped from grape sugar in the animal and human body. 
All cereal and vegetable eating animals transform these 
foods, first into grape sugar, and then as a matter of fact 
the body in its entirety. 

But the essential point of disagreement regarding this 
particular problem is not in the food, blood-building prob- 
lem. Whoever does not know disease— latent, acute and 
chronic, as taught in Lesson 5, will never believe in the 
truth of human nourishment. 


As you now know thru past lessons, just as soon as 
the blood is improved thru fruits, the average man starts 
at once the elimination of obstructions— feels better for 
awhile, but when more and more waste is dissolved and 
with the resultant next shock of obstruction in the circu- 
lation, all faith is lost, and he, the doctor and all others 
blame the lack of "efficiency" food. He thinks, and every- 
one suggests, that he needs "regular food," which when 
eaten stimulates him for awhile and causes him to believe 
that it must be the meat and eggs that build good blood. 

In other words, the problem of blood building thru the 
right and proper food, the dietetical problem in its entirety 
will not be solved and the truth will not be accepted nor 
believed and practiced by those who have not learned what 
happens, and just what it means to heal by the new and 
real blood building foods. 

This is the deeper cause why doctors believe in and 
recommend destructive foods, and why the average man 
keeps them up and increases them continually, for he does 
not possess the slightest idea of what disease is, and how 
he daily pollutes his blood. 


Critique of All Other Healing Systems 
and Unbiased, Unprejudiced Reviews 

Lesson X. 

The methods of healing are numberless. Outside of a 
great domination of superstition in this field, the serious 
methods can be divided into two principally different 

1. Medicine; 2. Drugless Healing* 

The history of medicine shows that, especially in the 
past, drugs and other mysterious "inventions" were taken 
from "quacks." A great number of "medicines," "stand- 
ard remedies," (for example, mercury) were first intro- 
duced by "quacks*" The modern serums, etc., are no better 
regardless of their being "scientifically" prepared. 

As we now know exactly what disease is, we may under- 
stand a fact medicine cannot explain, and that is WHY 
symptoms of disease can be suppressed by drugs and 
serums to a certain limit. The "results" are known only 
thru experiences, but medicine does not know why these 
results— "special effects"— happen. 

This is the secret: If the body of any sick man endeavors 
to eliminate poisons manifested by any kind of symptoms 
and a new and dangerous poison is introduced into the 
circulation, the elimination thru the symptoms is more or 


less stopped because the body instinctively sets to work 
to neutralize these poisons as far as it is possible. The 
symptoms return just as soon as the life is saved, and the 
same procedure is repeated until the patient dies or— if 
intelligent enough— casts medicine aside in time and seeks 
to save himself by 

Drugless Healing 

The methods of Drugless Healing are also very numer- 
ous, and they can be divided into three parts: 

1. Physical Treatments. 

2. Mental Treatments. 

3. Dietetical Treatments. 

Physical Treatments 

In general, all physical treatments have a tendency 
to loosen local constitutional encumbrances thru various 
kinds of vibrations and thermal differences. The Kneipp 
cure, for instance, is in fact an application of artificial 
colds which stimulates the circulation and thru that, the 

Exercise (calisthenics), breathing exercises, massage, 
osteopathy, mechano- therapy, etc., perform in principle, 
the same. Chiropractic, however, claims a special "scheme." 
The subluxation is removed, but Chiropractics, similarly to 
Drugs, may give immediate successful relief from painful 
symptoms, but as a matter of fact they return sooner or 
later if the adjustments are discontinued, and wrong 


method of living is persisted in. The cause of subluxation 
is an accumulation of foreign matters between the bones 
of the spine, and we know that they have their source 
thru wrong eating, the same as all other symptoms of 
disease. No doubt the over-weight of the average man, in 
general, k another cause of subluxation. Under longer fast- 
ings I saw many deformed spines improve wonderfully. 

There are various other methods used to shake the 
tissues and stimulate the circulation, i. e., electricity, elec- 
tric light, sunlight, etc. All of these methods help and 
relieve, more or less, but they can never heal perfectly just 
as long as they fail to pay sufficient attention to a correct 
diet; in other words, the elimination of disease or foreign 
matters will never be complete as long as the intake thru 
wrong foods is not discontinued, and an entirely new 
blood-building is established thru real, natural and clean, 
mucusless foods. 

Mental Treatments 

It cannot be denied that the condition of die mind has 
an influence on every kind of disease. It is proven that 
fear, sorrows and worries have a bad influence, not only 
on the heart and nerves, but on the circulation, digestion, 
etc. Psychotherapy, Mental and Divine Healing, Chris- 
tian Science, have this one great advantage— they save the 
unfortunate sick from the injuries of drugs! On the other 
hand, I cannot grant them too much credit, for while 


they arc harmless in a certain sense, they have a tendency, 
consciously or unconsciously, to keep people in complete 
darkness as to what disease really is. 

We who know exactly what disease is, cannot agree with 
a teaching that endeavors to make sick people believe they 
can be healed by a miracle, or a forced imagination— that 
they are not sick at all— even though they are actually 
dying that very minute! It is farcical, not to say pitiful, to 
pray to the Creator for a miraculous healing, rejecting and 
disregarding real divine foods— the fruits of the paradise 
—the "bread of heaven," and instead stuff your stomach 
three times daily with harmful prepared foods, manufac- 
tured by man for commercial purposes, and never destined 
by the Creator to be man's food at all. 

It is rather difficult to believe in Mental Healing at all, 
after knowing as I do thru actual experiences with thou- 
sands of patients, that the average chronic sick, especially 
the well fed one, is in fact a "living cesspool." Nature is 
the manifestation of the divine laws, and there are no 
miracles in Nature. If you have eaten wrong for 30, 40, 
50 years, thereby producing your disease, you must do 
the necessary compensation as reparation for your sins, 
you must do the opposite by eating clean, natural, divine 
food, which will produce health instead of disease. That 
is as clear as sunlight, and as logical as 2 x 2 = 4. 

The philosophy of Mrs. Eddy is a poor copy of Scho- 
penhauer's "World of Imagination"— that the mind only 


is real, and not the physical. Her logic would be correct 
if she had said: u h was never the intention, nor in the 
plan of God to produce disease, but as a logical conse* 
quence, thru disobedience of the divine laws of life, disease 
is produced" There could be no disease if men would live 
right, in accordance with the divine story of the Genesis 
arguments. In the light of evolution we may understand 
the true meaning of the Lord, even when He says He "will 
punish and kill them till they come back to Him," In 
plain instead of mysterious words, you and all mankind 
will suffer and die from disease as long as you fail to 
return again to th^Saws of the Creator, to the laws of 
Nature, as man li^l in^^dise. 

Practitioners of the Wraicusless-Diet Healing System" 
should avail then^j^^^iij^iowledge already gained 

and live on mucusless foods, the divine clean food of the 
Genesis, fruits and green-leaf vegetables (called herbs), so 
that they may demonstrate the truth as living examples. 

This will aid the patient to learn and believe the truth 
as exemplified by yourself, and free his mind from all 
wrong and superstitious ideas about disease, as well as 
from all doubts about the one and only way of real help, 
the compensation of his disease-producing habits. 

You must heal, that is, free the patient's brain from ail 
ignorance, and lift his mind with the light of truth so that 
he may have unshaken faith to follow your advice with en- 
thusiasm! That is the true essential for "mental healing." 


Confusion in Dietetics 

Lesson XI. 

In this very important lesson it is necessary for me to 
convince you, once and for all, of the following facts: 

First— That in food (in diet) lies 99.99% of the causes 
of all diseases and imperfect health of any kind. 

Second— That consequently, all healing, all therapeu- 
tics will continue to fail as long as they refuse to place 
the most important stress on diet. 

Third— That what I call "mucusless diet" and "mucus 
forming foods" divides characteristically all human foods 
into harmless, natural, healing and real nourishing foods, 
and into harmful, disease-producing ones. 

Fourth— That all other dietetics are mainly wrong 
because they lay their stress on food values entirely, 
whether "wrong" or not, instead of the healing, cleaning, 
eliminating values and their efficiency before the healing 
process is started, going on, or accomplished at all. (See 
Lesson 5.) 

The dietetical problem, "What shall man eat to be 
healthy or to heal his disease," is in fact the problem of 
life, as little as it is considered or even known as the most 
important question. Long ago I coined the following 
phrase, "Life is a tragedy of nutrition." The confusion 
and ignorance regarding what to eat is in fact so great 


that it must necessarily be called the "missing link" of 
the human mind. 

That medical science and even so-called "natural" thera- 
peutics, see dietetics in general as a secondary question 
of healing, is significant. Even the efficiency of a machine 
depends upon the quality and amount of its fuel. There 
is no longer any doubt existing regarding the fact that a 
plant depends more on the kind of soil rather than climate 
to produce a high quality of fruit. Farmers understand 
thoroughly that everything depends on what they feed 
their live stock. Health and disease of the animal and 
human body is 99.99% dependent on food. This is tre- 
mendously manifested by Nature thru the simple fact that 
every animal refuses fobd when sick. The animal instinct 
of responding to every disease or even accident by fasting 
is Nature's demonstration that health and disease depend 
mainly and entirely from eating or not eating, as well as 
the kind of foods. 

That the average man, and even the reformed doctors, 
blame everything on earth, excepting food, as the cause 
of their disease is due to the tragical fact that disease is as 
yet a mystery in their minds. They don't know (and 
speaking for the doctors, they don't want to learn ) , how 
terribly unclean the inside of the body is, caused thru the 
life-long habit of over-eating ten times as much as required 
—in many cases harmful foods mostly, or even exclu- 


If the average eater, even in so-called "perfect health," 
fasts 3 or 4 days his breath and the entire body as well as 
his discharges are of an offensive odor which signifies, 
demonstrates and indicates that his system is filled up with 
decayed, uneliminated substances brought in thru no other 
manner than by eating. This accumulated and continually 
increasing waste is his latent, unknown "disease," and 
when Nature wants to eliminate by any kind of a "shock," 
commonly known as disease, he first tries everything to 
"heal" himself, excepting to fast, to stop increasing the 
cause of the disease, the inside waste. 

You have now learned how wrong medical practice is, 
trying to stop Nature's healing, eliminating process, called 
disease, and thereby increasing the inside waste thru drugs 
and serums. But "natural" therapeutics of all kinds of 
elimination will never heal perfectly just so long as you 
fail to discontinue the supply of inside waste caused by 
eating and "wrong" eating. You may clean, and continue 
to clean indefinitely, but never with complete results up 
to a perfect cleanliness, as long as the intake of wrong 
or even too much right foods, is not stopped. 

If it is a fact that food alone is chiefly to blame for all 
disease— as Nature so clearly demonstrates— then it is 
logical and self-evident that you can heal only by diet; 
and radically only, if necessary, with the most rational diet; 
fasting-Nature's only "remedy" in the animal kingdom. 


Therefore, if any kind of diet shall heal it must consist 
of food, not according to food values as to their nourishing 
and rebuilding qualities, but according to qualities of 
healing, of cleansing and of elimination. 

Here is the cardinal reason why, as well as where, all 
other dietetics fail My diet of healing, the "Mucusless 
Diet," divides, as stated afcove, all foods strtcdy into two 
kinds; certain ones which heal and certain ones which 
produce disease* 

It is not sufficient, as the layman imagines, to know 
which foods are mucusless and which are mucus- forming, 


2. How the Combination of Different Foods 
has to be Arranged. 

3. How Long and how Often Fasting Must be 
Introduced and Combined During the Heal* 
ing Diet if Found Necessary. 

This is and represents the "SYSTEM" of the Mucus- 
less Diet and Fasting as well as what the Practitioner has 
to study and must learn, and what the layman does not 
know and consequently why he must inevitably fait when 
trying to cure himself with "good foods.** 

[89] ' 

After the foregoing explanation you will at once see in 
the following critique of the best known dietetics, why 
they are imperfect, and why the confusion is so great. In 
later lessons you will also learn of every kind of food, 
why it is good, and why bad. In case you are still unaware 
of the foods which are mucusless, and which mucus-form- 
ing, they are as follows: 

All fruits, raw or cooked; also nuts and green-leaf 
vegetables are mucus-free. 

All other foods of civilization, without exception, are 
mucus and acid-forming, and therefore are harmful. 


Confusion in Dietetics (Continued) 

Lesson XII. 

The average vegetarian diet omits only meat from the 
menu, and their* mixture of larger quantities of fruits 
(good foods) with eggs and milk cause over-eating— in 
most cases being worse than moderate meat-eating, and a 
"less mixed" diet. 

Three prominenjt physicians improved the vegetarian 
diet, but they fail like all other dietitians on the following 
single point. They believe, more or less, in high protein 
foods during the diet of healing. In other words, all dieti- 
tians without a single exception, outside of myself, think 
that the body, and especially the sick and weak one, 
requires "good, nourishing food" to be healed— overlook- 
ing the fact that Nature alone heals, and does it best by 
fasting. (Please read Lesson 5 again, so that you may 
fully comprehend the reason.) 

Dr. Lahmann, a German physician, proved in his "The 
Dietetical Disformation of Blood," that carbonic acid is 
the cause of all diseases, but he failed to see the deeper 
cause, the fermentation caused thru mucus-forming foods 
mixed with fruits. He believed in, and fell a victim to, the 
protein theory in spite of his greatly advanced knowledge. 

Dr. Haigh, an English physician, with his "Anti-uric 


acid diet" showed much improvement, but failed in the 
same manner as Dr. Lahmann. 

Dr. Catani, an Italian physician, made up a diet of 
fruits, green vegetables and meat, eliminating all starch, 
and healed, more or less, including cases of rheumatism 
and gout, while Dr. Haigh blamed meat solely for these 
diseases. The secret of Dr. Catani's starchless diet is its 
laxative effect. It relieves like the laxatives contained in 
mineral-water springs, but does not heal perfectly. You 
can see where the point of confusion lies. 

Dr. S. Graham, an American physician, whose "Physi- 
ology of Nourishment" was fundamental at the time, 
improved the bread especially; but the improvement con- 
sists not in the fact that Graham, Bran and Whole Wheat 
bread is more valuable than ordinary white bread, but 
thru its efficiency owing to a less constipating quality than 
white bread. White flour makes good paste, Graham or 
Whole Wheat flour does not. Dr. Graham found an 
opponent in Dr. Densmore of England, who claimed that 
overeating of bran, whole cereals and graham bread 
caused inflammation of the intestines. This is, of course, 
an exaggeration, but Dr. Densmore helped the general 
improvement of dietetics by advocating more fruits and 

Dr. Lahmann, the German chemist Hensel, and some 
authorities in this country, are the founders of what may 
be called "the mineral salt" movement. The stress in this 



dietetic reasoning is placed upon the fact that ail acid and 
mucus forming foods lack the necessary mineral salts. But 
it proved a fad like the protein fad, thinking health could 
be regained by overflowing the body with artificially 
manufactured mineral-salt preparations, and keeping up 
your old wrong habits at the same time. You improve— 
relieve to a certain limit, but never heal perfectly. 

In a later lesson you will learn how the chemist Ragnar 
Berg improved this "system" to a certain degree. He neu- 
tralizes acid-forming foods with mineral-salt-rich ones. At 
present among the vegetarian health-seekers "raw food 
diet" is in fashion. No doubt it represents great progress, 
but the arguments are partly wrong and lead to mistaken 
and fanatic extremes. 

They claim all cooking destroys food values, but it 
should properly be said: "Wrong cooking destroys heal- 
ing value qualities (efficiency) of foods, and can even 
cause them to become acid-forming." The "raw food" 
experts hint on the same wrong stress, as all others, L e., 
the higher food value. 

The entire effect Or benefit from raw food is the rough 
fiber of uncooked vegetables which relieves constipation, 
and acts as an ideal "mucus broom" in the intestines. I 
do not believe that the human body assimilates "food- 
value vegetables" such as cauliflower, asparagus, turnips, 
potatoes, or cereals in their uncooked state. After a certain 
beneficial mechanical cleansing of the bowels thru these 


raw foods the one-sided raw-food eater lacks, in fact, the 
most important food substance, and that is grape or fruit 
sugar, unless he eats sufficient fruits. 

Significant and instructive is this experiment. Put a 
lemon in a moderate dry heat a few minutes, and it 
becomes sweet, like an orange. You develop grape sugar; 
but let it bake a little too long, or if cooked, it becomes 
bitter. On the same principle all vegetables when baked 
improve by developing into grape-sugar the more or less 
starch they contain. This is true of carrots, beets, turnips, 
cauliflower, etc. 

Raw fruits and, if desired, raw green-leaf vegetables 
form the ideal food of man. That is the mucusless diet. 
But the mucusless diet as a healing system uses raw, rough 
vegetables for their cleansing qualities, baked ones as food, 
and baked and stewed fruits as a less AGGRESSIVE DIS- 
SOLVE!* of poisons and mucus to moderate the elimina- 
tion in severe cases. This is one of the most important 
principles of the system, a point the raw-food fanatic 
ignores entirely. Eating raw potatoes, raw cereals and 
unfired pies is, in my opinion, absurd and worse than 
if they are carefully baked, which means developing the 
starch into at least partly digestible gluten and grape sugar. 


The American, Horace Fletcher, developed a complete 
dietetical healing system in itself with great success on 



himself and others. His theory was to eat whatever kind 
of food you desired, but chew every bite 10 to 15 minutes. 
You may eat one sandwich a day and get rid of your 
trouble. The secret is simply this: It is a camouflaged fast; 
the stomach and intestines have a rest the same as when 
fasting, and elimination is promoted and the vital organs 
recuperate. But when continued longer the bowels consti- 
pate from a lack of solid food, and it is said that Fletcher 
limself died thru severe "trouble" in these organs. 

Another camouflaged fast in its effect is the Salisbury 
cure. A small piece of beefsteak and a little toast, once a 
day, nothing else. Relieves, improves, but never heals 

Under the same classification is the milk diet, which 
puzzles even the most advanced experts of fasting and 
dietetics by its partial success in many cases. The secret 
is this: If you replace three "square" meals a day consist- 
ing of at least three courses each, with a few quarts of 
milk (liquid) the obstructions in the human engine are 
much less (read Lesson 5 ) , you feel better and the body 
partially eliminates and, in many casei, relieves your 
trouble. But all milk-dieting patients suffer sooner or, 
later from terrible constipation because milk is a first-class, 
sticky muscus- former. 

Schroth Cure 
This so-called "dry cure," founded by one of the great 
pioneers of Naturopathy, is in its effect also a camouflaged 

fast. Three days eating nothing other than dry bread, with 
NOTHING TO DRINK; the fourth day unlimited 
drink of light wine and some food, combined with all- 
night wet packs. This causes a tremendous elimination, if 
you can stand the severity of this "horse cure." Schroth 
had marvelous success and a world-wide reputation, but 
many who had gone thru this quick help many times 
came to my sanitarium and I found they had very weak 
hearts and lacked more or less the elastic efficiency of the 
tissues. Read Lesson 5 again, and you will understand 
the reason at once. I use the same principles of this cure 
in an improved form in cases where there was no reaction 
with a drink fast or by the mucusless diet as follows: Two 
or three days nothing but dried fruits followed by one 
day of juicy fruits and starchless vegetables produces a 
most efficient elimination, but is only advisable for rela- 
tively "strong" people. 

There are hundreds of other dietetical cures on the 
"market," and every once in a while one of them becomes 
fashionable; from the long fast and "fruit fast" up to the 
so-called "scientifically prepared" mixtures of medical and 
non-medical dietitians. The average health seeker thinks 
that there is some special food or special mixture to be 
eaten for his particular ailment and he tries everything— 
but always in vain, as long as he doesn't know and doesn't 
understand that there is but one disease— inside dirt, 
waste and obstructions, and that these obstructions must 


and can be systematically eliminated only by the very 
opposite of the disease-producing, mucus forming foods, 
that is, by "The Mucusless-Diet Healing System," 
a mucusless diet, consisting of fruits and herbs, meaning 
green-leaf vegetables, considered "unfashionable" since 
the time of Moses, that great Dietician and Faster (see 

The more we learn about Natural laws that rule and 
govern our health — the less we need fear the destructive 
onslaught of disease. Only thru a mucus-free diet can 
we expect to eliminate the accumulation of waste and 
obstructions deposited in the body tissues during a life- 
time of wrong eating. Give the body a clean blood stream 
and it will function harmoniously as Nature intended 
it should. 


Confusion in Dietetics (Continued) 

Lesson XIII. 

After this severe critique of all important dietetics I 
must admit that I do not deny that all of them possess, and 
have done, considerable good towards the development of 
the dietetical solution of the food problem and healing of 
diseases by diet. 

Reviewing the entire development during the past 25 
years this fact remains: With the progress of chemistry, 
medical experts arrive at the following conclusion: "We 
now know exactly all of the elements contained in the 
human body, and therefore know what must be eaten for 
upbuilding, for replacement of used-up cells and for pro- 
ducing vitality, efficiency, strength and heat." 

You were taught in former lessons why these "conclu- 
sions" are wrong and have produced the "protein" fad 
and later the "mineral salt" fad, and now the very latest 
fashion, i.e., the "raw food" fad. Without knowledge of 
the "great unknown" their conclusions must be wrong. 
This great "unknown"— unknown to the chemical and 
medical experts— unknown to the average man and health- 
seeker— unknown to the layman dietitian— unknown to 
the general dietetical systems now in vogue— this "great 


unknown" is "O" in my formula, "V" equals "P" minus 
"O"— the waste, the mucus; acids and poisons, the 

Obstruction, or "O" 

in the sick, and also in the average so-called "healthy" 
human body. 

In other words, if human nourishment could ever be 
figured by mathematical chemical formulas telling exactly 
what to eat, you will still be fooled by Nature— just so 
long as any ideal food is mixed with and put into this 
waste of mucus and acids already in the human system 
thru years of wrong living. Nature confuses you— so 
long as you fail to recognize her facts and her truths— 
but Nature herself is not fooled. To the average layman 
raw food reacts more or less mysteriously— as long as it 
is mixed with your own mucus— as long as it stirs up 
mucus and its toxemias in the unclean diseased body and 
eliminates these poisons. All laymen and experts covering 
the entire dietetical movement up to the present time are 
puzzled, confused, ignorant and still in complete darkness 
of the fact that in general the average man first becomes 
worse, sometimes developing boils and all kinds of sores— 
"troubles" up to "indigestion" just as soon as he starts 
what he believes is a correct and best diet, living on a 
radical fruit, mucusless or raw-food diet. 

"Tell me what to eat," wails the sick, "I want a daily 
menu for my special disease" (like a drug prescription) , 


and he then considers that as all sufficient. When the 
elimination sets in he says: "These foods don't agree with 
me," instead of recognizing that the transition-diet has 
already started in a moderate way to dissolve and to 
eliminate the old waste in the body— with some disturb- 
ance, of course. You must make them realize the necessity 
of putting up with this temporary inconvenience, and con- 
sider themselves fortunate indeed to be able to continue 
with their daily work instead of undergoing an operation, 
which would mean months in a hospital. The foods agree 
with them, but they do not agree with the foods., 

Now you may understand why the "Mucusless Diet" is 
a system in which every change in diet has certain duties 
to perform— as a diet of healing to be applied systemati- 
cally according to the condition of the sick. 

You will now understand why and in what manner I 
differ from all others. The "Mucusless Diet Healing 
System" is not a collection of different menus for every 
disease; it is not "made-up" combinations of valuable and 
nourishing foods— it is not like a medical prescription or 
a compilation of standard diets suitable for all diseases, 
but it is a system of dietetical changes and dietetical im- 
provements—a system of dietetical elimination of disease 
matter, waste, mucus and poisons; a system of slowly 
changing and improving the diet as a diet of healing 
towards— and up— to the ideal and natural food of man— 

[ 100] 

Fruits Only— or fruits and green-leaf vegetables— The 
Mucusless Diet. 

It is therefore a personally supervised and in every case 
different, modified, scientific, systematical, progressive 
method of "eating your way to health," combined if found 
necessary, with short or longer fasts. 

It is a healing process thru which every sick person must 
go if he wants to be perfectly healed; it is an exclusive 
dietetical "curing and healing, rebuilding and regenerating 
process" based on the use of harmless and natural food for 
mankind "coined" and set biologically by the Creator in 

"Genesis" — "Fruits and Herbs," or "Mucusless 

Diet." Nature will do her part if we but give her half 
a chance. Try it out for yourself and watch for results. 


Ragnar Berg's Tables 
Lesson XIV. 

You can now understand that the dietetical problem 
is not solved as the average man imagines thru simply 
knowing which foods are best and the kind of foods the 
mucusless diet consists of. You were taught in the previous 
lesson knowledge unknown to all others— what happens 
and what must happen in the human body if the sick man 
eats only the "best foods" or takes a long fast. Later, you 
will learn how this stirring up and eliminating of mucus 
by "good foods" and fasting can and must be controlled 
by yourself, the treating physician or dietician. 

You may now see of what little value and how injurious 
it may become for the average health-seeker to stuff his 
stomach daily with terrible mixtures of "good food," "raw 
food combinations" (in the belief that raw food alone will 
restore health), without any plan or system— without any 
regard of the disease and his mental or physical condition. 

In spite of my antipathy towards "faddists" I will 
submit a selection of tables prepared by one of the most 
advanced experts of physiological chemistry, Ragnar Berg, 
of the special laboratory for food research at Dr. Lah- 
mann's sanitarium of Germany. 

Berg's deductions arc as follows: 

That you must eat as much mineral salt-containing, 

[ 102] 

non-acid producing, alkaline containing foods as neces- 
sary to bind, neutralize, compensate the harmful acids 
contained in the acid-producing foods which make up the 
average man's daily menu. In other words, if you want to 
eat meat, eggs, nuts, milk and starchy foods, you must also 
eat fruits and starchless vegetables to be healthy. It is 
surprising to note that the majority of foods he calls "acid 
forming" is what I call "mucus forming," and what he 
calls "acid binding," that is, non-acid food, is almost 
exactly what I call "mucusless." 

His tables are undoubtedly the best in existence, and 
their value for us consists in the knowledge of the good 
and the bad qualities of every food in percentage. He calls 
it positive and negative properties. You will perhaps be 
further surprised to note that he endorses and proves by 
scientific analysis that my classification of harmful foods, 
mucus-forming and non -mucus forming ones or mucusless 
diet, is correct and scientifically perfect! He proves scien- 
tifically what I had long before found out, that every food 
which contains and produces mucus after decaying in the 
system produces at the same time acid. Very remarkable— 
and important for us to know— is what he found concern* 
ing fertilizing and also the result of the average cooking 
of foods. 

Ordinary fertilizing by animal and human excrements, 
or even by too much minerals (sulphuric acid ammoniac 
and superphosphate and by over-irrigating) changes the 


positive good properties into negative "bad ones," or at 
least decreases the good qualities. The grower secures the 
advantage as they look attractive, are of good size and 
weight and consequently bring a good market price, cost- 
ing the consumer more for food that is really harmful. 

This likewise happens thru wrong cooking in too much 
water— the good qualities go into the water and the 
present day cook throws these valuable mineral salts away. 

As much more fertilizing is done in Europe than in this 
country, you can readily understand why specially ferti- 
lized, rapidly growing vegetables such as asparagus, cab- 
bage, cauliflower, etc., show less value than may be the 
case with the same variety of vegetables grown here. 

In explanation of his tables, Berg states: 

"To these various methods of changing healthy foods 
into poisons belong sulphuring dry fruits, using benzoid of 
soda or salicylic acid (both strong poisons) to preserve 
canned foods from fermentation. The most dangerous 
one is the method of using the steam of sulphuric acid." 

Imagine, if you will, how people are fooled by the show- 
ing of big fruit and splendid looking vegetables— nice 
bright looking, sulphured fruits. 

"The American eats with his eyes," says Dr. Harry 
Ellington Brook, "preferring snow white bread, a real 
starvation food, robbed by refined milling of all mineral 
salts"— one of the highest negative foods in Berg's table. 
Especially when packed in expensive showy paper boxes 

[ 104 ] 

he considers it best, and willingly pays a higher price, little 
realizing that he is actually "eating his way to death" with 
these "perfectly combined foods" of modern commerce. 

Ragnar Berg's tables of food analysis showing the posi- 
tive or good properties and the negative or bad properties 
in percentage proves how much acid a food produces (at 
the same time the amount of mucus) and the percentage 
of mineral salts of the special kind of alkaline to neutralize 

From my standpoint you can see the: 

Qualities of a food in percentage to "stir up," dissolve, 
neutralize and eliminate mucus together with its terrible 
acid poisonings, stored up in the system since childhood. 

These tables by Ragner Berg were published in Ger- 
many 10 years after my "mucus theory" of disease and 
food qualities had been taught, and Berg unconsciously 
gave the scientific proof that my "mucus theory" is correct 

The mere fact that some foods given in the list ate 
"acid-binding" does not necessarily mean that I endorse 
their use* This list is given as a comparison only and 
should be studied for what it is worth. Please understand 
that I am not endorsing Berg's theories. Undoubtedly by 
squeezing lemon juice on fish or eating a goodly portion 
of acid-binding vegetables at the same meal as acid-form- 
ing foods are partaken of, the harmful effect is partly 

The higher the "acid-binding" qualities of a food, the 


more valuable as a mucus-eliminator. Black radish when 
in season, spinach, dandelion and dill are all excellent 
internal scourers: 

Berg's Tables 

Name of Food 

Blood of Animals . 
Meat (Beef) ... . 




Ham, Smoked . . . 




Ox Tongue 


White Fish . . . 
Shell Fish 



Herring, Salted 

Eggs, Whole . 
Eggs, White . 
E ggS Yolk \ 
Milk, Human 
Milk, Sheep . 
Milk, Goat . . 
Milk. Cow . . 
Milk, Skim . 
Buttermilk . . 

Plui or 


5 49 




2 25 

3 27 


Mimi* or 


38 61 


20 30 


22 36 





11 61 



Pill* or Minus or 
Name*of Food Acid-Binding Acid-Forming 

Butter, Cow 4.33 

Margarine 7.31 

Lard 4.33 

Swiss Cheese 17.49 


Refined Wheat 8.32 

Whole Wheat 2.66 

Farina ., 10.00 

Barley 10.58 

Oats 10.58 

Rye 11-31 

Unpolished Rice 3.18 

Polished Rice : 17.96 

Cornmeal 5.37 

Pumpernickle Bread 4.28 

Black Bread 8.54 

White Bread 10 99 

Graham Bread 6.13 

Zweibrch 10 41 

Cakes (White Flour) 12.31 

Macaroni 5. IT 



Name of Food 

Lettuce Head 










Red Onions 

Kohlrabi Root 


Brussels Sprouts (fertilized) 





String Beans (fresh) 

Green Peas (young, fresh) 


A PpJ«s 1.38 

Pear * 3.26 

Plums 5.80 

Apricots 4 79 

Peaches 5 40 

Cherries 2.57 

Sour Cherries . -4.33 

Sweet Cherries 2.66 

Dates, Dried 5.50 

Fi 8 s 27.81 

drapes 7. 15 

Raisins 15.10 

Raspberries 5.19 

Oranges 9 61 

Phis or Minus or 

Acid-Binding Acid -For ruing 















[ 108] 

Plus or Minus or 

Name of Food Acid-Binding Acid-Forming 

Lemons 9.90 

Pomegranates 4.15 

Pineapple ... 3.59 

Banana 4.38 

Olives .... 30.56 

Prunes 5.80 

Strawberries 1.76 

Currants 4.43 

Blackberries 7.14 

Tangerines 1 1 .77 


Acorns . . 
Lentils . . 
Peanuts . 







Dried Peas 

Dried Beans 

Mushrooms 181 

Soy Beans 26.58 

Rye Flour 

Oat Flour 

Quaker Oats 

Oat Flakes 

Sugar Cane 14.57 

Rock Candy 18.21 





Name of rood 

Plus or 

Minus or 



T* T 

lea Leaves 





Lnicory Koots 






Wine, White California 







Transition Diet 

Lesson XV. 

In the preceding lessons you were taught the foods 
which are best, as well as those which are bad, and which 
are the worst ones. You know the exact reason why and 
also what is going on in the system— what happens with 
good foods as well as with bad ones in the human body. 
You have learned that even the best foods which have the 
highest, most vigorous healing properties can become 
harmful, even dangerous in the beginning, if not carefully 
used; that they become mixed with the filthy mucus and 
poisons which they loosen up in the body, and thereby be- 
come poisoned, entering the blood stream in this poisoned 

Everything is perfectly performed by Nature thru evolu- 
tional, progressive changes, developments and acco mplishw 
ments and not by catastrophies. Nothing is more incorrect 
than the mistaken idea that a decades old chronic disease 
can be healed thru a very long fast, or a radically extended 
strict fruit diet. "Nature's mills grind slow but sure." 

My experience of over twenty years, covering for the 
most part the extremely severe cases of all kinds of diseases, 
has proven that a carefully selected and progressively 
changed Transition Diet is the best and surest way for 


every patient to start a cure^ especially for the average 
mixed eater. As long as wrong foods (foods of civiliza- 
tion) are partly used, I call in a Mucus-Lean Diet. 
Transition means the slow change from disease-producing 
foods to disease-healing foods, which latter I call the 

Mucusless Diet. 

The speed of elimination depends upon quantities and 
qualities of food and can therefore be controlled and regu- 
lated according to the condition of the patient. The worst 
and by far the most unhealthy habit is the Heavy Break- 
fast. No solid food should be eaten in the early morning 
at all if you desire to secure the best results. It is per- 
missible to take the drink that you are accustomed to, but 
nothing else. If you find this difficult to do in the be- 
ginning you may drink again later on so that your lunch 
is taken in the empty stomach. This is so very important 
that a number of light diseases can be cured by the so- 
called "No Breakfast Plan" alone. (This subject is 
more fully covered in Fasting Lessons 17, 18, 19, 20.) 

It is best that no more than two meals a day be eaten, 
even though the quantity you eat is as much as if three 
or even four meals were eaten. Later, when the stomach 
is cleaner, a small dish of fresh fruits when in season may 
be eaten for breakfast if desired. If possible, the first meal, 
lunch, should be eaten between ten and eleven in the morn- 
ing, and supper not sooner than five or six in the after- 


noon. Another very important rule, when eating for health, 
is Simplicity; in other words do not mix too many 
kinds of food at one meaL Count the different number 
of items in the average meal of today and the total will 
startle you. 

Never drink during a meal. If accustomed to tea 
or coffee, wait a short while after you have eaten before 
drinking. Soups should be avoided with meals, as the more 
liquid taken the more difficult for proper digestion. If a 
warm drihk is desired, for instance, as a breakfast drink 
during the winter time, make a broth by cooking for a long 
time different kinds of vegetables, such as spinach, onions, 
carrots, cabbages, etc, and drink the juice only. 

Menus for the First Two Weeks 

Lunch : A combination salad, consisting of raw grated 
carrots or cold slaw or both, half and half, and two or 
three spoonfuls of a stewed or canned vegetable, such as 
green peas, string beans or spinach. Add to this one of 
the following items (whatever is in season): cucumbers, 
tomatoes, green onions, lettuce or, other green leaf vege- 
tables, celery, etc., but only a sufficient quantity for a 

You may make an oil dressing according to your taste 
if desired, using lemon juice instead of vinegar — for 
flavoring purposes only. The rest of the meal should 
consist of one baked or stewed vegetable such as cauli- 


flower, beets, parsnips, turnips, squash, etc. If you still 
feel as though you were hungry you may eat a small sized 
baked potato or one slice of toasted bran or whole wheat 
bread. Fats of any kind, including the ordinary butter, 
are unnatural and therefore should not be eaten. How- 
ever, should you crave fats it is best to use peanut butter 
or some other nut butter on your bread. During the 
winter months canned vegetables may be used when green 
vegetables are not available. Drink the juice separately 
in the morning and mix the green or string beans or 
spinach, etc., with the salad stock as described above of 
cold slaw or raw carrots. The object of this menu is to 
supply the "broom" to provide means for mechanically 
cleansing the digestive tract by quantities of raw, baked 
and stewed starchless vegetables. This may be called 
"Ehret's Standard Combination Salad," the "intestinal 
broom" spoken of so frequently, and so necessary for 
properly eliminating the stored up poisons now being 
loosened during the body's house-cleaning. 

Supper: Mix (half and half) a stewed fruit such as 
apple sauce, stewed dried apricots, stewed dried peaches, 
or stewed prunes with cottage cheese or with some very 
ripe bananas, mashed, sweetened with brown sugar or 
honey to taste. 

The bananas would be for a less "mucused" or less acid 


Menus for the Second Two Weeks 

Lunch: First a baked apple, apple sauce or other 
stewed dried fruit. After ten or fifteen minutes a combina- 
tion salad as suggested in first menu, and bran or whole 
wheat bread toasted if still hungty. Cow butter should be 
gradually avoided and replaced by a vegetable or nut 
butter during the transition. By allowing the cooked vege- 
tables to soak on the salad for 10 to 15 minutes it serves 
the purpose of a dressing. 

Supper: A baked or stewed vegetable as suggested in 
the first menu, followed with a vegetable salad made of 
lettuce and cucumber or raw celery or a little cold slaw. 

Menus for the Third Two Weeks 

Lunch: During the summer this should be an exclu- 
sive fruit meal*— one kind only. In winter a sweet dried 
fruit, for example, prunes, figs, raisins or dates eaten with 
apples or oranges or the dried fruits can be chewed 
together with a very few nuts, and then followed by the 
fresh fruits. If in the beginning this fails to satisfy, wait 
for ten or fifteen minutes and then eat a few leaves of 
lettuce or a cold vegetable either cooked or raw, but just 
a small quantity. 

Supper: A combination salad as suggested in the first 
menu, followed by a baked vegetable. 

Menus for the Fourth Two Weeks 
Lunch: Fruits as in previous menus. 


Supper: First eat fruits, either baked or stewed, or 
fresh, followed a little later by a cold cooked vegetable 
or better still a vegetable salad. 

If you find that you are losing weight too rapidly, the 
elimination should be slowed down by eating bread or 
potatoes after the vegetables. Should you feel an intense 
craving, in the beginning, for meat— a great desire return- 
ing which you cannot resist, then eat vegetables only on 
that day, and no Fruits. 

A Dissolved Mystery 

The reason doctors and even Naturopaths in general, 
as well as the layman, do not believe in Fruit diet or 
MucuSLESS diet, is simply this: Whoever experiments 
without experience with this diet of healing, whether sick 
or well, loses his faith immediately, as soon as he has a 
crisis, becomes what he believes to be "seriously ill," that 
is to say, a day on which a great amount of dissolved 
waste, debris, mucus and other poisons are taken back 
into the circulation, a day of great elimination. This 
produces at the same time a strong, almost irresistible 
craving for wrong foods and, strange at is may seem, the 
patient most strongly craves for the wrong food which was 
once his favorite. This is explained by the fact that Nature 
is eliminating thru the circulation the waste of these foods, 
and it is when they are in the circulation the craving and 
desire is naturally enough produced. 


This then is why it is of extreme importance that every 
meal of a diet of healing and cleansing must leave the body 
as soon as possible* Being mixed with die loosened and 
dissolved poisons they cause these "uncomfortable" condi- 
tions—a fact that has never before been perfectly under- 
stood or explained* 

Certain foods prove more laxative under certain condi- 
tions. Therefore, eat the foods that you have personally 
found to be the most laxative in your own body* If you 
do not experience a regular bowel movement before retir- 
ing, always help with an enema, a laxative or both. A 
natural laxative help, which you will undoubtedly find 
very efficient, is eating a few dried prunes before the other 
fruits are taken. 

Transition Diet (Continued) 

Lesson XVI. 

Special Transition Recipes 

Being known as a "diet expert" I receive continual 
requests for a "diet book/' or least at a collection of food 
combinations, mucusless recipes and menus. 

Many volumes have already been published by numer- 
ous dietitians, which are now on the market, varying in 
price from $1.00 to $10.00. They call it "scientific diet," 
but not one of them is in accord with Nature, such as 
exists in the animal kingdom, and which is SIMPLIC- 
ITY, with absolutely no mixtures at all. 

I must again remind you that cattle, for instance, when 
in the wilderness eat absolutely nothing else than grass 
during their entire life. No animal when eating combines 
different foods at the same time or even drinks between 
mouthfuls of food, with the possible exception of domesti- 
cated animals changed into mixed eaters by civilized man. 

The ideal and at the same time most natural method of 
eating for man is one kind of fresh fruit, in season, and 
you will soon notice after you have been living on the 
transition diet for awhile, that you will feel more satisfied 
and in fact are better nourished with one kind of fruit, 
than with all kinds of scientific mixtures or prepared, made 


up foods. This condition cannot of course take place until 
your body is perfectly clean. 

During the transition diet I use food combinations and 
mixtures prepared from cooked, steamed or baked foods 
for technical reasons, to better perform the healing process 
intelligently, systematically and under control. 

Vegetables and Fruits 

My experience has taught me that only raw celery, 
lettuce, carrots and beets combine well with fruits- In 
general, it is best never to use more than three kinds with 
the same combination. Always use one kind as the prevail- 
ing "stock" or base. 

For a bad, acid or "mucused stomach" use menus con- 
sisting of more vegetables and very little fruits. For a 
stomach in better condition, or the average stomach, use 
more fruits and less vegetables. The following is an 

1. For a Bad Stomach: Take as stock 2/3 grated or 
shredded raw carrots, or grated celery or grated beets may 
be used, altho carrots are best. Add l/3 of finely sliced 
very ripe bananas and a few raisins or sliced dried figs. 
No nuts or cereals. Never mix Nuts with wet Fruits. 

2. For a Better Stomach: Take as stock 2 -'3 sliced 
or grated apples, 1/3 shredded carrots (or celery or 
beets). To increase the efficiency of this combination in its 
aggressive, dissolving functions as a mucus and poison 



eliminator add more raisins, sliced dried figs, honey or 
a fruit jelly. 

Fruit acid dissolves waste and forms gases; fruit sugar 
ferments in the waste and stirs up, also forming gases. 
Both eliminate and for this reason it can become harmful 
if they work too intensively. It is therefore advisable to 
use raw vegetables as a "broom" more frequently. For 
this same reason, use stewed fruits in the beginning, or 
at least half and half; for example half raw grated apples 
(with the skin) and half apple sauce, sweetened with 

A "Square Meal" Substitute 

Before a crisis, during or shortly after, or to satisfy 
a craving for wrong food especially rich in fat, you may 
try the following occasionally. While too rich, they are 
much less harmful than a square meal and will be found 
to be very enjoyable : 

Take some 'grated cocoanut, mixed or eaten together 
with apple sauce, stewed prunes or sweetened apricots. 

Very ripe bananas, or if unripened then baked, will be 
found to satisfy when unusually "hungry." 

Other kinds of grated nuts, or nut butter may be served 
once in a while for this purpose, but are too rich in protein 
and will produce, if continually used, mucus and uric acid. 

Improved "Cooked 9 * Vegetables 
Only one kind of cooked vegetable should be used at 


one meal. It may be eaten either cold or warm, and mixed 
with green salads and raw vegetables. 

If cabbage, carrots, turnips, beets, cauliflower, onions, 
etc., are slowly stewed in a very little water, or best, if 
carefully baked, they become sweeter, which proves that 
the carbon-hydrates are developed into grape sugar, more 
or less, and the mineral salts are not destroyed and not 
extracted. This is in fact an improvement and not waste. 

In winter canned foods may be used as a substitute for 
fresh ones. I differ from the raw food "fanatics" because 
the food value is not important in a diet of healing. It is 
of more importance that the patient should and shall enjoy 
his change of diet during the transition until his tastes and 
conditions have improved. 

Special "Mucus-Eliminator" Recipes 

1 . Raisins and figs or nuts, masticated thoroughly with 
raw green onions at the same time. These must not be 
eaten separately to secure best results. 

2. Grated horse-radish mixed with honey. After mixing 
allow to stand to take off sharp taste. The honey is only 
used to make it more palliative. Two-thirds horse-radish, 
and 1/3 honey, or to suit the taste. The ordinary radish, 
especially the black radish, may also be used the same 
way, or finely sliced and eaten alone as a salad. For con- 
sumptives who cough without spitting, give one spoonful 
every once in a while. There is a surprising amount of 
mineral salts in radishes, especially the black radish. 


Recipe for a Special Dissolver of Hardened Mucus 

and Uric Acid 

With the following recipe I once healed a woman, who 
after six years of paralysis, became entirely normal, when 
both fasting and the mucusless diet failed to effect a recov- 
ery. It cannot be taken into a mucus-filled stomach. The 
recipe follows: Take the juice and pulp of four lemons. 
Grate the peel of one lemon and mix with the juice. 
Sweeten with honey, brown sugar or fruit jelly to taste. 
The object of the sweetening is to make the mixture less 
sour and bitter. 


This is really a question of personal taste. A good salad 
or olive oil with lemon juice to taste is simple and good. 
A spoonful of peanut butter or nut butter dissolved in 
water and a little lemon juice added is another simple 

recipe. Add finely sliced onions (green ) if desired. Home- 
made mayonnaise, using lemon instead of vinegar, is not 
especially harmful during the transition diet and can be 
used if you enjoy it. Tomatoes cooked into a sauce, or a 
good canned tomato soup mixed with the dressing may 
help you enjoy the "transition diet. ,r 


Even if the use of table salt is discontinued, you will 
sometimes be very thirsty during your transition diet, 
because your mucus, now back in the circulation and the 
waste of decayed unnatural foods, eaten with salt during 


your former life is very salty. When in the circulation you 
will suffer from unnatural thirst. A light lemonade with 
a little honey or brown sugar will relieve the thirst much 
better than plain water. 

The juice of any of the acid or sub-acid fruits makes a 
good drink and the best is sweet apple cider, if not too 
sweet. Cereal coffee, or even light genuine coffee, if this 
was your customary drink, can be used during the tran- 
sition period. 

Supplement to Transition Diet Menus 
and Combinations 

The "standard menu*' of the day in my Sanitarium, 
besides special prescriptions for patients under personal 
treatment, was as follows: 

A drink in the morning. 

LUNCH: One or two kinds of fruits. 

Supper: Vegetables, mucuslean or mucusless. 

This diet quickly brings the. average man, not callevl 
sick, into better condition* Slight spells may be manifested 
in some manner or other, but an "old chronic" or severe 
disease, caused chiefly thru a drug poisoned body, must 
be treated by systematically and individually prescribed 
daily menus, continually changing same, "speeding up 
and slowing down," according to the patient's changing 

The Mucusless Diet Healing System is NOT a propa- 


ganda like Vegetarianism or the Raw Food Movement; 
it is a clinical Therapy of Eating that has to be studied 
and intelligently advised and prescribed personally, the 
same as is being done by all other methods of drugless 
healing and therapeutics. 

This diet heals every disease if it is possible to be healed 
at all, because all disease-producing foods are finally elimi- 
nated from the diet menus, and the new ones loosen, stir 
up, remove and eliminate, clean, heal and cure the body. 

You build up a new and for the first time in your life 
a perfect, natural blood composition such as is defined in 
Lesson 17. This new blood removes and eliminates finally 
and unfailingly every disease matter even though your 
doctor failed to locate exactly where it was. See Lessons 
3 and 4. 

The function of healing, the "operation without the 
knife/' the cleansing, eliminating process begins almost 
immediately and must of necessity be conducted, con- 
trolled and supervised for weeks and even months to 
secure proper results. The knowledge contained in these 
lessons is sufficient to enable the student to properly super- 
vise his own individual case. 

The menus, combinations, mixtures and recipes are 
therapeutical adjustments to enforce the self-healing of 
the body, called disease, and not to suppress or to stop it 
as is done with drugs. 

The average patient expects the right diet to help him 

[124] • 

at once; therefore the great desire for curative menus and 
mixtures. Even most of the advanced doctors imagine that 
a few menus and combinations from one day to the other 
is all the knowledge necessary. 

As yet they don't know the truth that you have learned 
in the previous lessons, that Physiology and Pathology are 
fundamentally wrong, that all present day ideas about 
food and nourishment are entirely wrong and diametri- 
cally opposite to the truth. Therefore they do not have 
the slightest idea what happens and what must happen in 
the human system, if for the first time in the patient's 
life thp decade's old waste and poisons are stirred up and 
have to be eliminated thru the circulation. 

You must realize and perceive that you are starting on 
an entirely new and perfect revolution, regeneration and 
rejuvenation of your body, when you change your diet 
in this way, and it cannot be accomplished within a few 
days by simply eating some good menus and mixtures. 

Mucuslean Recipes 

If a little starchy food is eaten after a meal it can be 
called a Mucuslean Diet, But these starchy foods can 
be made less harmful by destroying or neutralizing more 
or less sticky properties of the pasty starch. The more 
the potato is baked the better. Toast well done is best. 

Raw cereals should be roasted first whenever desired, 
and will be found to work as a good intestinal broom, 


altho they contain stimulants. Rice is a great mucus- 
former because it makes the best paste, but it can be 
improved by soaking over night in water (you will notice 
that the water becomes very sticky and slimy and of an 
awful odor). Pour off the water from the rice and either 
fry or bake it a little. 

A Mucuslean Bread Recipe 

Mix a rough bran flour or whole wheat flour with raw 
grated carrots, half and half, add only as much white flour 
as necessary to keep the dough, add somewhat grated 
apples and a handful of grated nuts; also if desired, some 
raisins. Bake very slowly and well. This is best eaten when 
two or three days old or well toasted. 


Vegetarian Recipes 
Lesson XVI-Part II. 

Some Improved Recipes of Salad Dressings 

Condiments are much less harmful than mucus forming 
foods. The so-called poisonous table salt is a very good 
mucus dissolver. The average mixed starch eater could not 
stand this diet without salt. Of course with the perfect 
mucusless diet the want and need of salt will be eliminated 
automatically and with that the unnatural thirst. 

Mayonnaise: Beat thoroughly for at least 5 minutes 
one egg, to which add VERY SLOWLY a few drops at 
a time one pint of good salad oil, continue beating while 
adding oil. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. 
If tomato flavor is desired y6u may add the juice of one. 

French Dressing: Mix teaspoonful lemon juice, four 
tablespoons oil, -4 teaspoon honey, -4- teaspoon salt, -4 
teaspoon of paprika. Mix I-4 tablespoons of oil with the 
dry ingredients, stir well and add the lemon juice. As 
dressing thickens thru stirring, add the rest of the oil and 
a little garlic flavor if you like. 

Some Standard Muscusless Cooked Recipes 
As I said before you may call the Cold Slaw and Carrot 


Combination the Standard Transition Salad. Now I will 
give you the Standard Cooked Mixture. 

Serbian Vegetable Goulash 

Stew in a very little water or in olive oil or in a vege- 
table fat, coarsely sliced white or red cabbage and some 
sliced onions with some sliced sweet peppers, when in 
season, and finish stewing with some sliced tomatoes; a 
little salt and pepper if desired. 

Red or white cabbage with onions baked or broiled in 
a little fat and tomato sauce as a gravy is an appetizing 
dish. The same can be done with cauliflower, carrots 
brussels sprouts, beets with the leaves, etc. 

The idea is to bake dry as possible and to afford occa- 
sionally an enjoyable harmless substitute for the chops, 
roasts, etc., which you have discontinued. 

Some Special Suggestions Concerning 
My "Cook Book" 

You will notice that all menus and recipes are surpris- 
ingly short. If you fall back into the same gluttony-like 
mixtures, eating foods as described in vegetarian cook 
books and even in raw food books you will never be 
perfectly healed. The ideal menu for man is the "mono- 
diet," consisting of one kind of fruit in season and I must 
again remind you that no animal in freedom is a "mixed 
eater" at one meal. 

You learned that I use partly cooked food during the 
transition diet and in the beginning the vegetables prevail. 

[ 128 ] 

This has for its purpose the slowing down of the elimina- 
tion, for it is well known that people can stand a stewed 
or baked fruit whereas they cannot stand die same land 
when fresh* Vital food is not the entire object to be gained 
at first, but rather their property to dissolve and to elimi- 
nate. This vital healing efficiency is most perfect in all 
kinds of fresh fruits and will be found to be too aggressive 
for die majority of patients. This is undoubtedly the cause 
of the wrong ideas and reason for the "fruit fast'' being in 
ill repute, and it is the same reason why I use stewed and 
baked fruits in the beginning to slow down elimination. 

Whenever you feel bad, the cause is that you have too 
much dissolved mucus and probably old drugs in the 
dux ulation; then slow down the elimination by not eating 
rav fruits, nor even cooked fruits at all and for a few 
days eat cooked or raw vegetables only. Vegetables work 
more mechanically and dissolve less. 

Later on when the roughest waste is eliminated from 
your body and it becomes necessary like in all cases of a 
severe chronic disease to carry the elimination by the new 
blood deeper and deeper into the tissue system, the diet 
must be restricted more and more, as the healing process 

In the following lessons you will learn how a Fruit 
Fast must be undertaken, what Scientific Therapeutical 
Fasting is, and last but not least how the "Mucusless 


Diet" is properly combined with fasting if found neces- 
sary, or the principles and the details of the Mucus- 
less Diet Healing System. 

Note: Prof. Ehret frequently refers to having pur- 
posely omitted recipes, in spite of repeated requests, and 
gave as his reason, "In Nature, such as exists in the animal 
kingdom, there are absolutely no mixtures at all. The 
ideal and most natural method of eating is the mono-diet. 
One kind of fresh fruit, when in season, should constitute 
a meal, and you will find yourself better nourished. This 
condition, of course, cannot take place until you have 
thoroughly cleansed your body of toxemic poisons, mu- 
cus, or call it foreign substances." 

We feel sure that Prof. Ehret would have approved 
and granted permission to include a few mucus-lean 
recipes, particularly of salads, in this 20th edition of his 
Mucusless Diet Healing System, after being convinced 
as we have that the public demand requires substitutes 
from the present day acknowledged method of food 
preparation, if they are to successfully take up the Ehret 
method. And so, with this thought in view, and with the 
hopes of converting many more to the Ehret System, we 
present a few sample menus simply as examples of how 
to combine and prepare a meal. 

Numerous other equally tasty menus can be arranged 


by simply changing either the cooked vegetable or combi- 
nation of raw vegetables. 

The ideal diet of man is the mono-diet and mixtures 
are prone to lead to gluttony, so that this should be re- 
membered when arranging the meal* 

1. Always Eat Fruit First. The digestion of ripe fruits takes 
place within a normal stomach within a few minutes after eating. Wait 
five or ten minutes before eating your vegetable course. 

2. Do Not Drink Liquids of any kind with Meal. Liquids 
of all kinds (including soups) interfere with proper digestion of meat 
At least thirty minutes should elapse before drinking both before and 
after eating. 

3. Man's Pood is Fruits and Herbs - (Genesis 2.) -For heating 
purposes, uncooked, starchless green leaf vegetables (parsley, carrots, 
celery, lettuce) , combined with fruits both in their natural and cooked 
state, will be found to be much better than an exclusive fruit diet. 

4. Mix but few Varieties. Fruit meals should consist of not 
more than two kinds of fruits in season. Your appetite will dictate the 
quantity to be eaten. 

5. Never Eat Nuts with Juicy Fruits. When nuts are eaten 
with fruits such as oranges, apples, pears, etc., the water makes nuts 
indigestible. Dried fruits— figs, raisins, dates, prunes, can be eaten dry 
with nuts. Chew together and masticate thoroughly. The fruit sugar 
helps to digest the nuts. 

6. Nature's Open Book is Simplicity. The fewer food mixtures 
the better. Three different varieties should be sufficient—four and five 
is often too many. 

7. Do Not Over- Eat, Mother Nature requires moderation in all 


Sample Menus 

Cottage Cheese and Apple Sauce mixture. Add raisins if desired. 
Place on bed of Lettuce and serve. 

A ten minute intermission affords the family an opportunity of 
talking over the PLEASANT happenings of the day— and always 
bear in mind that laughter aids digestion. 

Salad-Natural Vegetable Combination Salad. 

Baked Cauliflower. (Boil Cauliflower until about half done— then 
bake in oven until brown. Use a suitable vegetable shortening when 
baking in preference to butter fats. Serve either hot or cold, and add 
dressing to suit. 

Two pieces Zweibach toast. 

Dried Fruit (such as Raisins, Dates, Figs) and Walnuts or Pecans 
(chewed together.) 

Salad— Cooked Combination Salad. Serve on Lettuce leaves. 

Baked Irish Potato. 

Fresh Fruit in season such as Peaches, Apricots, Grapes, (etc.) 
Russian Salad (Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, Water Cress, Onions). 
Swedish Rye Krisp. 

Carrot and Raisin Salad. 
Ehret's Serbian Goulash. 
Toasted Whole Wheat Bread. 


Apple Sauce with Raisins. 

Cold Slaw Salad. Slice raw Cabbage finely. Add Lemon juice to 
soften and allow to stand at least one hour before serving. Add chopped 
Onions, Celery and cold cooked Carrots or Peas. Dressing to taste. 

Baked Sweet Potato. 

Mashed ripe Bananas with fresh Strawberries and Honey to sweeten. 
Mexican Cole Slaw. 
Baked Banana Squash. 

Cottage Cheese and Apricot Jam. 

Lettuce and Tomato Salad. 

Ripe Olives. 

One cooked vegetable. 

Baked Potato. 

Baked Apple with Honey. 
Elimination Salad. 
Baked Artichoke. 

Stuffed Prune Salad. 
Vegetable Chop Suey. 
Baked Potato. 

Baked Apple or Apple Sauce. 
Baked Beet tops. 
Whole Wheat Toast. 


Salad Recipes 

Natural Combination Salad— Large bowl of lettuce cut very 

fine; 4 handful s radishes, cut very fine; 4 handfuls tomatoes, chopped; 

2 handfuls parsley, cut very fine. Add oil and lemon juice, and mix 
thoroughly, let stand 15 minutes. Add a little mayonnaise if desired. 

May Salad— Large bowl of chopped cabbage; 1 cup of radishes, 
cut fine; \ cup sweet green peppers, chopped fine; \\ cups chopped 
tomatoes; 1 cup green onions, chopped fine; \ cup parsley, chopped 
fine; 1 cup cucumbers, chopped— if in season. Mix thoroughly. Add .2 
tablespoons lemon juice and 3 tablespoons mayonnaise. Garnish with 
olives or radishes, for decoration. 

Apple and Celery Salad— Two cups cubed apples to whi ch 
lemon juice has been added to keep from discoloring; 1 cup chopped 
celery; J cup fine chopped parsley; 1 handful seedless raisins; 2 table- 
spoons mayonnaise, mixed thoroughly. Serve on crisp lettuce leaves. 

Cabbage Salad— Two cups shredded cabbage; 1 cup finely chopped 
green peppers. Add 2 tablespoons lemon; soak 10 minutes. Add 2 table- 
spoons mayonnaise dressing. Mix thoroughly. Serve on crisp lettuce 
leaves. Decorate with chopped pimiento. 

Carrot and Raisin Salad—Two cups coarsely shredded carrots. 
Soak \ cup seedless raisins about 2 hours; \ cup finely chopped celery. 
Mix thoroughly. Add 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. 

Stuffed Prune Salad— Fill centers of cooked prunes with cottage 
cheese. Place 1 blanched almond in center of cottage cheese. Serve on 
lettuce leaves with mayonnaise. 

Cooked Combination Salad— One cup diced cooked carrots; 
1 cup cooked peas; 1 cup chopped cooked string beans; ^ cup finely 
chopped raw celery. Mix thoroughly; add mayonnaise. Serve on crisp 
lettuce leaves. 


Serbian Slaw-One cup coarsely chopped celery; I cup finely 
sliced cabbage; £ cup finely chopped onions; $ cup minced olives; 
I tablespoon chopped pimiento. Add oil and lemon juice. 

Fruit Salad (served in Apple Shells)— Select good looking apples. 
Cut off piece of top and remove meat of apple. Chop together the 
apple hearts, pineapple and grapefruit, and cherries, in equal parts. Add 
lemon juice. Sweeten with honey and place in the shells of apples. 
Sprinkle with grated cocoanut. 

Mexican Cold Slaw— Two cups of finely sliced red cabbage; 
| cup chopped celery; 1 cup red kidney beans; $ cup chopped onions; 
$ cup chopped peppers. Add olive oil and lemon juice. 

Carrot and Apple Salad— Oat cup chopped carrots; I cup 
cubed apples, soaked in lemon juice; £ cup chopped celery; finely 
chopped onions to flavor; £ cup finely sliced dates. Add olive oil and 
lemon juke. Soak for 15 minutes. Serve on crisp lettuce leaves. 

Summer Salad—One cup chopped water cress; £ cup chopped 
tomatoes; £ cup diced cumumbers; jt cup diced celery. Add olive oil 
and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and serve on crisp lettuce leaves. 

Russian Salad—Two ripe tomatoes; 4 medium size carrots, diced; 
§ finely chopped onion; 2 sprigs chopped water cress; 2 stalks celery, 
cut in 1-inch lengths and split. Mix with mayonnaise* Serve on bed of 
lettuce. Garnish with sliced tomatoes. 

Asparagus Salad— Cook asparagus and cut into 3-inch lengths. 
Make bed of finely sliced lettuce. Put asparagus on lettuce. Add 
mayonnaise if desired. 

Cauliflower and Pea Salad— Cook cauliflower and break into 
small pieces. To 2 cups cauliflower, add 1 cup cooked peas and 1 cup 
chopped parsley. Add mayonnaise and serve on lettuce leaves. 


Asparagus and Cauliflower Salad -Boil asparagus and cut 
tips in 3-inch lengths. Boil cauliflower and break in small pieces. Mix 
together in equal portions. Add mayonnaise. Serve on lettuce leaves. 

Brazilian Salad— One and one-half cups ripe strawberries; \\ 
cups cubed pineapple, fresh; 12 blanched thinly sliced Brazil nuts; 
marinated in 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Arrange lettuce on plates 
in rose shape. Fill crown with above mixture.. Cover with spoonful of 
mayonnaise. Decorate with strawberries. 

Date and Celery Salad -Chop dates and celery— equal parts. 
Serve with mayonnaise, on lettuce. 

Waldorf Salad— One and one-half cups diced apples; £ cup 
lemon juice; lj cups diced celery. Mix apples, celery and lemon juice 
well together. Use crisp, tart apples. Drain off lemon juice. Add 
mayonnaise dressing. Serve on crisp lettuce. Decorate with grated 

Mock Chicken Salad-Two cups finely sliced cabbage; 1 cup 
celery; 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion; \ cup green peppers, finely 
chopped; 1 cup cubed nut loaf, cold. Add 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. 
Mix thoroughly. Serve on crisp lettuce leaves. Decorate with olives. 

Grated Carrot and Spinach Salad— One cup grated carrots; 
1 cup chopped spinach; 1 cup cold slaw. Add lemon juice to spinach 
and cold slaw, and soak 10 minutes. Prepare salad plates with leaves 
of crisp lettuce— bottom layer cold slaw, second layer chopped spinach. 
Top layer grated carrots. One spoonful mayonnaise, and ripe olive in 
center for decoration. 

Elimination Salad- Two cups chopped spinach; 2 cups cold 
slaw; 1 cup fresh green peas; 1 cup chopped celery. Mix thoroughly. 
Add lemon juice and oil. Serve as desired. 


Water Cress Salad -Make bed of lettuce. Chop water cress. 
2 tomatoes, sliced 

Mixed Salad-Chop lettuce leaves (1 large bowl) ; 2 cups chapped 
tomatoes; I cup chopped celery; 1 cup chopped onions; \ cup chopped 
parsley. Mix thoroughly. Add lemon juice and oil. 

Onion Salad— Two cups finely sliced cabbage; 1 cup sliced red 
onions; 1 cup chopped tomatoes; $ cup coarsely chopped parsley. Add 
2 tablespoons mayonnaise and mix thoroughly- Serve on crisp lettuce 
leaves. Decorate with radishes. 

Cooked Vegetable Recipes 

Stuffed Onions-Select good sized onions. Remove slice from 
top of each onion. Parboil onions until almost tender. Strain and 
remove centers, making six cups. Chop onion that was scooped out. 

Combine with soft crumbs or chopped pepper and comato pulp. Add 
seasoning to taste. Refill onion cups. Place in pan and cover with onion 
crumbs. Add A cup milk. Bake until tender. 

Spinach Loaf-Wash spinach thoroughly. Cook in its own juice 
until tender. Drain and chop. Chill and add onion finely chopped, and 
the celery, finely cut. Moisten with French dressing. Mold and bake 
in pan. Serve hot or cold. 

Spinach Cutlets-Wash fresh spinach and beet tops thoroughly* 
Cook separately in own juice until tender. Drain off water after cook- 
ing and chop. (Canned spinach can be used if desired.) 1 cup fresh 
beets medium size cooked until tender and diced. Braise 1 cup 
chopped celery, 1 large onion coarsely sliced and one Bell pepper 
chopped-in cooking oil until golden brown. 1 cup either peanuts or 
walnuts coarsely chopped, i cup whole wheat cracker crumbs or 
toasted whole wheat crumbs. Place all ingredients in chopping bowl 
and chop thoroughly. Mold into round patties or cutlets. Dip in 
cracker crumbs and fry in cooking oil or olive oil. Serve either hot 

* a * t £137] 

Sauted Sweet Potatoes and Carrot $-2 cups diced sweet pota- 
toes; 2 cups diced fresh carrots or one 8 oz. can. Cook sweet potatoes 
until tender. If fresh carrots are used, cook in covered pot with as 
little water possible, until tender. With canned carrots, drain liquid. 
Combine sweet potatoes and carrots and saute in frying pan using 
vegetable or olive oil. Season with flavoring. Sprinkle with finely 
chopped parsley before serving. 

Vegetarian Hash-l cup cooked Lima beans; i cup cooked 
peas; \ cup chopped celery; i cup toasted bread crumbs; 2 cups 
boiled or baked potatoes diced; d cup diced beets cooked; 4 table- 
spoons cooking oil; 2 boiled onions chopped; 2 tablespoons whole 
wheat flour; brown onions and flour in oil, add 2 cups hot water, cook 
until done. Add rest of ingredients and bake until brown. 

Li ma Beans and Cabbage en Casserole— 2 cups shredded 
cabbage; 1 pound package fresh frozen lima beans or two 8 oz. cans; 
toasted bread crumbs; vegetable oil. Cook cabbage in covered pot for 
about 12 minutes, or until tender, using as little water as possible. Pre- 
pare frozen lima beans same way. If canned limas are used, drain liquid. 
Put alternate layers of vegetables in oiled baking dish. Dot with oleo- 
margarine; add toasted bread crumbs and bake in moderate oven 15 to 
20 minutes. Serves six. 

New England Boiled Dinner-Four and one-half cups pota- 
toes; 1 cup turnips; 2 cups onions; I J cups carrots; 2 J cups cabbage. 
Cut potatoes, carrots and turnips in % 'mch cubes. Slice onions. Cut 
cabbage into pieces about \\ inches square. Boil potatoes and onions 
together. Cabbage may be either cooked separately or added to carrots 
and turnips when they are partially cooked. When all are done, mix 
together and serve. 

Baked Artichokes— Boil until done. Remove from water. Spread 


open a few of outside leaves and add garlic cloves. Place in pan. Pour 
over olive oil and bake in oven about 25 minutes. 

Egg Plant Hash-Cut in half lengthwise. Place in oven until 
baked to a mushy pulp. Remove and peel. Mash. Add fried onion. 
Season with salt and pepper. 

Baked Beet To/>5— Boil beet tops and spinach separately, half 
of each. Drain and chop. Braise onions. Add chopped celery. Mix all 
together. Put in pan. Cover with bread crumbs and bake. 

Vegetable Chicken a la King—Two stalks sliced celery; 2 cups 
chopped bell peppers; $ cup pimiento; \ cup green peas; \ cup carrots, 
cubed. Add sliced onion. Make cream wholewheat flour gravy. Serve 
on wholewheat coast or patties. 

Mock Chicken Croquettes— Make base of braised onions, bell 
peppers and celery. Add mashed baked potatoes, carrots, peas -or 
other cooked vegetables if preferred. Toasted bread crumbs. Mold and 
bake in oil until golden brown. 

Vegetable Chop Suey— Braise coarsely chopped onions. Put 
in pot to bake. Add chopped celery, bean sprouts, chopped bell pep- 
pers, water chestnuts, dried mushrooms (soak mushrooms at least 
three hours before using) , tomatoes to flavor bake in oil until 
golden brown. 

Mock Country Sausage-Boiled brown rice; bread crumbs, 
toasted; celery; chopped walnuts; peanut butter; sliced onions braised. 
Flavor with garlic and sage. Salt to flavor. Moid in round balls. Bread 
and dtp in hot oil until golden brown. 

Vegetable Hamburger-Braise onions with bell peppers. Add 
, garlic to taste.. Cook together. Add toasted bread crumbs, celery, 
walnuts and hominy. Mold and bake in oiled pan. Serve with onions. 


Stuffed Bell Peppers— Four large peppers; l£ tablespoons mar- 
garine; \\ tablespoons wholewheat flour; 1 cup milk; £ cup chopped 
nut meats; 1 cup bread crumbs; \ cup diced celery; 4 teaspoons grated 
onion. Remove seeds from peppers and parboil 10 minutes. Drain. 

Add chopped nut meats, celery, bread crumbs and grated onion. 
Season to taste with salt and pepper. Fill cooked drained peppers 
with mixture. Spread additional crumbs on top of peppers. Bake in 

Baked Tomatoes^Cut tops from tomatoes and scoop out pulp. 
Season pulp with grated onions and parsley. Replace into shells of 

tomatoes, put tops back on, cover and bake for 25 minutes, basting 
with good salad oil. Arrange on bed of watet cress or lettuce sur- 
rounded by sliced cooked beets. Use dressing desired. 

Carrot Nut Loaf— Two cups coarsely chopped carrots; \ cup 
toasted crumbs; I cup chopped celery; ] cup chopped walnuts; 1 cup 
mashed tomatoes; \ cup braised sliced onions. Mix together, add 2 
tablespoons margarine. Place in loaf pan and bake \ hour. 

Vegetable Sausage and Sauerkraut-One cup sliced onions; 
2 cups natural brown rice; J cup finely chopped peanuts; \ cup toasted 
crumbs. Braise onions in margarine. Soak rice over night, or at least 
6 hours, and after pouring off water, add fresh water and boil until 
soft. Mix rice, crumbs, peanuts and onions. Mold in shape of sausages, 
dip in egg and roll in fine cracker crumbs. Dip in hot oil until golden 
brown. Warm sauerkraut and serve. 

ZM.ccini'Italienne—SMct in about J-inch thickness 2 good sized 
zuccini; 1 good sized tomato; £ red onion, sliced; and 1 small dove 
of garlic, if desired. Cook zuccini and onions for about 30 minutes, 
add tomatoes and cook additional 10 minutes. 


New Potatoes and String Beans— Steam potatoes and peeL 
Cook string beans with as little water as possible* Place both on baking 
pan and add chopped parsley. Pour over Italian Olive Oil and warm 
in oven (or 15 minutes. Serve. 

Corn Saute— Two cups shoepeg corn; $ cup chopped bell pep- 
pers (braised) ; £ cup chopped onions; t cup chopped pimientos. Mix 
ingredients and bake 15 minutes in a slow oven. 

Vegetarian Corn Beef- One cup of cubed carrots; 1 cup of 
cabbage, coarsely chopped; £ cup potatoes; £ cup celery chopped. 
Steamed vegetables. Fill baking pan \ full with brown gravy, add 
ingredients, brush lightly with margarine, and bake 10 minutes at 

400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Italian Meat Balls—Soak spaghetti (wholewheat) and cook 
until tender, about 2 cups; 2 cups of nut meat loaf; £ cup onions; 
£ cup chopped celery; $ cup hot peppers, or to flavor. Mix ingredients, 
after adding Spanish sauce. Form in balls, bake in pan and serve with 
Spanish sauce. 

Mock Halibut Cutlets with Tartar Sauce— Two cups lima 
beans until soft, braise onions and bell peppers together with flavor- 
ing. Mix ingredients, dip in bread crumbs and bake after molding 
in any form desired. Serve with tartar sauce made without vinegar 
or pickles, and sprigs of parsley. 


Fasting (Part 1) 

Lesson XVII. 

It is significant for bur time of degeneration that fast- 
ing, by which I mean living without solid and liquid food, 
is still a problem as a healing factor for the average man, 
as well as for the orthodox medical doctor. Even Natur- 
opathy required a few decades in its development to take 
up Nature's only, universal and omnipotent "remedy" of 
healing. It is further significant that fasting is still con- 
sidered as a "special" kind of cure, and due to some truly 
"marvelous" results here and there, it has quite recently 
become a world-wide fad. Some expert Nature-cure advo- 
cators plan out general "prescriptions" of fasting, and 
how to break a fast regardless of your condition or the 
cause from which you are a sufferer. 

On the other hand, fasting is so feared and misrepre- 
sented that the average man actually considers you a fool 
if you miss a few meals when sick, thinking you will 
starve to death, when in reality you are being cured. The 
medical doctor in general endorses and, in fact, teaches 
such foolish beliefs regarding Nature's only foundational 
law of all healing and "curing." He fails to understand 
the difference between fasting and starvation. 

Whatever has been designed and formulated to elimi- 


nate the disease matters and designed as "natural treat- 
ments" without having at least some restriction or change 
in diet, or fasting, is a fundamental disregard of the truth 
concerning the cause of disease* 

Have you ever thought what the lack of appetite means 
when sick? And that animals have no doctors, and no 
drug stores, and no sanitariums, and no machinery to heal 
them? Nature demonstrates and teaches by that example 
that there is only one disease and that one is caused thru 
eating and, therefore, every disease whatsoever it may be 
named by man, is and can be healed by one "remedy" 
only— by doing the direct opposite of the cause—by the 
compensation of the wrong— i.e., reducing the quantity of 
food or fasting. The reason s^gpan^ ^especially long, 
fasting cures have failed and coranV© fail is due to the 
ignorance which still exists regardit^r^rtrlis going on in 
the body during a fast, an ig^S^iS^ BStMMx is tin g even 
in the minds of NaturopathsanSTasting experts up to 
the present date* 

I dare say there may not be another man in history 
who has studied, investigated, tested and experimented 
on fasting as much as I did* There is no other expert at 
present, as far as I know, who conducted so many fasting 
cures on the most severe cases, as I did. I opened the first 
special sanitarium in the world for fasting, combined with 
the Mucusless Diet, and fasting is an essential part of the 


Mucusless Diet Healing System. I have likewise made 
four public scientific tests of fasting of 21, 24 and 32 days, 
respectively, as a demonstration. The latter test is the 
world's record of a fast conducted under a stria scientific 
supervision of government officials. 

You may therefore believe me when I teach something 
new and instructive about what actually happens in the 
body during a fast. You leirned in Lesson 5 that the body 
must first be considered as a machine, a mechanism made 
of rubber-like material which has been over-expanded 
during its entire life thru overeating. Therefore, the func- 
tioning of the organism is continually obstructed by an 
unnatural over-pressure of the blood and on the tissues. 
As soon as you stop eating, this over-pressure is rapidly 
relieved, the avenues of circulation contract, the blood 
becomes more concentrated and the superfluous water is 
eliminated. This goes on for the first few days and you 
may even feel fine, but then the obstructions of the circu- 
lation become greater because the diameter of the avenues 
becomes smaller and the blood must circulate thru many 
parts of the body, especially in the tissues, at and around 
the symptom, against sticky mucus pressed-out and dis- 
solved from the inside walls; in other words, the blood 
stream must overcome, dissolve and carry with itself mucus 
and poisons for elimination thru the kidneys. 

When you fast you eliminate first and at once the 
primary obstructions of wrong and too much eating. This 

[144] • 1 

results in your feeling relatively good, or possibly even 
better than when eating, but, as previously explained, you 
bring new, secondary obstructions from your own waste 
in the circulation and you feel miserable. You and every- 
one else blames the lack of food* The next day you can 
notice with certainty mucus in the urine and when the 
quantity of waste, taken in the circulation, is eliminated, 
you will undoubtedly feel fine, even stronger than ever 
before* So it is a well known fact that a faster can feel 
better and is actually stronger on die twentieth day than 
on the fifth or sixth day, certainly a tremendous proof that 
vitality does not depend primarily on food, but rather 
from an unobstructed circulation* (See Lesson 5.) The 
smaller the amount of "O" (obstruction) the greater "P" 
(air pressure) and therefore V (vitality). 

Thru the above enlightening explanation you see that 
fasting is: first, a negative proposition to relieve the body 
from direct obstructions of solid, most unnatural foods; 
second, that it is a mechanical process of elimination by 
contracting tissues pressing out mucus, causing friction 
and obstruction in the circulation. 

The following are examples of vitality from **P,** 
Power, air pressure alone: 

One of my first f asters, a relatively healthy vegetarian, 
walked 45 miles in the mountains on his 24th fast day* 

A friend fifteen years younger and myself walked 56 
Hours Continually after a ten-day fast. 


A German physician, a specialist in fasting cures, pubr 
lished a pamphlet entitled, "Fasting, the Increase of 
Vitality." He learned the same fact that I did, but he does 
not know why and how, and vitality therefore remained 
mysterious for him. 

If you drink only water during a fast, the human mech- 
anism cleanses itself, the same as though you would press 
out a dirty watery sponge, but the dirt in this instance is 
sticky mucus, and in many cases pus and drugs, which 
must pass thru the circulation until it is so thoroughly 
dissolved that it can pass thru the fine structure of the 
"physiological sieve" called kidneys. 


Fasting (Part 2) 

Lesson XVIIL 

As long as the waste is in the circulation you feel miser- 
able during a fast; as soon as it is thru the kidneys you 
feel fine. Two or three days later and die same process 
repeats itself. It must now be clear to you why conditions 
change so often during a fast; it must now be clear to you 
why it is possible for you to feel unusually better and 
stronger on the twentieth fast day than on the fifth, for 

But this entire cleansing work, thru continued contract- 
ing of the tissues (becoming lean) must be done by, and 
with the original old blood composition of the patient, 
and consequendy a long fast, especially a too long fast, 
may become in fact a crime if the sick organism is too 
greatly clogged up by waste. Fasters who died from too 
long a fast did not die from lack of food, but actually 
suffocated in and with their own waste. I made this state- 
ment years ago. More clearly expressed: The immediate 
cause of death is not a poverty of the blood in vital sub- 
stances, but from too much obstruction, "O" (obstruction) 
becomes as great as or even greater than "P" (air pres- 
sure) and the body mechanism is at its "death point." 

I gave all of my fasters lemonade with a trace of honey 


or brown sugar for loosening and thinning the mucus in 
the circulation. Lemon juice and fruit acids of all kinds 
neutralize the stickiness of mucus and pus (acid paste 
cannot be used for sticking purposes). 

If a patient has ever taken drugs over his entire life 
period— which become stored up in the body like the waste 
from food, his condition might easily prove serious or 
even dangerous when these poisons enter the circulation, 
when he takes his first fast. Palpitation of the heart, head 
aches, nervousness may set in, and especially insomnia. 
/ saw patients eliminate drugs they had taken as long as 
forty years before. Symptoms such as described above are 
blamed on the "fast" by everybody, and especially doctors. 

How Long Should One Fast? 

Nature answers this question in the animal kingdom 
with a certain cruelty, "fast until you are either healed or 
dead!" In my estimation 50 to 60% of the so-called 
"healthy" men of today and 80 to 90% of the seriously 
chronic sick would die from their latent diseases thru a 
long fast. 

How long one should fast cannot be definitely stated 
at all, in advance, even in cases where the condition of 
the patient is known. When and how to break the fast is 
determined by noting carefully how conditions change 
during the fast—you now understand that the fast should 


be broken as soon as you notice that the obstructions are 
becoming too great in the circulation, and the blood needs 
new vital substances to resist and neutralize die poisons. 

Change your ideas regarding the claim "the longer you 
fast the better the cure.*' You may now readily understand 
why. Man is the sickest animal on earth; no other animal 
has violated the laws of eating as much as man; no other 
animal eats as wrongly as man. 

Here is the point where human intelligence can cor- 
rectly assist in the self-healing process by the following 
adjustments which embrace the Mucusless Diet Healing 

First Prepare for an easier fast by a gradually chang- 
ing diet towards a mucusless diet, and by laxatives and 

Second. Change shorter fasts periodically with some 
eating days of cleansing, mucus-poor and mucusless diet 

Third. Be particularly careful if the patient used much 
drugs; especially if a mercury or saltpetre, oxide of silver 
(taken for venereal diseases) have been used, in which 
case a long, slowly changing, preparative diet is advisable. 

An "expert V* suggestion to fast until the tongM* is 
clean caused many troubles with "fanatical" f asters, and 
I personally know of one death. You may be surprised 
when I tell you that I had to cure patients from the ill- 
effects of too long a fast. The reason will be clear later. 


In spite of the above, every cure, and especially every 
cure of diet should start with a two or three-day fast. 
Every patient can do this without any harm, regardless of 
how seriously sick he may be. First a light laxative and 
then an enema daily, makes it easier as well as harmless. 

Hew to Break a fast 

The right food after a fast is as important and decisive 
for proper results as the fast itself. At the same time, it 
depends entirely upon the condition of the patient, and 
very much upon the length of the fast. You may learn 
from the results of the two extreme cases, both of which 
ended fatally (not from the fast, but from the first wrong 
meal), just why this KNOWLEDGE is so important. 

A one-sided meat eater, suffering from diabetes, broke 
his fast which lasted about a week by eating dates and 
died from the effects. A man of over 60 years of age fasted 
twenty-eight days (too long) ; his first meal of vegetarian 
foods consisting mainly of boiled potatoes. A necessary 
operation showed that the potatoes were kept in the con- 
tracted intestines by thick, sticky mucus so strong that a 
piece had to be cut off, and the patient died shortly after 
the operation. 

In the first case the terrible poisons loosened in the 
stomach of this one-sided meat eater during his fast when 
mixed with the concentrated fruit sugar of the dates caused 
at once so great a fermentation with carbonic acid gases 


and other poisons that the patient could not stand the 
shock. The correct advice would be: First a laxative, later 
raw and cooked starcMess vegetables, a piece of rough 
bran bread toast. Saurlcraut is to be recommended in 
such cases. No fruits should be eaten for a long time after 
fast has been broken. Hie patient should have been pre- 
pared for the fast by a longer transition diet 

In die second case the patient fasted entirely too long 
for a man of his age without proper preparation. Hot com- 
presses on the abdomen, high enemas might have helped 
the elimination, together with a strong eliminative laxative 
and then starchless, mosdy raw, vegetables; no fruits for 
a considerable time. 

Thru these two very instructive examples you may see 
how individually different the advice must be, and how 
wrong it is to make up general suggestions concerning 
how to break a fast. 

[ 151 ] 


Fasting (Part 3) 
Lesson XIX. 

Important Rules to be Carefully Studied 

and Memorized 

What can be said in general, and what I teach is new 
and different from the average fasting experts, and is as 

1. The first meal and the menus for a few days after 
a fast must be of a laxative effect, and not of nourishing 
value as mostly all others think. 

2. The sooner the first meal passes thru the body the 
more efficiently it carries out the loosened mucus and 
poisons of the intestines and the stomach. 

3. If no good stool is experienced after two or three 
hours, help with laxatives and enemas. Whenever I fasted 
I always experienced a good bowel movement at least one 
hour after eating, and at once felt fine. After breaking a 
long fast I spent more time on the toilet than in bed the 
following night— and that was as it should be. 

While sojourning in Italy many years ago, I drank 
about three quarts of fresh grape juice after a fast. At once 
I experienced a watery diarrhea set in foaming mucus. 
Almost immediately after I experienced a feeling of such 
unusual strength that I easily performed the knee-bending 
and arm-stretching exercise 352 times. This removal so 

C 152 ] 

thoroughly of obstructions, taking place after a fast of a 
few days, increased "P"— vitality at once! You will have 
to experience a similiar sensation to believe me, and then 
you will agree with my formula, "V" = "P" - "O," and 
you will realize the absurdity of making up scientific 
nourishing menus for health and efficiency. 

4. The longer the fast the more efficiently the bowels 
perform after it is over. 

5. The best laxative foods after a fast are fresh sweet 
fruits; best of all are cherries and grapes then a little 
soaked or stewed prunes. These fruits must not be used 
after a meat-eater s first fast, but only for people who have 
lived for a certain time on mucusless or at least mucus- 
poor foods^-the "transition diet." 

6. In the average case it is advisable to break the fast 
with raw and cooked starchless vegetables; stewed spinach 
has a specially good effect. 

7. If the first meal foods do not cause any unpleasant- 
ness, you may eat as much as you can. Eating only a 
small quantity of food for the first 2 or 3 days without 
experiencing a bowel movement—owing to the small 
amount of food taken (another wrong advice given by 
"experts")— is dangerous - 

8. If you are in the proper condition so that you can 
start eating with fruits, and you have no bowel movement 
after about an hour, then eat more or eat a vegetable 
meal as suggested above, eat until you bring out the waste 


accumulated during the fast with your stool, after eating 
the first meal. 

Rules During the Fast 

1. Clean die lower intestines as well as you can with 
enemas, at least every other day. 

2. Before starting a longer fast, take a laxative occasion- 
ally, and by all means the day before you start the fast. 

3. If possible, remain in the fresh air, day and night. 

4. Take a walk, exercise, or some other physical work 
only when you feel strong enough to do it; if tired and 
weak, rest and sleep as much as you can. 

5. On days that you feel weak, and you will experience 
such days when the waste is in the circulation, you will 
find that your sleep is restless and disturbed, and you may 
experience bad dreams. This is caused thru the poisons 
passing thru the brain. Doubt, loss of faith, will arise in 
your mind; then take this lesson and read it over and over, 
as well as the other fasting chapters and especially Lesson 
5. Don't forget that you are, parenthetically speaking, 
lying on Nature's operating table; the most wonderful of 
all operations that could be performed; and without the 
use of a knife! If any extraordinary sensation occurs due 
to the drugs that are now in the circulation, take an enema 
at once, lie down, and if necessary break the fast, but not 
with fruits. 

6. Whenever you arise after lying down, do it slowly, 
otherwise you may become dizzy. The latter condition is 


not serious, but you had better avoid it in this manner. It 
caused me considerable fear in the beginning, and I know 

of a number of f asters and strict eaters who gave up when 
they experienced this sensation— lost their faith forever. 

Fasting Drinks 
The "fanatic" fasting enthusiast drinks only water. He 
thinks it best to avoid any trace of food whatsoever. I 
consider a light lemonade with a little honey or brown 
sugar or a fruit juice the best. Drink as often as you care 
to during the day, but in general not more than 2 or 3 
quarts a day* The less you drink the more aggressive the 
fast works. 

As a change, vegetable juices made from cooked starch- 
less vegetables is very good during a longer fast. Raw 
tomato juice, etc, is also good. But if fruit juice— for 
example, orange juice, is used during a long fast, be 
extremely careful because the fruit juices may cause the 
poisons to become loosened too rapidly without causing 
a bowel movement. I know a number of such fruit or fruit- 
juice fasts which failed completely because all mucus and 
all poisons if loosened too fast and too much at one time 
disturbs all organs too greatly when in the circulation, and 
can be eliminated only thru the circulation and without 
the aid of bowel movements. 

Morning Fast or Non-Breakfast Plan 
The worst of all eating habits nowadays is to stuff the 
stomach with food early in the morning. In European 


countries, excepting England, no one takes a regular meal 
for breakfast; it is generally a drink of some kind with 
bread only. 

The only time that man does not eat for 10 to 12 hours 
is during the night while he is asleep. As soon as his 
stomach is free from food, the body starts the eliminating 
process of a fast; therefore encumbered people awaken in 
the morning feeling miserable and usually have a heavily 
coated tongue. They have no appetite at all, yet they 
demand food, eat it, and feel better— WHY? 

Another "Mystery" Revealed 
This is one of the greatest problems I solved, and is one 
that puzzles all "experts" who believe it is the food itself. 
As soon as you refill the stomach with food, The Elim- 
ination is Stopped and you feel better! I must say that 
this secret which I discovered is undoubtedly the explana- 
tion of why eating became a habit and is no longer what 
Nature intended it should be, namely a satisfaction, a 
compensation of Nature's need of food. 

This habit of eating, affecting all civilized mankind and 
now physiologically explained involves and proves the 
saying I coined long ago: "Life is a tragedy of nutrition." 
The more waste that man accumulates, the more he must 
eat to stop the elimination. I had patients who had to eat 
several times during the night to be able to sleep again. In 
other words, they had to put food in the stomach to avoid 
the digestion of mucus and poisons accumulated there! 


Fasting (Part 4) 
Lesson XX* 

You have just read in Lesson 19 about patients eating 
several times during the night in order to sleep again. You 
have been taught why this happens* Upon awakening you 
may perhaps feel fine, but instead of getting up you remain 
in bed and fall asleep again, have a bad dream, and 
actually feel miserable upon awakening the second time. 
You can now understand the exact reason for this* 

As soon as you get up and move around, walk or exer- 
cise, the body is in an entirely different condition than 
during the sleep. The elimination is slowed down, the 
energy being used elsewhere* 

If eating breakfast is eliminated from your daily menus, 
you will probably experience some harmless sensations, 
such as headaches for the first one or two days, but after 
that you will feel much better, work better, and enjoy your 
luncheon better than ever. Hundreds of severe cases have 
been cured by the **non-breakfast-fast** alone, without 
important changes in diet; proving that the habit of a 
full breakfast meal is the worst of all, and most injurious. 

It is advisable and really of great advantage to allow 
die patient to have the same drink for breakfast that he 
is accustomed to; if he craves coffee, let him continue his 
drink of coffee, but absolutely no SOLID food! Later on, 


replace the coffee with a warm vegetable juice, and still 
later change to lemonade. This change should be made 
gradually for the average mixed eater. 

The 24-Hour Fast, or One Meal a Day Plan 

As with the breakfast-fast, you can heal more severe 
cases with the 24-hour fast, or in case$ of deep chronic 
encumbrance and drugs it is a careful, preliminary step 
to the necessary longer fasts. The best time to eat is in 
the afternoon, say, 3 or 4 o'clock P. M. 

If the patient is on the mucusless or transition diet, let 
him eat the fruits first (fruits should always be eaten 
first), and after an elapse of 15 or 20 minutes eat the 
vegetables; but all should be eaten within an hour so that 
it is, so to say, one meal. 

Fasting When Used in Connection With the Mucusless 

Diet Healing System 

As I have stated before, I am no longer in favor of 
long fasts. In fact it may become criminal to let a patient 
fast for 30 or 40 days on water— contracting the avenues 
of circulation, which are continually filled up more and 
more with mucus and by dangerous otddrugs and poisons, 
and at the same time rotten blood from his old "stock"; 
in fact actually starving from necessary vital food ele- 
ments. No one can stand a fast of that kind without 
disadvantage, or without harming his vitality. 

If fasting is to be used at all, then start at first with 


the non -break fast plan; then follow with the 24-hour fast 
for a while; then gradually increase up to 3, 4 or 5-day 
fasts, eating between fasts for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days a mucusless 
diet, combined individually as an elimination adjustment, 
and at the same time supplying and rebuilding the body 
continually with and by the best elements contained in 
and found only in mucusless foods. 

Thru such an intermittent fast the blood is gradually 
improved, regenerated, can more easily stand the poisons 
and waste, and is able at the same time to dissolve and 
eliminate "disease deposits" from the deepest tissues of 
the body; deposits that no doctor ever dreamed existed, 
and that no other method of healing has ever discovered 
or can ever remove. 

This, then, is die Mucusless Diet Healing System, 
with fasting an essential part of it. 

Fasting in Cases of Acute Disease 

"Hunger Cures- Wonder Cures" was the title of the 
first fasting book I ever read. It gave the experiences of a 
country doctor, in which he said, "No feverish, acute 
disease must nor can end with death if Nature's instinc- 
tive command, to stop eating thru lack of appetite, is 

It is insanity to give food to a pneumonia patient with 
a high fever, for instance. Having had an unusual con* 
traction of the lung tissues by a "cold," the pressed-out 


mucus goes into the circulation and produces an unusual 
heat-fever. The human engine, already at the bursting 
point thru heat, becomes more heated (feverish) thru 
partaking of solid food, meat broth, etc. (good, nourish- 
ing foods, so-called). 

Air baths taken in the room, enemas, laxatives, cool 
lemonade would save the lives of thousands of young 
men who are now daily permitted to die, the innocent 
victims of pneumonia or other acute diseases— due to the 
stubborn ignorance of doctors and so-called highly civil- 
ized people. 

The Superior Fast 

Please try and memorize the lesson on Metabolism 
(Lesson 9) because it is the most important truth of my 
new physiology; also Lesson 5, and you will clearly under- 
stand fasting with all its possible sensations. 

All experts, excepting myself, believe that you live from 
your own flesh during a fast. You know now that what 
they call Metabolism— "Metabolize your own flesh when 
you fast," is simply the elimination of waste. 

The Indian "fakir," the greatest faster in the world 
today, is nothing but skin and bones. I learned that the 
cleaner you are, the easier it is to fast, and the longer you 
can stand it. In other words, in a body free from all waste 
and poisons, and when no solid foods are taken, the human 
body functions for the first time in its life without obstruc- 


tions. The elasticity of the entire tissue system, and of the 
internal organs, especially of the spongy lungs, work with 
an entirely different vibration and efficiency than ever 
before, by air alone and without the slightest obstruction. 
Stated differendy: "V" equals "F* and if you simply 
supply the "engine** with the necessary water which is 
used up, you ascend into a higher state of physical, mental 
and spiritual conditions. I call that the "Superior Fast" 

If your blood "stock" is formed from eating the foods 
I teach, your brain will function in a manner that will 
surprise you. Your former life will take on the appearence 
of a dream, and for the first time in your existence your 
consciousness awakens to a real-self -consciousness. 

Your mind, your thinking, your ideals, your aspirations 
and your philosophy changes fundamentally in such a way 
as to beggar description. 

Your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all 
misery of life, leaving it all behind you. For the first time 
you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like 
a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully. 

You will learn and realize that fasting and superior 
fasting (and not volumes of psychology and philosophy) 
is the real and only key to a superior life; to the revelation 
of a superior world, and to the spiritual world. 


"Destructive Diet of Civilization and the 
Mucusless Diet, the Natural 
Food of Man" 

Lesson XXI. 

You have now learned that total abstinence from food 
— FASTING — is the best and most effective method 
of healing. This proves with logical consequence how 
small a quantity is in fact necessary to sustain life and 
justifies my oft-repeated statement, "The wonder is that 
we live in spite of our excessive eating, in spite of our 
eating such wrong, destructive foods." In this light of 
truth it almost appears ridiculous to note the endless 
fight and confusion regarding dietetics, protein, mineral 
salts, vitamins, etc. The potential food value is not the 
first question at all. You cannot heal drunkenness by 
water without stopping the intake of alcohol. You can- 
not heal disease thru any kind of adjustments, treat- 
ments or diets, without stopping the eating of the foods 
which produce disease, the latter being 90% of the 
present day destructive diet of civilization. 

I named the natural food of man, fruits and starchless 
greenleaf vegetables (as it is said in Genesis, "fruits and 
herbs") "Mucusless Diet," because mucus is the main 
and important and significant substance, while the other, 


wrong foods, contain! produce and encumber the human 
body with the matter of disease. 

The entire "teachings" of scientific dietetics, food values, 
statistics, etc., are useless and in vain as long as the first 
step is not taken, and that is to see all foods and their 
value from a principally different angle: 

1. How far and how much foods produce and leave 
disease matter (mucus) in the body. 

Z Their dissolving, eliminating, healing properties. For 
this purpose I give you a special critique of the different 
foods, wrong foods especially, and you can see at once 
why they are "destructive" with no positive food value at 
all, but producing and leaving stored up waste in the body. 
See Lesson 14 and you will find that Berg's investigations 
proved to be the same that I found by intuition, experi- 
menting and thru experience with myself and some thou- 
sands of patients. 


All are in a decomposing state, producing cadaver poi- 
sons, uric acid in the body and mucus; fats are the worst, 
even butter is unusable for the human body. No animals 
eat fat. 


Eggs are even worse than meats, because not only have 
eggs too high protein qualities, but they contain a gluey 
property much worse than meat and are therefore very 
constipating, quite more so than meat Hard boiled eggs 


are less harmful, because the gluey qualities are destroyed; 
the white of eggs makes a very perfect glue. 


Also makes a good glue for painting. Cow's milk is 
too rick for adults and for babies, and plainly destructive. 
A baby's stomach cannot digest what a calf can. If milk 
must be used then add at least half water and some milk 
sugar. Sour milk and buttermilk are less harmful and 
possess some laxative qualities; the gluey sticky properties 
disappear. Cottage cheese with stewed fruit (see Lesson 
15) is good for transition diet. All other kinds of cheese 
are highly acid and are mucus formers. 


All fats are acid forming, even those of vegetable origin, 
and are not used by the body. You will continue to like, 
crave and use them only as long as you can still see mucus 
in the "magic mirror." What doctors call heat calories is 
caused by the fats in friction, obstruction in the circula- 
tion; they constipate the small blood vessels. 


Cereals and all flour products form mucus and acid. 
The worst of all is white flour, because it makes the best 
paste. Bran, graham, whole wheat or rye bread are less 
harmful, because they have lost their sticky properties. 
When well done or toasted and well baked they are much 
less harmful. Raw cereals, if toasted, are to some extent 


a mucus broom, but contain stimulants, wrongly believed 
to be "food value." Pies made of rough unbaked dough 
are, according to my belief, absurd. When eaten with 
sweets and acids they are mucus and gas producers the 
same as French pastry. 


Lentils, dried beans and dried peas are too rich in 
protein, the same as meat and eggs. The peanut is a 
legume also* 


A little better than flour products, because they contain 
more mineral salts (see Berg's tables), nor do they make 
a good, sticky paste. Sweet potatoes come close to natural 
sweets, but are too rich. Well fried, or crusty, baked like 
Saratoga chips, but without the animal grease, sweet 
potatoes are almost mucusless. 


Is one of the greatest mucus formers and makes an 
excellent paste. I firmly believe thru my experience with 
serious cases of sickness (awful boils, etc.) prevalent 
among one-sided rice eaters, that rice is the foundational 
cause of leprosy, that terrible pestilence. 


All nuts are too rich in protein and fat and should be 
eaten only in winter, and then only sparingly. Nuts should 
be chewed together with some dried sweet fruits or honey, 


never with juicy fruits, because water and fat do not mix. 

With the possible exception of nuts, the above represent 
about all of the foods which have to be prepared in some 
manner for eating; in fact they are tasteless unless specially 
prepared. All of these unnatural foods are extremely bitter, 
and in fact for a normal nose they possess an offensive 
odor. The sense organs of man are in a pathological state 
embodied in a "pus-like" mucus and waste, the same as 

the entire system, and being in a partly decayed condition 
themselves, they find this half rotten food palatable. If 
the tongue is clean from mucus, and the nose 'for the first 
time free from dirty filth, both then become in fact "magic 
mirrors," "revelation organs," we may call them, the 
bridge of the sixth sense, that is, to sense the truth. You 
lose all desire for, and in fact cannot stand these stimulat- 
ing spices, especially table salt, any longer. What civilized 
man calls good to eat, delicious taste, is absurd. 

Even then you would and could not eat fats or animal 
foods without the cook's "preparation," that is, the art to 
cover the real taste and odor by spices and dressings. In 
fact taste and smell vibrations are so far changed from the 
normal natural, that the heavy meat eater does not like the 
wonderful odor of a ripe banana. He prefers "haut gout," 
a French word meaning "the smell of half -decayed meat." 

No scientific food value tables can convince you of the 
truth. You must sense it with your cleansed organs, how 
wrongly you are fooled into believing that you nourish 


and build up health and efficiency by these foods which 
arc in reality destructive, because they stimulate, or more 
truthfully, stop the elimination of your old waste until the 
day of reckoning comes, when you become "officially** sick. 

Paradoxically hut true, civilized men starve to death 
thru ten times too much overeating of wrong, destructive 
foods; the "sack" (stomach) of digestion is enlarged and 
sunken, prolapsed, which condition dislocates and inter- 
feres with the proper functioning of the other organs. Its 
glands and pores of the walls are totally constipated and 
its elasticity as well as that of the intestines, with its vital 
function is almost paralyzed. The abdomen is an abnor- 
mally enlarged sack of fatty, watery, dislocated organs 
thru which half or even more of the decayed foods of 
civilization slide, fermenting more and more into feces 
such as no animal has, and this is called digestion! 

"Natural Food of Man," is the title of a book by 
Hereward Carrington. 

There are some others by European authors, who prove 
and show from every point of view that man has and must 
have lived in prehistoric times from unfired, natural foods, 
fruits and green leaf vegetables; however, a great philoso- 
pher once said : "Whatever must be first proved is doubt- 
ful'V Whoever does not see or sense the truth at once will 
never believe it, even if it is proven thousands of times 
and from every possible angle. Even experts of fruit diet 


and raw food advocates have doubts that the degenerated 
man of today can live the Paradisaical life. 

It took me a few years of continual testing and experi- 
menting until I was thoroughly convinced in spite of the 
fact that I believed at once. Now memorize what I teach 
in Lesson 5 and in the lessons on the New Physiology. All 
others are on the wrong track, misled by the protein fad 
as well as thru ignorance of how it looks inside of the 
body, what disease is, etc., but especially obstructive to a 
recognition of the truth is the ignorance as to what hap- 
^ens in the body if you eat fruits, fast or live on a mucus- 
ess diet. This fact that the interpretation of all and every 
sensation, which becomes more and more strange and new, 
the more and deeper healing process goes on, is based on 
the Old Physiology, and is therefore and must be conse- 
quently wrong. It is and was the "stumbling block" in the 
enlightenment about drugless healing in the first place, 
and advanced dietetics in particular. The natural diet was 
never systematically taken up, especially in combination 
with fasting, based on the truth of my new but correct 
physiology. This is absolutely necessary to learn and to 
understand. If you believe and know unshakeably the 
truth of Lesson 5, as well as the other lessons bearing on 
this subject, you will never doubt any more that fruits 
alone, even of but one kind, not only heal but nourish 
perfectly the human body, eliminating entirely the possi- 
bility of disease. 


All others, not knowing these new truths and not 
possessing the necessary knowledge contained only in the 
Mucusless Diet Healing System, can never secure a 
perfectly clean body and a complete healing as well as 
possess an understanding of every situation. 

They will never believe in the divine perfectness of the 
"Bread of Heaven," as it is said "The Lord will punish 
diem by blindness," spiritual blindness, meaning that 
doubt, losing faith and belief will return again and again 
as long as waste and old poisons are circulating thru the 
brain for elimination. You are saved from this tragical 
error, I hope. 

The special qualities of fruits, greenleaf vegetables and 
their perfectness as human food is plainly shown in Berg's 

The more free you become from any kind of waste and 
poisons, the more you will sense, feel and believe this 
greatest of all truths: "That the Paradisaical diet is not 
only sufficient but brings you higher and higher, into 
physical and mental conditions never before experienced." 



Lesson XXII. 

Sex Diseases 

Thru the knowledge received in past lessons, you now 
know and can realize more than any Naturopath that 
there is no principal difference between any one kind of 
disease or another. 

In this particular case, however, we find an exception, 
but only in so far as the symptoms of syphilis are con- 
cerned. Venereal diseases can be healed by diet and fasting 
easily for the simple reason that the patient is generally 
young in years. The cure becomes more aggravated, made 
more difficult, if drugs have been used. This, of course, 
has unfortunately happened in almost every case. 

The so-called characteristic symptoms of any kind of 
syphilitic disease are due to drugs of one or several kinds. 


Nothing is easier to heal than this "cold" or "catarrh" 
at the sex organ, if untouched by drugs or injections. 
Doctors must admit that this condition may exist without 
actual sex intercourse, and therefore the germ can hardly 
be biamed. Gonorrhea is simply an elimination thru this 
natural elimination organ. One-sided meat eaters are very 
susceptible to this disease. Should a society girl contract 
it, they call it Leukorrhea. 


If drug injections are used for any continued length 
of time the mucus and pus are thrown back into the 
prostatic gland, bladder, etc. In case of the female the 
entire womb, uterus, becomes inflamed, producing all 
kinds of typical woman diseases* 

I had hundreds of such cases where Naturopathy failed 
to heaL Only fasting and mucusless diet can help. 

Roseola or rose rash, a syphilitica! eczema, characterized 
by its "ham-gray" shade, the gray shade of the whites of 
the eye, is due to saltpetre acid, silver oxide injections. 
This also is the cause if gonorrhea enters the bone. All 
three are called syphilitic symptoms. Mercury is to blame 
for the hard chancre, secondary and tertiary syphilis. 

The so-called "syphilis" does not exist in the animal 
kingdom, or among uncivilized people. Drugs are to blame 
for these destructive diseases, together with the diet of 
civilization. Sexual excesses are, of course, also to be 
blamed, but knowing exactly what disease is, you may 
agree if I expose the "mystery" of this disease with one 
stroke, i.e., drugs and extreme meat diet of civilization 
are far more to blame than all sexual excesses together. 

For a patient poisoned especially by mercury a very 
careful and long transition diet is necessary. A radical fruit 
diet or fast may become harmful, not thru itself but caused 
by the drugs when they become dissolved and are back in 
the blood stream for elimination. 


This condition requires so careful a control of the 
elimination that under all circumstances an expert with 
previous experience is required. 

The so-very-common disease of dislocation, or falling 
of the womb, can be healed and only by this diet, together 
with long fastings combined with short fasts and with a 
long preparative diet. 

Prostatic gland inflammation, stricture, bladder disease, 
hundreds of these patients have I saved from the tortures 
of doctors.* I have made cures even after Naturopathy had 
failed by natural methods of elimination thru a new and 
perfect blood composition resulting from a mucusless diet. 

Sex Psychology 

It is significant for our civilization that sexual inter- 
course is seen as an immoral act. It is yet in the shade of 
a mystery. From a natural moral standpoint, says a philos- 
opher, an unclean man has no right to produce a new 
being. "You shall not only generate, but reproduce your- 
self," says that great thinker, Nietzsche. 

The fact is that we are all, with very few exceptions, 
the result of stimulants instead of love vibrations exclu- 
sively. Procreation is the most holy and divine act and 
charged with the highest responsibility, especially on the 
part of the father. A germ with the slightest defect is a 
generation not forward but downward. In very old and 
in classic civilization "Sex" was a cult, a religion, and in 


every mystology, poetry of all civilized people, love is the 
great, main and general subject with the conscious or 
unconscious goal to reproduce his kind. 

The fact is proven by statistics that every family of 
the city's population dies out, disappears with the third 
or fourth generation. In other words, the "sins" of the 
fathers and of the mothers produce diseased children and 
children's children degenerating into death with the third 
generation. What are these "sins"? You shall "love thy 
neighbor,' 7 and you do, perhaps, but you kill your own 
child, partly at least before it is born* Latent disease is 
general and universal Besides the statistical fact that over 
fifty per cent of all young men in large cities have gonor- 
rhea and young women leucorrhea, how can a defective 
germ grow into a perfect being between a filthy, mostly 
constipated colon and an unclean bladder of a civilized 
mother? And one of the worst tragedies of ignorance is 
the expectant mother who eats twice as much decayed 
"cadavers" of animals killed years ago in the stock yards 
of Chicago, because she is advised to "eat for two"— 
herself and the growing embryo. 

Natural Control of Sex 

"Nothing above the truth— confess your sins to your 
own heart." It is a blasphemic paradox, tragical (there is 
no word strong enough) condition to stimulate a function 
continually with enforcement ignorandy expecting thereby 


to grow healthy and happy, believing you can suppress 
or control this function by preaching morals. 

Nature does not listen to you, but you must listen to 
Nature if you want to be happy. We are the product of 
stimulations and not of natural love vibrations which 
eventually lead to impotence. 

The only way to heal impotence is thru fasting and this 
diet. See Lesson 5. Sex is a part of vitality, it is even so 
to say, the barometer of regeneration, rejuvenation, youth, 
health and happiness. 

I have seen sterility of the female healed, and every 
patient who earnestly took up this system for any kind of 
disease "rejuvenated." 

No one of western civilization knows what genuine 
"love vibrations*' mean from a body with clean blood 
composed of such ingredients that produce electric cur- 
rents arid static electricity sent out and received by "wire- 
less"— hair. See what I have to say about hair in my 
"Rational Fasting." The beard of man is a secondary sex 
organ. Beardless and hairless and bald makes for a 
"second-rate" sex quality in every respect. See Judges 16: 
13-18. - 

If you could believe how easy it is to control sex by 
this diet you would soon quit your steaks and eggs. 

Masturbation, night emissions, prostitution, etc., are 
all eliminated from the sex life of anyone living on a 


mucusless diet after their body has become clean and 

The fallacy that saving, keeping the germ (an idea of 
modern experts) will nourish man's brain (high protein 
substance) is absurd. Love is the greatest power and it is, 
if natural, the highest "invisible food" from the infinite for 
soul and body. 


Sex (Continued) 

Motherhood and Eugenics 

Lesson XXIII. 

Motherhood with mucusless diet, before, during and 
after pregnancy is the development towards the Madonna- 
like, holy purity principally different from the dangerous 
so-called "ordinary" childbirth, with its ever-present risk 
of life, known in our present civilization. 

If the female body is perfectly clean thru this diet, the 
menstruation disappears. In scripture it is called by the 
significant word "purification," which it in fact is; clean- 
no longer polluted by the monthly flow of impure blood 
and other waste. This is the ideal condition of an inside 
purity capable of the "immaculate conception." When 
seen in the light of this truth the entire "Madonna mys- 
tery" is easily understood. 

Every one of my female patients reported their menses 
as becoming less and less, then a two, three and four 
months' intermission, and finally entirely disappearing, 
which latter condition was experienced by those who went 
thru a perfect cleansing process by this diet. 

Headaches, toothache, vomiting, and all other so-called 
"diseases of pregnancy" disappear, and painless childbirth, 
an ample sufficiency of very sweet milk, babies that never 



cry, babies who are very differently "clean," as compared 
with others, are the wonderful facts I have learned from 
every woman becoming a mother after having lived on 
this diet. 

It is not advisable to start a radical change in diet during 
pregnancy, or while nursing; this should be done at least 
two or three months before conception. 

"Eating for two," with a special diet is unnecessary if 
the body is clean. Modern babies are overfed, hence these 
dangerous childbirths. The only reasonable change is to 
increase the eating of natural sweets such as figs, raisins, 
dates, grapes, etc. 

Feeding the Baby 

If mother's milk is found to be insufficient or bad, do 
not use plain cow's milk; it should be diluted with at least 
one-third to one-half water and sweetened with milk sugar 
or honey. Start feeding the baby as soon as possible a tea- 
spoonful of good fruit juices (juice from stewed beets is 
also good), and honey diluted in water between meals. 
The baby's craving is sweet, and proves that fruit sugar 
is the "essence" of all dietetics. 

What is considered a well-fed and healthy looking 
baby, of average normal weight, is in reality pounds of 
waste of decayed milk. 

Whether the baby is sick or not, as soon as you com- 
mence feeding it fruit juices and stewed mash fruits, you 
will learn from the elimination that I am correct. The 


change must therefore be made very carefully. Babies and 
children must go thru the same cleansing healing process 
as do adults. I believe that a baby well nursed by good 
mother's milk on this diet and without "special" protein 
foods will grow wonderfully, and after the weaning period 
is over could be raised on apples alone. 

As stated before, if a change of this kind in the baby's 
diet is made, they must be healed first— whether sick or 
not—cleansed from the waste of their "latent disease." 
That is the point that everyone refuses to believe, realize 
or understand. 

Natural sweets are necessary for the growing child for 
building a strong skeleton. Lime is also important. (See 
Berg's Tables.) 

I learned thru the few examples that we had in Europe, 
that the character, the mind in general of the growing 
child, is greatly and beneficially influenced by this diet, 
with the progress of the purity of the body. The "troubles" 
of raising children from which you can be saved are 

enormous. No more children's disease! 

Thousands of pregnant mothers, innocently thru over- 
eating, half kill their children before they are born. Here 
then is the only correct way to fight infantile mortality. 
There is no higher moral duty of any kind than to produce 
a perfect being. 

Eugenics of a Diseaseless, Superior Race 

Using a plant as a comparison, "motherhood" can be 


said to represent the QUALITY of the soil; "father- 
hood" represents the quality of the seed— of the germ. 

A relatively poor, almost barren soil but a good quality 
of seed produces a fairly good plant, but a defective seed, 
even though planted in the best of soil, NOTHING. 

Breeders of animals, especially horse breeders, know 
that the quality of a thra3H^KBred father gtftes thru endless 
generations, even spaironV a chain of "indifferent*' 
mothers. This is why innfefflSraf'of good and bad quali- 
ties (tuberculosis for ^^^^^^^ a whole generation. 

As in every respect of life this problem is different also, 
and, of course, is different in the case of a clean body on 
natural diet. Medical doctors and Naturopaths alike will 
hardly believe at all in the new principles and arguments 
which I have brought out, and postulated in this work. 
They reason and figure with the facts and experiences of 
the filthy body living on the unnatural diet of civilization. 

One cannot reason about colors with a man born blind. 
You cannot use the old arguments and the old physiology 
to gainsay my statements. 

Until you have personally experienced on your own 
body the truth of my teachings, you will have to accept 
and believe the new ones. 

Realize, please, what this means— SUPERIOR FAST- 
INGS-as they were taken by the prophets of old. 

During a period covering some decades, and even partly 


today , the science of eugenics believed in the necessity of 
outside breeding. They consider outside breeding an abso- 
lute necessity for animals and the human race based on 
the bad results which accrued from the inbreeding of 

It is nothing less than the problem of the future of the 
American Nation— mixing races or inbreeding? The Jew- 
ish race is the answer, the only example in existence that 
inbreeding is natural and perfect. Marriage of close rela- 
tionship fails simply because we have degenerated too far, 
in comparison with the people of their ancestor Abraham. 
Outside breeding is a "stimulation" with an apparently 
good result, lasting only for one or two generations and 
then, in general, the family dies out. 

The European royal family kept their genealogical tree 
clean, securing good results only as long as they did not 
live in modern luxury. The families of noblemen are 
rapidly disappearing because they fail to continue the 
generation of males. The luxurious diet of today instead 
of the old-fashioned simplicity of centuries ago is to 
blame. Former generations lived as farmers (a more nat- 
ural life). Today they are the typical "high livers" in 
modern Sodoms; no wonder an expiring degeneration is 
the result! 

Predetermination of Sex 
What I will endeavor to show here is how to produce 
a genius, and this will prove at the same time that the 


predetermination of the sex is based on a higher principle 
than on the time of conception only. 

Again and again, diet is everything; man is what he 
eats! Are not ail geniuses, great men, inventors, the great- 
est artists of every kind, born of poor parentage? 

Why did the birth of boy babies increase during the 
European war? They will become good and intelligent 
men. Restriction in diet and restriction in sexual inter* 
course, that is all! The cleaner the body of both parents, 
the less frequent the intercourse, the smaller the quantity 
of good food, the greater the love vibrations become, and 
with these conditions the better the chance for a genius, 
and that is always a boy. The most ideal example of this 
truth, and it is said to be an historical fact, is this: 

During the black plague centuries ago, a number of 
young people took refuge together in a house in the neigh- 
horhood of Florence, Italy* For weeks they had nothing 
to eat and then, of course, only sparsely. They became 
married and generated the family of the Medici, which 
produced the greatest statesmen, artists and scientists of 
every kind known in the history of western civilization. 

We know that vitality vibrates thru a waste-free body 
more perfectly than one encumbered with food, that is 
(he superior fast with its indescribable conditions* Yet 
more difficult of description are love vibrations— when 
man ascends to a God-like being, as he must have been 
in prehistoric times on the divine diet. The magnetic sex 

C 1»* 3 

emanations become so wonderful that love combined with 
gluttony appears as a crime. 

For the young couple to fast on their wedding day is a 
Jewish religious custom, but it is only a reminder of a 
hygienic law of that great statesman Moses — to generate 
geniuses thru superior waves of love thru the infinite. 

It is the principle by which the male stock, when living 
on "clean" food has the opportunity to generate a disease- 
less, superior one. 

Everyone who travels a little further upwards on the 
road towards the "paradise-like" conditions of man will 
soon sense this truth. Man was once a higher, superior 
kind of being, not a species of the monkey family! We 
are only a shade of the original man, caused thru our 
degeneration, but you may yet experience what cannot be 
described, that this kind of eugenics is the fundamental 
truth of evolution into "Heaven on Earth!" 


The Enforcement of Elimination by 
Physical Adjustments 

Lesson XXIV. 

As shown in previous lessons all physical treatments 
vibrate— shake— the tissues and thereby stimulate the 
circulation in one way or another for the purpose and with 
the result of loosening and eliminating "foreign matters," 
the cause of all diseases. The human body does this itself, 
in the most perfect way, as soon as you fast or as soon as 
your blood composition has been changed by natural diet. 

Physical treatments and physical culture can therefore 
be combined with this diet and fasting to enforce and 
to hasten the elimination. However, I must advise that 
extreme care be taken not to exaggerate— especially on 
"bad" days— days of strong elimination. If you are tired 
and you feel bad, then rest and sleep just as much as 
you can. On the days that you feel "good" during a fast 
or strict diet, you may take some physical treatment also, 
such as exercise, baths, massage, deep breathing, etc. 

The most natural exercises and by far the best, are walk- 
ing, dancing and singing; the latter being the natural 
breathing exercise with the added advantage of loosening 
by chest vibrations. An excellent "exercise" and one that 
everybody knows, is hiking in the mountains, for when 
climbing hills, you increase your breathing in the most 


natural way, better and more harmoniously than with any 
"system" of exercises. 

The cleaner you become the more easily you will under- 
stand what I teach in Lesson 5— that air and die other 
ingredients of the forests are "food"-invisible food. 

Both hands should be free when walking, so as to permit 
continually the natural movements. 

Outdoor garden work is another natural exercise. 

By taking the proper care of your body you will gen- 
erate health. The following exercises are suggested for 
those who desire to keep physically fit. I must again 
remind you that air is more necessary to life than food. 
Proper breathing is therefore essential. Do not exercise in 
a close, stuffy room. Stand before an open window. Take 
a deep, full breath with each exercise. Inhale through nose 
and expel through mouth. Stand before a mirror while 
exercising and admire the suppleness and graceful manner 
in which you perform each movement. Fall in love with 
yourself if no one else will. Keep the feet about 15 inches 
apart— stand erect and use muscular tension. 

Exercise No. 1 
Standing erect, hands to the side, clinch the fists tightly. 
Raise arms slowly as high above the head as possible, 
taking a deep breath. Relax and expel breath. Repeat five 

Exercise No. 2 
Extend arms level with chest. Grasp hands tightly and 


pull to right side, resisting with left hand. Then go thru, 
same motion pulling to left side. Relax after each motion, 
expelling breath. Repeat each exercise five times. 

Exercise No* 3 
Grasp left hand firmly with the right in front of body* 
Resisting with the left hand lift with the right, using full 
strength while raising the arms high above head. Take 
deep breath on upward motion, and relax before expelling. 
Repeat with the right- hand resisting with the left, five 
times each. 

Exercise No* 4 
Clasp hands above the head allowing them to rest on 
head. Bend to the right side, pulling hard, then to the left 
five times, then alternate first right and then left. Between 
each movement take deep breath and expel when relaxed. 
This exercise is especially good for stimulating the liver. 

Exercise No, 5 
Clasp hands in back of neck, holding all muscles tense. 
Twist to the right, then to the left five times. Now pull to 
the right and then to the left five times. Now pull to the 
left and then to the right five times. Hold legs rigid, but 

permit body to sway. 

Exercise No* 6 

Grasp the hands behind the back and without bending 
the body raise arms up as far as possible. Inhale on upward 
motion, relax and expel. Repeat five times. This exercise 
is for developing the chest. 


Exercise No. 7 
Place right hand over right hip, clench left fist and raise 
left arm slowly, taking a deep breath. At the same time 
bend the body as far to the right as possible. Make It hurt. 
Relax and expel breath. Repeat with left hand placed on 
hip, and raising right arm with first tightly clenched. 
Repeat each five times. 

Exercise No. 8 

Grasp hands firmly in front of breast, all muscles tense 
and twist to left. Now twist to right as far as possible. Do 
not permit feet to move. Inhale during motion, relax and 
expel breath. Repeat each exercise five times. 

Exercise No. 9 

Raise arms above the head as high as possible, and 
even permiting body to bend backwards. Now bend body 
forwards and without bending the knees try to touch the 
floor with your fingers. Exhale breath when relaxed. 
Repeat this exercise slowly five times, and gradually 
increase to 20 times. 

Do not exhaust yourself in any of the exercises. If the 
exercises make you stiff at first it is a sure sign that you 
needed them, and that they are doing you good. The sore- 
ness will soon wear off if you continue the exercises per- 
sistently. You may add other exercises to these, but be 
sure they have the deep breathing. Play your phonograph 
when exercising. Any snappy march piece will do. The 
vibrations from the music are wonderful. It is preferable 


to exercise the first thing in the morning— immediately 
upon arising. If clothing is worn it should be loose. Start 
with a few at first and gradually increase, but above all 
things, do not consider it a duty, but put fun into them. 
Dancing by yourself and bending movements to the 
accompaniment of music will prove very beneficial 

Sun Baths 

Whenever you have an opportunity of doing so, take a 
sun bath. In the beginning do not exceed 20 to 30 minutes 
and keep the head covered. On "bad" days— days of great 
elimination— stay cool. 

The cleaner you become the more you will enjoy the 
sun bath and the longer you will remain. You will also 
find that you can stand it much warmer. A short cool 
shower bath or a cool rub with a towel dampened in cold 
water immediately after the sun bath is good. 

The sun bath is an excellent "invisible" waste elimina- 
tor, and rejuvenates the skin, causing it to become like silk 
and coloring it a natural brown. Civilized men of our race 
show by their white skin that they are sick from birth on; 
they inherit the mucused, white blood corpuscles— the 
"sign of death." 

As all of the clothing should be removed during a sun 
bath, a small enclosure just long enough to lay in should 
be built in your back yard, or even on the roof, away from 
prying, inquisitive eyes. The clothing of civilization has 
made it impossible for man to secure his proper quota of 

[ 187 } 

the life-giving power of fresh air and sunshine, so essential 
to health and happiness. The direct rays of the sun on the 
naked body supply the electricity, energy and vitality to 
the human storage battery, renewing it in vigor, strength 
and virility. 

Internal Baths 

During the transition period, even though you have 
regular bowel movements, it is advisable to wash out the 
lower colon. The sticky waste, slimy mucus and various 
poisons which Nature is attempting to eject should be 
helped along as much as possible. A small bulb infant 
syringe can be used after the regular bowel movement, but 
for a thorough cleansing from two to three quarts of water 
should be used. 

Try to have a natural bowel movement before injecting 
the water. The body should be in a reclining position, 
lying on the right side. The syringe must not be higher 
than three or four feet above patient. Water should be 
warm, not hot, and can be tested on your elbow. Should 
any discomfort be felt, stop the flow until the discomfort 
passes as the entire two or three quarts should* be retained 
at one time. If the cramp or pain becomes too great, allow 
the water to pass from the colon and repeat the operation. 

The water should remain in the intestines about 15 or 
20 minutes, or as long as convenient. While still lying 
on your side gently massage the ascending colon in an 
upward motion. Then lie on the back with the knees drawn 


up and massage from right side of body to left; now turn 
over, lying on the left side and massage the left side with 
a downward motion. You should now be ready for eject- 
ing the water. The best time to take an enema is just before 


Authorities differ on bathing almost as widely as they 
do on diet. The Mucusless Diet System will produce the 
"skin you love to touch" thru clean blood supply, and 
without the aid of cosmetics, lotions and cold creams. 

It is not necessary to take a daily hot bath with soap 
and brush under ordinary conditions. 

The morning "cold shower" during the entire year 
without any consideration of weather conditions is also 
inadvisable. There is no need to deliberately subject the 
body to an extreme shock, and in a number of cases 
more harm than good may result. 

Needless to state the skin must be kept clean so that 
the pores may be permitted to properly function, and this 
can be accomplished by the following method: Place a 
basin of cool water before you. Dip the hands in basin 
and starting with the face rub briskly; wet the hands 
again and apply to the neck and shoulders; next rub the 
chest and stomach; next the arms and then the back, and 
last the legs and feet. Put the feet right into the basin if 
you care to. Keep moistening the hands as needed, but 
there is no necessity for throwing any quantity of water 


on the body. To dry off rub with the bare hands for five 
minutes if possible, until the body is ail aglow or wipe 
with towel. This should be done upon arising immediately 
after you have taken your exercises. The results will sur- 
prise you. If you prefer a tub bath then allow about one 
inch of cold water to run into the tub. Sit in same with 
knees drawn up, and follow the same rule of rubbing and 
massage as outlined above. 

Remember that the air bath is just as essential as the 
water bath. A few minutes each day spent before an open 
window, upon arising and just before retiring, when all 
clothes are removed, massaging the body— helps the skin 
to retain its natural functioning qualities. 

Always bear in mind that extremes of any kind are 
harmful. This applies to exercise, bathing and sleeping, as 
well as extremes in eating. Even extreme joy and happiness 
has been known to kill just as readily as extreme anger, 
hate and worry. Therefore, Avoid Extremes of all 


A Message to Ehretists 

Lesson XXV. 

Dear Friends: 

After careful and intelligent study of the foregoing les- 
sons, you now know that disease consists of an unknown, 
decayed and fermented mass of matter in the human body, 
decades old— especially in the intestines and colon* You 
likewise know how unwise and ignorant it is to think that 
knowing what to eat is, alone, a complete diet of healing. 

None of the recognized authorities know the tremen- 
dous importance of a thorough and deep cleansing of the 
human "cesspool/* All are more or less "fooled" by 
Nature when they advise eating of fruits, with stomach 
and intestines clogged up by mucus and decomposed 
protein foods, eaten from childhood on. 

You have been taught the result: should these poisons 
—cyanide of potassium—be dissolved too rapidly and 
permitted to enter the circulation, severe sensations— even 
death— may occur, and man's natural food, oranges, 
grapes, dates, etc*, are blamed! 

My teachings clearly prove that this hitherto unex- 
plained ignorance regarding fruit diet is the "stumbling- 
block" for all other food research experts, who have made 
personal experimental tests. Thousands of times have I 
heard the same cry— even from young and supposedly 


healthy persons— "I became weak!" And all experts with 
the exception of myself say, "Yes, you require more pro- 
tein; at least eat nuts/ 9 

During my personal tests, involving this same problem, 
I tried to overcome this "stumbling-block" hundreds of 
times. After a two-years' cure, in Italy, of Bright's disease 
with consumptive tendency, by fasting and strict living on 
a mucusless diet, I ate two pounds of the sweetest grapes 
and drank half a gallon of fresh, sweet grape juice, made 
from the best and most wonderful grapes grown there. 
Almost immediately I felt as though I were going to 
die! A terrible sensation overcame me, palpitation of the 
heart, extreme dizziness which forced me to lie down, and 
I was seized with severe pains in the stomach and intes- 
tines. After ten minutes the great event occurred—a mucus 
foaming diarrhea and vomiting of grape juice mixed with 
acid-smelling mucus, and then the greatest event of all! 
I felt so wonderfully well and strong that I at once per- 
formed the knee-bending and arm-stretching exercises 326 
times consecutively. All obstructions had been removed! 

For the first time in history I have shown what man 
was when he lived without "fired" foods— during the pre- 
historic times (called Paradise) eating fruits, the "bread 
of heaven." 

For the first time in human history this "demon" in 
the tragedy of human life has been shown— and how he 
can and must be eliminated— before man can again ascend 


to a Paradisaical health, happiness, immunity from disease 
and "God-like" being. 

If the Garden of Eden— heaven on earth— ever existed 
it must have been a "fruit orchard." For thousands of 
years, through a wrong civilization, man has been tricked 
into unconscious suicide, reduced to slavery, to produce 
wrong food, "earning his bread by the sweat of his brow." 
Unnatural foods cause sickness and death. 

"Peace on Earth" happiness and righteousness as yet 
remain a foolish dream. During thousands of years, God, 
Paradise, Heaven— Sin, Devil, Hell— seldom found an 
interpretation that a clear, reasoning mind would will- 
ingly accept. The average unfortunate fellowman thinks 
of God as a good and forgiving Father who will allow him 
to enter Paradise in another world— unpunished for any 
violations of His laws in Nature. 

I have proven for the first time in history that the diet 
of Paradise is not only possible— good enough for a 
degenerate mankind, such as we now are— but that it is 
the Unconditional Necessity and the first step to real 
salvation and redemption from the misery of life. That 
it is a needed key to the lost paradise where disease, worry 
and sorrow— hate, fight and murder were unknown, and 
where there was no death, from unnatural causes at least. 

"Man is what he eats" is a philosopher's greatest and 
truest statement. 

You must now see why civilization, all religion, all 


philosophy, with their tremendous sacrifice of work, time, 
money, energy, is and has been part guesswork. The magic 
formula for "Heaven on Earth"— of the Paradise— must 
read like this: 

"Eat your way into Paradise physically." But you can- 
not pass the gate, watched over by the angel with the 
flaming sword, until you have gone through the purgatory 
(cleansing fire) of fasting and diet of healing— a cleans- 
ing, a physiological purifying, by the "Flame of Life" in 
your own body! During thousands of years no one has 
escaped the struggle of death caused by an unnatural life, 
and you will have to face it some day. 

But you, I and others who have learned this greatest 
and most important truth of life* are the only ones in 
existence today who are in fact, and not by mind only, 
out of the road of darkness and unconscious suicide, and 
into the light of the new civilization— the light of a phy- 
sical regeneration— as the Foundation of Mental and 
Spiritual Revelation-like Progress to the light of a supe- 
rior, that is to say, a spiritual world. 

This will give an outline of the serious nature of my 
work— and the necessity for your help in carrying it 
through as the greatest deed ^you can perform— upon 
which depends not only your future destiny, but that of 
a suffering, unhappy mankind— on the verge of a physical 
and mental collapse. 

Arnold Ehret. 




Prof. Arnold Ehret 

ITUAL REJUVENATION. Contains complete instructions 
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